Berniece Pearce Diary - 1958

Other Years:


Wednesday, January 1, 1958

Ray worked til 12:30 p.m.  Had main meal in evening.  Bob [Cantrall] better today.  Mother & Dad went to Jim’s for dinner.

Thursday, January 2, 1958

Men cut up tree and gave them $10 on account.   M.E. went riding with Frank [Nelson] and Pat.   Jagows came over for the evening.  School started today.  Wrote letters to Alice [Cantrall], Ken [Sutton] and Warren [Sutton].  Received Alden’s Spring-Summer General catalog.

Friday, January 3, 1958

Mother Durst brought 2 dz. eggs @ 40cents dz.  Pay later as no change.  M.E. went to dentist, had supper downtown with a girlfriend.  Linda untrimmed tree.  Jerry phoned re bowling Sunday.  Received Spiegel’s Spring-Summer catalog.

Saturday, January 4, 1958

Bob phoned from hospital re coming home at noon.  Contacted Robbie [Cantrall] who went after him.  Merle Perkinton brought bouquet from Augusta Tatum’s sister’s funeral - white snaps & pink carnations.  Girls went out with Jerry and Frank for Cokes.  Received letter from Marian Gilroy.

Sunday, January 5, 1955

Ray worked 9-12 noon.  Girls went to Jerome S.S.  Jerry and Frank came at 2 p.m. and took girls bowling, dinner and show at Orpheum in the evening.  Ray went out to Quality Furniture Co. on N. Grand West and bought low step ladder for $1.32 with tax.  Bowling alley all taken so girls and boys went to Bartletts, dinner at “Russell’s” and went to Orpheum.

Monday, January 6, 1958

Ironed all clothes accumulated since before Christmas except those laundered Saturday.  Baked a cherry pie.  Pat broke door stop at front door at noon.  He went to town soon after and came home about 10 p.m.  Berdine [Yocom] phoned by mistake in afternoon.

Tuesday, January 7, 1958

Received letter from Alice.  Ray straightened door stop and put it back up this eve.

Wednesday, January 8, 1958

Mended Linda’s turquoise pedal pushers and 2 slips.  Gus here for an hour in aft.  Ray took M.E. to Memorial Hospital in evening.  Jerry and Frank here tonight.  Girls went with boys separately for Cokes for first time.

Thursday, January 9, 1958

Ray took Linda to school and dropped M.E. off at Mem. Hosp. for x-rays at 9 a.m.  She was at work by 10 a.m.  Mended my red check and yellow plaid dresses today.

Friday, January 10, 1958

Gus [Ayers] here in a.m. to bring “Round-Robin” letter and pictures from Warren [Sutton].  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  I wrote letter to Warren and M.E. took the “Round-Robin” letter and pictures back to Gus in eve.  Ray took Linda to Barton’s for pizza party and Mr. Turner brought them home.

Saturday, January 11, 1958

Sent $2.20 to Hermitage House, Inc. for Thailand and Ireland.  Bob here this a.m.  Still a little weak.  Linda had a date with Jerry tonight – went to Lincoln Theatre and Howard Johnson’s for supper.  Pat went out with Frank.  Pat picked up Sears Gen. catalog – had card for several days.

Sunday, January 12, 1958

Girls went to Jerome S.S. and Ray and Pat went to West Side Church.  Ray didn’t have to work this a.m.  He and M.E. went to look at used 1952 Ford at Reed & Leonard that she wants to buy.  She went to MYF in evening.  Pat went away with Bob Bastas.  I started kidney pills again tonight.

Monday, January 13, 1958

Pat applied for maintenance work at Board of Education office this morning, but they aren’t hiring anyone until next summer.  Ray brought 2 doz. eggs home from work.

Tuesday, January 14, 1958

Bohn, Supt of Schools, resigned on account of poor health.  M.E. went to Dr. Shriner after work – nothing wrong except nervous tension.  Received card from Elsie Hangsleben, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Wednesday, January 15, 1958

Baked another “Orange Kiss Me” cake this a.m.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Frank phoned – drafted – to leave 2/27.  Phoned Dr. Shriner.  M.E. okay and also named Ray’s trouble “Emphysema”.  Same thing he’s had for a long time but never knew what to call it.  Jerry and Frank here for a little while.  Pat left with them to see Tank [Jones]who just returned from California.

Thursday, January 16, 1958

Bob here in a.m.  M.E. bought six cans sardines.   Gus here in aft.  Drendel the Plumber here in a.m. to unstop sewer.  Linda attended Philo meeting after school.   M.E. had dinner and went to show with Marilyn.

Friday, January 17, 1958

Ironed all clothes.  M.E. brought candy home.  Bob here – brought five 10 cent cans sardines as he can’t eat highly seasoned food now.

Saturday, January 18, 1958

Linda went to show in afternoon with Dorothy [Turner].  Ray picked up charcoal gray corduroy slacks at Montgomery Ward, $6.23.  M.E. had date with Frank and Linda with Jerry tonight.  Pat went out with Bob Bastas.  Enlarged Linda’s black-watch plaid skirt.

Sunday, January 19, 1958

Ray had to work in a.m.  Girls didn’t go to Sunday School.  Frank came after Pat in aft. and again in eve.  M.E. didn’t go to MYF.  She baked “Sugar & Spice” and “Raisin Criss-cross” cookies in aft.

Monday, January 20, 1958

Wrote letters to Helen Judd and Aunt Georgie.  Wayne “Tank” Jones and little daughter came at 11:30 a.m. - Pat left with them.  M.E. went out with Ken Shores.  He gave her his Airborne ring.  Phoned Cousin Willis just before noon.

Tuesday, January 21, 1958

Baked 3 loaves of bread and made dough for 2 pans pecan rolls.  Also fixed zipper in M.E.’s toreador pants.  Pat went away with Frank in eve.  Russ [Ayers] came over at 10 p.m. for package of dates.

Wednesday, January 22, 1958

Gus returned dates.  I ironed all clothes.  Aunt Ethel and Mother D. here this aft.  Pat filed his income tax returns today.  Judy [Jagow] phoned – all are sick with the flu except Carol Sue.  Jerry here tonight.

Thursday, January 23, 1958

Mended black and white checked dress.  Pat left at noon with Tank - took all cans to city dump.  Phoned Judy – they’re better today.

Friday, January 24, 1958

Wrote letters to Norine Hager and Marian Gilroy and Jane Dixon.  M.E. didn’t come home for supper.  Ken picked her up and drove out to Auburn for a hamburger.  Frank and Bob Bastas came after Pat.

Saturday, January 25, 1958

Men cut other tree down and hauled everything away.  Paid balance of $20.  Linda went to town with Ray and had glass frames adjusted.  She also paid Spiegel’s $10.44.  M.E. told me this a.m. that she has decided to move into a room at Shaw Apts.  Linda had a date with Jerry tonight.  M.E. had one with Ken Shores but he cancelled on account of his dad’s illness.

Sunday, January 26, 1958

Girls went to Jerome S.S. and Ray went to church at West Side.  M.E. shampooed my hair this aft.  Jerry and Frank came after Pat in eve.  M.E. went to MYF -- told them she’d be gone for a month.

Monday, January 27, 1958

Mother would have been 84 today.  Baked 3 loaves of bread, dough for 2 pans cinnamon rolls, and yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Fixed zipper in M.E. ‘s slim jims.  Ray met her after work, took her to Shaw Apts. and she paid $10 for 1 week’s rent on apt.

Tuesday, January 28, 1958

Ironed and made another pocket on Ray’s black watch plaid flannel shirt.  M.E. moved into her apt. tonight.  Jerry was out for Pat tonight.

Wednesday, January 29, 1958

M.E. phoned at 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  Bob here this morning.  Washed some things and shelled 1 pound English walnuts.  Aunt Helen here for supper tonight.  Jerry came out for the evening and Linda received “Peru” booklet from National Geographic Society.

Thursday, January 30, 1958

Baked a cherry pie.  Aunt Ethel here this aft.  Uncle Rob picked up floor lamp at Sears, $10.13.  Pat went to “Cliff’s” re job tonight.  Gus and Mother D.  here in aft., too.

Friday, January 31, 1958

Worked on income tax returns and washed Ray’s green check flannel shirt.  He took clothes to laundromat as he went to work and brought them home after work.  Pat went down to Board 194[Selective Service] to be reclassified.  Frank, Jerry & Bob came for Pat tonight.

Saturday, February 1, 1958

Mother and Dad here a few minutes – brought 2 doz. eggs @ 40 cents doz.  Ray told them M.E. staying in town.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  Bob came for Pat.  Ray took boots to M.E. in aft.  U.S. successfully launched first satellite.

Sunday, February 2, 1958

Linda went to Jerome S.S.  Ray worked til noon.  Jerry picked up Pat at 8 a.m. to go to Pekin.  Frank went yesterday.  When Jerry brought Pat home, he came in and Frank came out later.  Phoned Marcia Miller re Mary Ellen.  Ray asked me to.  She hadn’t seen her over the weekend.

Monday, February 3, 1958

Made 3 loaves bread and 1 pan breakfast rolls.  Bob [Cantrall] here in a.m. – Jim [Pearce] and Ruth Ann [Clements] in aft.  Frank [Nelson] in evening.  Ironed clothes laundered Fri. and Sat.

Tuesday, February 4, 1958

Received book and cancelled membership.  Baked a lemon pie and Mom’s Date Cake.  Linda bought an aluminum bread pan, 28 cents.  Ray phoned from work that he was bringing a “guest” home for dinner.  Ray picked up M.E. after work and brought her home for supper.  Stopped at Dr. Shriner’s and got a “jelly” shot for cold.  Frank took M.E. back to her apt.

Wednesday, February 5, 1958

Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Mailed birthday card to Gus.  Linda gave her 2 cake pans.  I bought 2 more bread pans (alum.), 28 cents each or 4 for 99 cents.  Jerry came out tonight, then Frank.  Ray isn’t feeling very well.  Jelly shot not taking hold as before.

Thursday, February 6, 1958

Washed clothes and finished income tax returns.  Phoned Dr. Shriner and America Ambulance Co. re oxygen.  They brought large cylinder, regulator and mask, $19.70.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting.  Ray took her and Sally, and Mr. Trippel brought them home.  Ray had hard time breathing.

Friday, February 7, 1958

Ray received letter yesterday from Union office, Washington, D.C., re being reinstated as he sent form in too late and I phoned Rollie Burnett to find out what to do as he felt so bad on account of cold.  Linda went to dance at St. Nicholas Hotel with Jerry.  He called for her in cab as something wrong with his car.  Ray’s breathing worse tonight.

Saturday, February 8, 1958

Mr. Burnett here this morning re death benefit claim.  Ray sent reply to same this eve.  He felt worse tonight so Dr. Shriner came out to see him at 11 p.m.  Linda went to a show with Jerry.  M.E. sent $20.00 and note saying she was renting room for another week.  Ray hurt from her indifference.

Sunday, February 9, 1958

Ray a little better this a.m.  Linda didn’t go to S.S. today.  M.E. came home to stay at 11 a.m.  Mother and Dad took her to get all her clothes, etc. in aft.  Ray got much worse in afternoon and had to be taken to Memorial Hospital by America Ambulance Co.  Lorene came in eve. to take M.E. to hospital to see Ray and get billfold.  Drs. Pearson & Shriner phoned.  Ray in critical condition.

Monday, February 10, 1958

Ray still unconscious.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Pat, Jim, Mother D. and Bob [Cantrall] at hospital this a.m.  Jim stayed all night last night.  Aunt Ethel showed me how to make stole.  Eileen [Boyle] and Kathryn Gathard here in aft., too.

Tuesday, February 11, 1958

Jim and Pat came home from hospital at 5 a.m..  Ray passed away at 4:45 a.m.  The saddest day of my life.  Jagows, Gus, Mother and Dad came right away.  Jim and Pat took care of all funeral arrangements and did a mighty good job of it.  Neighbors brought our evening meal.  Doc, Minnie, Marge, Bob, Jerry and Frank here tonight.

Wednesday, February 12, 1958

My S.S. class furnished our noon meal.  So many things were sent us including money.  Andy Anderson and Margaret Baker here as well as many others.  Went to Bisch Funeral Home in eve. in Jim’s car.  Ray doesn’t look natural.  Wes, Alice and Jane [Cantrall] drove down.  Received plant from Secret Pal.

Thursday, February 13, 1958

Uncle Clyde, Aunt Hazel, and Aunt Della came about 12:45 p.m.  Bisch car came for Pat, M.E., Linda and me at 2:15.  Funeral service at 3 p.m. at funeral home and 4 p.m. at cemetery.  Laughlin’s eulogy simply wonderful – so comforting.  Jim, Caryl and children, Bob & Marge here for supper.  Mother & Dad, Clyde, Hazel, and Della came later.

Friday, February 14, 1958

Phoned Laughlin re copy of eulogy – recommended contact McBrian for legal advice, which I did.  Mrs. Harshman called.  Bisch sent azalea plants, cards and death notice and book.  Received azalea from Hagers and plant from S.S. class.  Boys here again tonight.  2 Drendel men here to work on toilet.  Mr. Sprague picked up Ray’s policies.

Saturday, February 15, 1958

3 Drendel men here working on toilet this morning.  Finally open – Jerry poured root killer and water in sewer tonight from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.  Bob and Marge here.  Jim took Pat home with him around 5 p.m.  I gave both boys all of Ray’s clothes.  Russell paid our water bill.

Sunday, February 16, 1958

Girls went to Jerome S.S.  I wrote checks for special nurses and Central Illinois Light Co.  Deke and Pauline DeCamera, Clarence and Rosemary Jones, Frank and Jerry came in aft.

Monday, February 17, 1958

Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Worked on white stole.  Uncle Rob took death notice to McBrian who will send to Assoc. Ins. Co.  Margaret Baker and man from Social Security here today.

Tuesday, February 18, 1958

Bob here today - got groceries for me.  Mother and Dad stopped to pick up laundry.  Jerry and Frank here.  M.E. went out with Marcia to get a pizza.

Wednesday, February 19, 1958

Natalie Beam, Mrs. Kenyon, Bob, Aunt Ethel, Uncle Rob, Rev. Laughlin, and Mr. and Mrs. Cormeny here today.  Bob placed ad for car in paper today.  Mr. McBrian said Assoc. Ins. Co. should have notice by today.

Thursday, February 20, 1958

Bob, Gus, and Wilma McDonald here in aft.  Aunt Helen for supper.  Lazar’s came later with gal. of milk, ½ gal. ice cream, cookies, celery, fryer, Coca-Cola salad, and 1 pound coffee.  Wouldn’t let me pay for it.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls with Sally Trippel.  Pat here long enough for bath and clean clothes, then back to Jim’s.

Friday, February 21, 1958

Mother & Dad brought laundry nicely ironed.  Bob here in aft.  Mr. Diller brought check for $400 in payment for freezer.  M.E. and Linda had dates with Frank and Jerry.  Judy, Rita & Mark [Jagow] came over and Elmer here later.  Served ice cream, frozen strawberries, chocolate cake (Mrs. Colburn’s) and coffee.

Saturday, February 22, 1958

Girls cleaned house and helped prepare farewell dinner for Jerry and Frank.  Pat, Bob Bastas and Dwayne Jones here, too.  Rev. Louis Jackson quite interested in car – offered $2,300 or $2,400.

Sunday, February 23, 1958

No one went to S.S. or church.  Pat went out to Frank’s family farewell party in afternoon.

Monday, February 24, 1958

M.E. has a bad cold.  Mr. Ackerman (friend of Jagow’s) very interested in car - offered $2,500, but wants to take it out in daytime, so Elmer is going with him Friday a.m.  M.E. went to get a Coke with Frank and he gave her a locket.  Jerry came later.  Received letter and check for $15.00 from Warren, also letters from Cousin Willis, Kathleen Spaulding, and Ruth and George Johnson.

Tuesday, February 25, 1958

Frank here in a.m. to say goodbye [drafted into Army].  Dwayne Jones fixed spray at sink.  Worked on Linda Rae’s stole.

Wednesday, February 26, 1958

Rev. Livengood called this aft.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Linda had a Coke date in eve. with Jerry.  Lorene and Mrs. Hanson came this eve. and brought double purple African violet.  Frank left at 4:45 a.m. for St. Louis.

Thursday, February 27, 1958

Aunt Ethel here again.  Uncle Rob took forms for Franklin Life and Charles McBrian to deliver.  Received letter from Int. Union in Washington, D.C. that no money coming.  Mr. Burnett picked up union letter with intention of seeing what local board can do.

Friday, February 28, 1958

Frances Jordan called this eve.  Linda had date with Jerry.  Mr. Ackerman phoned that he’d take car and to cancel newspaper ad.  Wrote letters to Warren, Norine, and IHN Class thanking them for money, flowers, and planter, respectively.

Saturday, March 1, 1958

Mr. Ackerman phoned.  He’d made $50 deposit and would like to take car out for a drive tomorrow aft.  Baked lemon pie, 3 loaves bread, dough for 2 pans sweet rolls, and cake.  Mrs. Parsons brought ½ cake - came with Bess Kenney in aft.  Jerry out tonight to say goodbye [going to California with court reporter friend Rich Orey to find a job].  M.E. went over to Marilyn McKee’s in eve.

Sunday, March 2, 1958

Girls went to S.S.  Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman took Buick out.  Harry & Edith Willson here in aft.  Aunt Helen here tonight.  M.E. went over to Marilyn McKee’s tonight.

Monday, March 3, 1958

Gus here with letter from Warren.  Aunt Ethel came in aft.  M.E. had dinner at Marilyn’s and took in a show.  Bob Bastas here tonight.  Rita Jagow has scarlet fever.

Tuesday, March 4, 1958

Berdine Yocom called on me this a.m.  Worked on stole.  Baked a lemon pie.  Aunt Helen here for supper.  Mother D. got 2 pounds Hills Bros. coffee @ 77 cents lb. and Pat picked up one, also, same price.  Phoned Mr. McBrian - release from Atty. Gen. in hands of Security Federal Savings & Loan.

Wednesday, March 5, 1958

Pat went to see Mr. McBrian this morning.  Received letters from Norine and Janie Downs.

Thursday, March 6, 1958

Pat went to see Mr. McBrian again this morning.  Bob here this morning and stayed til 5 p.m.  Worked on stole.  Received letter from Elsie.  Linda went to Philos after school and Rainbow Girls tonight with Sally T.  Made doz. applesauce muffins.  M.E. brought 6 pecan rolls for breakfast.

Friday, March 7, 1958

Bob, Gus, and Aunt Ethel here this aft.  I finished Linda’s stole.  Dad and Mother D. got groceries for me this a.m.  Mrs. Harshman was here when they came.  Linda went to basketball game with Sally and Mary Margaret.  M.E. sent for a large pizza and 2 bottles Coke, which came after 11 p.m.

Saturday, March 8, 1958

Linda took shoes to Ettlebrick – new heel caps on suede pumps and soles restitched on loafers, 61 cents.  She went to show in aft. with Sally.  Aunt Ethel phoned that Ira McKinnie died about 1:15 p.m.  Sent check to Hermitage House for $2.20 for Peru and Belgian Congo and cancelled membership.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here for a little time around 6 p.m.  M.E. took small Toni curlers to Gus in aft.  Mr. Ackerman phoned.  Wants to get car tomorrow for ride and check oil Monday.

Sunday, March 9, 1958

Girls went to S.S.   Marcia and Marilyn came in aft. and took M.E. for a ride.  They came in later.  Pat was here and Bob Bastas came later.  They all played cards, went to get “Cozy Dogs” and then to Marilyn’s.  Got home at 10:30 p.m.  Aunt Helen had supper with Linda and me.

Monday, March 10, 1958

Elmer witnessed signature on M.E. notice of change of beneficiary, also took book to have name changed and money to pay Roland’s bill.  Bob here in aft.  Ordered red material for dress and blue print for skirt from Alden’s for Linda.  She received airmail letter from Jerry.  Phoned Berdine Yocom tonight.

Tuesday, March 11, 1958

Ira McKinnie buried at 10:30 a.m.  Jim here this morning and Aunt Ethel in afternoon.  She brought a beautiful azalea Hulda McKinnie sent me.  M.E. went to show with Marilyn tonight.  Linda received an airmail letter from Jerry - says he’s coming home within a week – homesick.

Wednesday, March 12, 1958

Baked 20 applesauce muffins.  Jim picked up Pat to help haul shale for his driveway.  Uncle Rob brought Cousin Willis out this afternoon.  Received eulogy from Rev. Laughlin.  Kay Bartlett phoned that Jerry will arrive at 9:25 p.m. Friday by plane.  Wants Pat and Linda to meet him.  Marilyn and Marcia here in eve – brought carton of root beer.

Thursday, March 13, 1958

Evie, Bill and Jean Wells here around noon.  Bob and Gus here at same time.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair.  Aunt Helen here for supper. Mr. Diller wrote new check for $4.00 to replace one Aunt Helen wrote in July ‘52 for same amount, which Ray never cashed.  Linda picked up dress and skirt material at Alden’s after school.

Friday, March 14, 1958

Linda received telegram from Jerry - 4:15 p.m. - arrived in Chicago safely.  Mother, Dad and Jim helped me to go to the dentist this a.m.  Filled 3 teeth and cleaning - charged and paid $12.00.  Bob here when we got home.  He and boys repaired old wheelchair.  Pat and Linda met Jerry at 9:27 p.m. at airport.  His mother, sister and brother-in-law there, too.  They went to Bartlett’s for a while then Jerry brought Pat and Linda home and sat in dinette for a while before going home.

Saturday, March 15, 1958

Alice and Wes here about 9 a.m. on way home from trip to New Orleans.  Jerry brought Linda a pair of darling cable car earrings and Swiss chocolate bar [from San Francisco].  She had a date with him tonight.  He brought her a beautiful Japanese photo album.  Marilyn McKee, Marcia Miller and Nancy Carter came at 10 p.m. and stayed til after midnight.  We served devil’s food cake (Linda made this aft.) and coffee.

Sunday, March 16, 1958

Girls went to Methodist Sunday School this morning.  Marcia, Marilyn, and Jerry here this aft. and eve.  Girls and Pat got hamburgers, cozydogs, french fries, catsup, sweet pickles, sack onions, R.C. Cola for supper.  Also brought hi-fi for records.  Linda helped cut out red dress early part of afternoon.

Monday, March 17, 1958

M.E. sent income tax returns in today.  (I made them up for her Sat. eve.)  Mrs. Harshman and Jim here in a.m.  Mother D. told me Jim and Caryl are expecting a baby August 28th.  Worked on red dress.  Army sent up Vanguard satellite successfully.  Received letter from Frank.  Jerry and Bob came for Pat.

Tuesday, March 18, 1958

Worked on Linda’s red dress.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Received a letter from Charlotte Hennessey.

 Wednesday, March 19, 1958

Mrs. Laughlin called on me this morning.  Merle Perkinton brought pussy willow at noon.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Jerry picked up Linda after school and took her to Dr. Shriner.  Aunt Helen here for supper.

Thursday, March 20, 1958

Finished Linda’s red dress.  Gus brought Mrs. Preval and introduced her.  She gave me a box of Girl Scout cookies (peppermint).  Jim, Caryl and Tommy came before they left.  Jerry here tonight – brought sundaes from Dairy Queen for all.

Friday, March 21, 1958

Aunt Helen here for supper.  Jerry came in eve. and we watched TV.  Illinois basketball tournament.  Springfield High lost.  Pat popped corn and Linda served pop.  Linda went to see Dr. Ranker [re nose problem] - no surgery needed.  Prescribed nose spray.

Saturday, March 22, 1958

Linda went to town with Jerry and Pat.  She bought pair of black patent slippers with high heels, purse to match, and jewelry to wear Easter with red dress.  I went to Virden with Lorene and Mrs. Hanson.  They took her aunt home.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.

Sunday, March 23, 1958

Girls went to S.S.  Mother D. here in aft.  I gave her 80 cents to buy 2 doz. eggs.  M.E. went to get Coke with Marilyn and sister.  Jerry picked up Pat tonight to go out to his house.

Monday, March 24, 1958

Worked on income tax returns.  Phoned Drendel’s and Mr. Kline re Paul Gentry.  Also Mr. Beeler.  Jerry started working again at Hayes Freight Lines  – head of his department.  I baked a yellow cake with fudge icing.

Tuesday, March 25, 1958

Phoned Drendel’s again.  Also Mr. McBrian.  Aunt Ethel came this afternoon.  Brought rubber sheets from Hulda McKinnie.  John Lazar phoned re union meeting. Assoc. Disc. sent notice to Old Republic by mistake – returned March 14th, then sent to Travelers Ins.  Photostatic copy received March 22nd.  Uncle Rob took income tax returns to be checked – also stopped in Drendel’s.  Jerry, Marcia and Marilyn here tonight.  Mr. Burnett brought check from Union but didn’t see it was incorrectly written.

Wednesday, March 26, 1958

Linda stayed after school for Philos and then went to Dr. Ranker.  Jerry picked her up at 5th and Monroe at 7:00 p.m., got hamburgers and came home.  Watched the Oscar awards tonight.  Marilyn here a little while.

Thursday, March 27, 1958

Mr. Burnett here this eve. with check from Union.  I wrote a “Thank You” letter for same.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here in aft.  He took income tax returns to file for me.

Friday, March 28, 1958

No school today – Teachers’ Institute.  Linda had appointment with Dr. Ratliff, also bought a hat, girdle, and white gloves for Easter.  Wrote letter to Frank Nelson.  M.E. gave me a Nutri-Tonic permanent tonight.  Jerry and Bob here, also Marilyn.

Saturday, March 29, 1958

Pat met Jerry and he bought food for his hi-fi party here tonight.  They brought it at 4 p.m., he left to dress and came back at 6:10 p.m.  Bob Bastas, Peggy McFann, Betty and Dwayne Jones, Marilyn, Jerry, Pat, M.E., Linda and I made up the group.  Gus and Marian came for a few minutes to tell us goodbye.

Sunday, March 30, 1958

Ayers’ and Gilroy’s left at 8 a.m. for Los Angeles, Calif.  Girls went to S.S.  Aunt Helen came out this aft.  Mr. Ackerman came for other key and said deal should be settled tomorrow – he’ll leave post-dated check for 4/10 with McBrian.  M.E. went out with Marcia, her friend and his friend, John, in aft. and got home 11 p.m.  Jerry came at 9 and stayed til 12:15.

Monday, March 31, 1958

Aunt Ethel here this aft.  M.E. had date with John Anderson, Marcia and her friend.  Jerry and Bob came for Pat at 9:30 and they all went to get a cup of coffee.

Tuesday, April 1, 1958

Prudential agent, Mrs. Scott, picked up M.E.’s policy to have name of beneficiary changed.  Worked on guest towels.  Made an appointment with Dr. Clarence Fleischli for Linda, April 10, 4:30 p.m.  Uncle Rob and Aunt Ethel here tonight with forms for refund License Fee and changing Cert. of Title to me for all to sign.

Wednesday, April 2, 1958

Uncle Rob got Jim’s signature on forms this aft. – turned them into Mr. McBrian’s office.  Jerry took Linda out for a Coke.  Mr. Bartram died this morning.  Aunt Georgia’s aunt died this morning, too.

Thursday, April 3, 1958

Mr. McBrian phoned – cert. in order at Centennial Bldg. - to be mailed Mon. as offices closed tomorrow.  Sent sympathy cards to Aunt Georgia and Mrs. Bartram.  Wrote letter to Paul Gentry re cutting out stumps.

Friday, April 4, 1958

No school today (Good Friday).  Merle Perkinton brought gift from my Secret Pal - a lovely pair of white gloves trimmed with pearls.  Linda had an appointment with Dr. Ratliff at 3:30 p.m.  She and Jerry got groceries for me tonight.  M.E. went to Jerome church at 7:30 & 8 p.m. to read chapter from Bible.  Pat went to a show with Bob Bastas.  He and Linda transplanted myrtle from back yard to front of house next to foundation.  Aunt Dall buried today.

Saturday, April 5, 1958

Mr. Bartram buried today.  Thunderstorms last night and today.  Mother & Dad stopped in a.m. then got bread and Wisk for me from A&P.  M.E. went to town in p.m. - bought navy faille coat and Easter candy.  Jerry brought Linda a darling rabbit corsage made from white carnation, pink pearls for eyes, and feather for background.  They went to Senate to see “A Bridge on the River Kwai.”

Sunday, April 6, 1958

(Easter) Pat, M.E., Linda and Jerry went to 10:30 a.m. service at West Side Church.  He came back late aft. and stayed for supper.  Bob Bastas came later.  Pat went to Church of the Nazarene at night and came home shortly after Bob came.  M.E. and Linda sent me lovely Easter cards.  M.E. also gave me a 2-pound box Fannie Mae chocolates.

Monday, April 7, 1958

Linda’s skirt pattern came today from Alden’s.  Merle Perkinton brought pot of tulips that class had on pulpit yesterday in Ray’s memory.  Very, very thoughtful of them! She took all dishes and pans left here from dinner 2/12/58.  Mrs. Colburn brought box of pansies on way home from work – took Linda’s stole to show Rainbow Girls mothers at meeting at her house tonight.  M.E. went to dinner at Babe & Jim’s – M. Prosperini’s farewell - having baby in June.

Tuesday, April 8, 1958

Phoned Augusta Tatum re not coming last night and L. Richardson and K. Gathard to thank them for Easter cards.  Kathryn will write “thank-you” letter for pot of tulips class sent to church in Ray’s memory.

Wednesday, April 9, 1958

Drendel’s sent insurance man to check on damaged bowl and elec. fixtures.  Mrs. Colburn brought Linda’s stole back this eve.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here this aft.  He brought cert. which I signed and he took to McBrian’s office.  Aunt Ethel helped cut out Linda’s skirt.  Linda had a Coke date with Jerry.  He helped her type term paper.  M.E. saw Richard early in eve.  He quoted $10 for removing stumps but I decided not to have it done.  He said he’d be back later but didn’t come.

Thursday, April 10, 1958

Linda’s appointment with Dr. Clarence Fleischli, 4:30 p.m.  Worked on Linda’s skirt.  M.E. had date with Richard.  Lilacs are leafing, soft maple leaves opening, and buds on birch.

Friday, April 11, 1958

Linda appointment after school with Dr. Ratliff.  Worked on her skirt.  Received insurance form from Charles McBrian.  Forsythia in bloom in our backyard.  Pat went to see “Bridge on the River Kwai” tonight with Bob Bastas.  Jerry and Linda went out for a carton of Pepsi and popped corn.  M.E. went out with Marilyn and Marcia.  Uncle Rob took auto insurance policy to Reinert this aft. for refund.

Saturday, April 12, 1958

Tax assessor here this aft.  Car sold Thurs., April 10th, so no car will be listed.  Bob Bastas here in aft. and eve.  Jerry and Linda went to Roxy.  “Catkins” on birch tree.

Sunday, April 13, 1958

M.E. went to Jerome S.S. – Linda, Jerry, Pat and Bob Bastas attended 10:30 service at West Side.  M.E. went for a ride with Marilyn McKee in aft. , and Coke in eve. with Marcia Miller and brother.  Linda and Jerry played miniature golf on east side of town in eve.  Pat went to church in eve. to hear Gordon (West Side).  Mr. Ackerman brought license plates and Reg. card in a.m.  Mr. Diller and Aunt Helen here in p.m.

Monday, April 14, 1958

Uncle Rob came this a.m. to get license plates, death certificate and affidavit for filing application for refund on license fee.  He said Mr. Elery Elmore predicted at least 2 wks. required.  Jerry came out after school with 1957 Plymouth – looks like new.  Took Linda for ride around block, then he, Pat and Bob Bastas went for coffee.  Tank started mower this morning. Pat left with him, but came home for supper.

Tuesday, April 15, 1958

Gus and Russ came home about midnight last night.  She came over about 10:30 a.m.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  When Uncle Rob came, he had Cousins Willis and Mary with him.  Linda got glasses changed on way home from school.  M.E. went to Springfield Drive-In with Marilyn and Marcia.  Bob here for a few minutes tonight.  Linda and Jerry got some groceries.  Carol Sue [Jagow] stayed with me.

Wednesday, April 16, 1958

Finished sash for Linda’s blue sailboat skirt.  Sent order for turquoise print backless dress and can-can from Florida Fashions.  Linda and Jerry got some groceries for me tonight.  Narcissus in bloom.

Thursday, April 17, 1958

Beautiful warm day.  Linda wore blue and white skirt to school for first time.  Gus loaned me cup of pecans – brought them over this a.m.  Pat coated gutters with flour and vinegar today.  M.E. had lunch with Bob Baxter at Johnny’s Rexall Drugstore.  Bob Bastas and Jerry came after night school (9:15 p.m.) to pick up Pat and get coffee.

Friday, April 18, 1958

Judy and Elmer dug out honeysuckle on west fence this a.m.  I made 3 jars red raspberry preserves with fruit Mrs. Thomae sent in February  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  Lorene brought old nylons and yellow primrose plants.

Saturday, April 19, 1958

Linda set out pansies and primrose, also planted glads and flower seeds in round flower bed.  Bob Bastas waxed his car in our driveway.  Jerry here for a few min. in aft. and came back in eve.  M.E. was to have a date with Bob Baxter but he didn’t phone.  Jim brought Pat home about 8:30 p.m.  Linda and Jerry went out for a Coke.  Later, he and Pat went for coffee.

Sunday, April 20, 1958

M.E. went to Jerome S.S., and Linda and Pat went to church at West Side with Jerry.  M.E. went out with Marilyn and Marcia this aft. and eve.  Major and Fay Bray called this aft.  Jerry picked up Linda at 5 p.m. and gave her a lesson in driving.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here, and John, Maymie and John P. Lazar came about 7 p.m.  Bob Bastas and Don Butler came later.  All 4 boys left about 9:30 for coffee.  John Lazar brought 2 gal. distilled water.

Monday, April 21, 1958

Sent order to Paris Shops.  Mr. Diller stopped for freezer key – I gave him 3 pkgs. frozen fish and 4 of rhubarb.  Linda defrosted freezer section of refrigerator and put balance of food that was in freezer into refrigerator freezer.

Tuesday, April 22, 1958

Merchant Transfer & Storage Co. picked up freezer at 8:10 a.m. and delivered it to Diller’s.  Pat left at 8:30 to go to Frank’s.  Aunt Ethel here this aft.  Uncle Rob got some groceries for me.  Put hem in Rita’s dress.  Jerry here tonight, also Bob Bastas.  Insurance adjuster here re broken light globe in bathroom.

Wednesday, April 23, 1958

Marian and Tom Gilroy drove in at Ayers’ at 9 a.m. from trip to California.  Drendel’s installed new lavatory to replace one their men damaged on February 14th.  Jerry and Bob here this eve. but Pat didn’t come until time for them to leave.  Carol and Rita [Jagow]brought Carol’s dress for me to lengthen.  Marian called on me this aft.        

Thursday, April 24, 1958

Gilroys left for Chicago this a.m.  I lengthened Carol’s dress this morning.  Received letter from Carpentier re refund of license fee.  Donated 50 cents to cancer fund to Lucille Rader who lives 1500 block Homewood. 

Friday, April 25, 1958

Received letter from Florida Fashions advising Linda’s turquoise print dress and can-can had been shipped.  Aunt Helen here for supper.  Pat cut front and back yard, first time.  Linda and Jerry bought groceries for me tonight.  She and Pat planted sycamore tree in front yard.  Gus gave us enough dates for loaf of bread.

Saturday, April 26, 1958

Mixed dough for 2 pans pecan rolls and loaf of date nut bread.  M.E. used washer this morning – 3 lines clothes – while Linda cleaned house.  Linda had date with Jerry – went to the Senate.

Sunday, April 27, 1958

M.E. attended Jerome S.S. and Pat, Linda, Jerry and Bob Bastas went to West Side Church.  We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, date nut bread and coffee for dinner.  M.E. went up to grandparents at 2 and stayed til 7:30 p.m.  Pat left in eve. with Jerry, Bob, Tank and Drury.

Monday, April 28, 1958

Ironed all clothes.  Linda sick, so stayed home today.  Her turquoise dress and can-can came from Florida Fashions today.  M.E. went to a show with Marilyn and Marcia this eve.  Jerry and Bob came out for Pat but he didn’t come until after they left.  Frank phoned his mother that he’d be home this weekend and have 2- week furlough.

Tuesday, April 29, 1958

Linda still feels dizzy but went to school today.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here this aft.  He got some groceries on way out and Linda and Jerry bought more this eve.  He gave her 2nd driving lesson.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here tonight.  Gus in for a few min. this a.m.  She heard Charles and Alan coming last of May.  Linda o.k. tonight except sore muscles.

Wednesday, April 30, 1958

Linda felt better today so went to school again.  Mended her turquoise and red pedal pushers.  Jerry gave Linda another driving lesson tonight.  Received letter from Norine.

Thursday, May 1, 1958

Sent letter to Norine.  Judy and Mark [Jagow] here this aft. - brought Carol’s and Rita’s blue organdy dresses for me to lengthen.  Maxine Kirk called on me this eve.  M.E. had supper with Bob Baxter this eve.  Pat went to the drive-in with Tank, Betty and girlfriend.

Friday, May 2, 1958

Hemmed 2 dresses and slip for Rita and Carol Jagow.  Linda went to dentist after school.  She had a date with Jerry tonight - show.  Bob Baxter didn’t phone M.E. re dance scheduled for tomorrow night.  Judy sent pint of strawberry preserves and glass of jelly.  Gus gave me 3 pints of blackberries.  I made 3 pints of jam with same.

Saturday, May 3, 1958

Frank Nelson here this a.m. - 9 o’clock.  Looks fine in uniform – lost 35 lbs. – on 2-week leave.  Received letter from Marian and Tom with $5.00 enclosed for a roast or extras for dinner tomorrow.  Mother D. brought rhubarb for us this morning.  M.E. phoned Baxters and Mrs. B. said Bob was out of town.  Tornado near Litchfield – no one injured.

Sunday, May 4, 1958

Pat, M.E. and Linda went to West Side Church with Jerry this a.m.  Called Minnie this a.m. re part-time work at Barker’s for Linda.  Jerry and Frank here for a while in aft. and eve.  Linda went to young people’s meeting at West Side and Jerry brought her home.  One of the girls’ fathers took her with others.  Aunt Helen here for supper.

Monday, May 5, 1958

Pat left with Frank at noon.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here in aft.  Linda’s green sateen dress came from Paris Fashions, N.Y.City – very lovely.  Judy came over to see it and brought Rita’s blue organdy slip for me to lengthen.  Linda went to Barker’s re vacation work after school.  Bleeding heart in full bloom.

Tuesday, May 6, 1958

Shortened Rita’s slip and removed sleeves from Linda’s turquoise stripe dress and faced armholes.  Received check from International which I turned over to Mr. Burnett who will put it in Union treasury to replace one given me March 27.  Also received one ($14.50) refund on insurance payment.  Aunt Helen, Mr. Diller and Jerry here tonight.  Sent letter to Marian and Tom.  Elsie and Otto back from Florida.  Pat cut front and back yard 2nd time.

Wednesday, May 7, 1958

Enlarged waistband on Linda’s gray print squaw skirt and shortened multicolored (white background) skirt.  Mother D. here this aft.  Said Pat will receive workman’s compensation for 26 weeks @ $30 per week.  (Jerry told me last night.)  Gus here, too.  Frank Nelson got some groceries for me in aft. ($1.62).  Tank here with daughter.  Jerry and Frank here tonight.  Jerry and Linda went to Dairy Queen and got free juice glass at Walker’s.

Thursday, May 8, 1958

Worked on dresser scarf.  Mark (Jagow) brought a bouquet of lilacs this a.m.  Cousin Willis, Cousin Bess and Uncle Rob here for a few min. - brought some asparagus from the Spaulding Farm in afternoon.  Linda went to Philos after school.  Came home at usual time.

Friday, May 9, 1958

Worked on dresser scarf.  Installed new phone (private line).  M.E. went to Marilyn McKee’s after work.  Pat went out with Frank and Red.  Received letter from Olwen Sperry and card from Charlotte and Gilbert Hennessey – vacationing in British West Indies.  Received Mother’s Day card from Kathryn Gathard.

Saturday, May 10, 1958

Replaced zipper in grey and rose sundress M.E. gave Linda.  Received Mother’s Day cards from Marge and M.E.  Made pastry and dough for 2 pans sweet rolls.  Linda went to store with grandparents and bought groceries for me.  Jim here for a few min. with J. Hammond.  Linda had a date with Jerry tonight – show.  Judy washed Linda’s border print skirt and multicolor flowers on white skirt.

Sunday, May 11, 1958

Mother’s Day.  Pat, M.E., Linda and Jerry went to church this a.m.  Jerry transferred his membership to West Side Church.  Aunt Helen here in aft.  Linda went for a ride with Jerry who stayed for supper.  They played croquet.  Frank & Bob came later in eve.  Jim, Caryl and children here in aft. – gave me l pound box Whitman’s summer candy; Linda, talc and 3 bars Old English Lavendar soap, and cards from Jim and Linda.

Monday, May 12, 1958

Ironed most of the clothes.  Uncle Rob brought some groceries and loaned me $10.  M.E. shampooed my hair.  Elsie here this eve. – gave us 2 pralines.  Phoned Margaret Baker.  Social Security will not be paid until June 1st.  M.E. went out with Marilyn.

Tuesday, May 13, 1958

Pat cut front and back yard 3rd time.  Frank here in aft., also Aunt Ethel.  Bisch & Son car and driver came at 6 p.m., took me to Fleetwood Restaurant where Sunday School Class had meeting – wonderful fried chicken dinner.  I got sick and vomited when car stopped but okay coming home.  Jerry came just before I got home.  Bob here, too.

Wednesday, May 14, 1958

Ironed M.E.’s clothes.  Frank here in aft. with Diane Bartlett.  Mrs. VonBehren’s friend brought dress for me to alter at 5:30 p.m.  Linda bought black rayon skirt for $3.00 at Robinson’s after school to wear at Barker’s.

Thursday, May 15, 1958

Frank left this a.m. for Georgia – Camp Stewart.  Midge Oller (Mrs. VonBehren’s friend) brought dress to be altered at suppertime.  Berdine and Maureen [Yocom] came later – brought dress to be repaired and skirt and blouse for me to make.  Vivian Windsor and Pam came while they were here – brought 4 boxes birthday cards and 1 sympathy.

Friday, May 16, 1958

Fixed Mrs. Oller’s dress and almost finished Maureen’s skirt.  Mrs. Oller came this eve.  Charged $1.00.  She was well pleased.  Reinert sent refund on insurance $31.35.  Phoned Dr. Fleischli re Linda and he said to send her back to Dr. Weiss.  Mr. Hanken, Acme Ins. salesman, sold policy for Linda.  She went to Rainbow Girls.

Saturday, May 17, 1958

Pat went to Bud Nation’s wedding. Midge Oller brought lilac material and pattern for dress.  Finished Maureen’s blouse.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  Jagows went to Altamont this eve.

Sunday, May 18, 1958

Pat, M.E., Linda and Jerry went to church in a.m.  Aunt Georgia here this aft. and eve.  Linda and Jerry went out to lake in aft. and miniature golf in eve.

Monday, May 19, 1958

Finished Maureen’s skirt, blouse and dress.  Berdine came out in eve. for them and gave me $7.00 (I asked only $5.00).  Charles, Alan and Lanny arrived at 6 p.m.  Preacher phoned re job at cemetery for Pat.  Mr. Diller brought check for $25 (loan).

Tuesday, May 20, 1958

Charles, Lanny and Gus here for a few minutes this morning.  Pat went to work at cemetery first time.  Worked on Midge Oller’s lilac print dress.  Lorene came out tonight – brought Dritz marker and 2 quarts strawberries @ 40 cents quart.  Carol Jagow got some groceries from Barrick’s.  Betty Jones (Tank’s wife) and little girl and Martha Dozier came after old sewing machine – gave me $5.00 for it.  Cousin Willis brought 3 bunches of asparagus.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob left for west this a.m.

Wednesday, May 21, 1958

Finished lilac print dress and enlarged armholes on Midge Oller’s dress.  Charles and Alan here in a.m. – Aunt Helen, Aunt Georgia and Olwen here in aft. – latter gave me $10.00.  Midge Oller came for dresses and paid $5.00 for same.  M.E. went out with girlfriends – Linda and Jerry got groceries for us.  Carol Jagow stayed with me.

Thursday, May 22, 1958

Charles Sutton here a little while in a.m., also Dad and Mother D.  They’re getting groceries for us.  Made a belt for Midge Oller’s lilac print dress.  Gave all my African violets to Judy (except one from Women’s Dept.).  She set out pussy willows Merle Perkinton gave me this spring.  Woman brought Ray’s picture but sent it back as hair too light.

Friday, May 23, 1958

Gave $10 back to Uncle Rob.  Copied letter Grandma Johnson wrote, then sent it to Aunt Ethel at Klamath Falls, Ore.  Aunt Georgia and Aunt Helen here for a little while tonight.  Midge Oller brought material for dress like Linda’s turquoise stripe.  Ironed all clothes washed Sat.  M.E. went out with Marilyn til 9 p.m.  Linda had a date with Jerry.  Cousin Willis phoned re Social Security.

Saturday, May 24, 1958

M.E. washed clothes and waxed floors.  Linda cut front yard, helped clean house, and studied for final exams.  Marian Gilroy came in a.m. – gave me $5.00 – came back in aft. with yellow material for jacket and plaid for dress.  M.E. and Marilyn went out with a couple boys.  Jerry came out and Bob Bastas came later.

Sunday, May 25, 1958

Pat, M.E., Linda and Jerry went to West Side Church this morning.  M.E. went out with Marilyn in aft.  Pat cut backyard in aft.  Linda went with Jerry to get groceries in late aft. – went out again with him in eve. to play min. golf with Pat, Martha Dozier, Bob Bastas and Peggy McFann.  Aunt Georgia came about six p.m.  Murray and Laura Johnson brought her – she stayed all night.

Monday, May 26, 1958

Aunt Georgia helped me finish cutting Midge Oller’s striped dress and Marian’s plaid and plain yellow outfit.  Lily came after her about 10:30 a.m. and took her out to Aunt Helen’s.  M.E. went to drive-in with Marcia and stayed all night at her home.  Jerry came home with Pat.  Judy took our laundry to laundromat in a.m. and picked it up when she brought Elmer home - cost $2.00.  Pat sprayed evergreens again tonight.

Tuesday, May 27, 1958

Charles, Alan and Lanny left today.  Worked on Midge Oller’s striped dress.  Nellie Long and Mrs. Charles Jones called on me this aft.  Received refund of license fee, $2.00.  Jerry brought Pat home after supper.  Peonies starting to bloom.

Wednesday, May 28, 1958

Finished Midge Oller’s stripe dress – she called for it after work and paid me $4.00 for same.  Lorene paid my real estate taxes – Mr. Glaze waived the personal tax bill of sixteen dollars and some odd cents.  Pretty nice.

Thursday, May 29, 1958

Worked on Linda’s orchid formal.  She bought 4 yards of taffeta at Westenberger’s for underskirt as original too skimpy.  Aunt Georgia came at 5 p.m. and stayed all night.  M.E. had a date after work with Bob Baxter.  Jerry and Bob Bastas came for Pat but he was with Martha Dozier.  Red and rose peonies bloomed first time.  Roses in full bloom.

Friday, May 30, 1958

Memorial Day.  Ruth Ann came at 10 a.m.  Jerry, Bob & Marge at 10:30.  Jim and family, 11 a.m.  We went to Calvary and Roselawn Cemeteries to place flowers and wreaths.  I bought a marker for Ray’s grave – $85.00 ($15.00 down & $5 per mo.).  Had picnic dinner at Lake Park at 3:30 p.m.  Left at 5.  George & Ruth Ann left shortly after we got home.  Jerry stayed rest of eve.  Pat took his car.  We also chipped in for pizza.

Saturday, May 31, 1958

Finished changing slip on orchid formal.  Midge Oller brought striped dress back as too small.  I let out darts and side seams.  M.E. had dinner at Babe & Jim’s and went to Orpheum with Norma and Joanne.  Linda went to high school Senior Prom with Jerry.  Pat took Dorothy Turner.  Caryl and Karen Pearce stayed with me.

Sunday, June 1, 1958

Jerry, Pat and Linda went to church at West Side.  They dropped Dorothy at her house on the way.  She stayed all night because it was stormy.  Pat paid $10 (part of his board).  Jerry came in eve.  Aunt Georgia sent 2 dz. eggs by Ruth McKinnie.  Tank car loaded with compound exploded in Mt. Pulaski.

Monday, June 2, 1958

Worked on Marian’s plaid dress.  Judy and children went down to her folks this eve. for a week – pick strawberries.  Last day of school.  I cut M.E.’s hair and she gave herself a permanent.  I fixed black dress she received from Spiegel’s today.  Elsie phoned – told her I’d work buttonholes in a dress for her.

Tuesday, June 3, 1958

Worked on Marian’s dress.  Three men topped and cut out dead wood in soft maple tree and cut dead limbs of Chinese elm overhanging house for $6.00.  M.E. went to Municipal Choir Concert at Lutheran school.  Mrs. Oller traded her striped dress for Linda’s turquoise stripe as it fit better.

Wednesday, June 4, 1958

Worked on Marian’s dress and jacket.  Elsie here in a.m. – bought dress originally made for Midge Oller for $6.00 (too short-waisted for Linda).  Also left dress to have 12 buttonholes made.  Received letter from Aunt Ethel.  Mrs. Colburn and Carole here while Elsie was here.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller came tonight.  Jerry and Linda got groceries for me.  Linda cut front and back yard and painted unpainted place in breezeway.

Thursday, June 5, 1958

Worked on Marian’s jacket.  Midge Oller brought dress to alter and pair of husband’s slacks to be cuffed.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls and stayed all night with Dorothy.  Jerry here this eve. to see Pat.  Mother D. down in eve.  Man came this a.m. for my blood and urine specimens ($7.00).

Friday, June 6, 1958

Put cuffs in Mr. Oller’s trousers and altered her red dress.  Worked 12 buttonholes in dress for Elsie.  Midge Oller paid $1.00 for pants and $1.00 for altering dress.  She brought a pink and coral print on white background for dress.  Linda had an appointment with Dr. Weiss.  She, Pat and Jerry went over to Dorothy’s this eve. to get pictures that were taken night of Senior Prom and to play records.

Saturday, June 7, 1958

Jerry came at 6:30 a.m. for Linda to go to hospital (Memorial) to have deviated septum corrected.  She was in surgery between 11 & noon.  Came along fine.  M.E. stayed with her.  Jerry and Lorene went in aft. and eve.  Gus came over, tried on Marian’s dress, then boxed it for me.  Russ is going to mail it.  Charged $6.00 for dress and jacket plus $2.00 for findings paid for.  M.E. went to Jim’s after leaving hospital and didn’t get home until midnight.

Sunday, June 8, 1958

Pat had Jerry’s car so he and M.E. drove out there to get him and then to West Side Church.  They ran up to see Linda first but she was asleep, so they went again afterwards to take his radio.  Grandma & Grandpa went this aft., also Pat and Jerry.  M.E. went to beach with Joanne.  I cut out Midge Oller’s dress this aft.

Monday, June 9, 1958

Worked on Midge Oller’s dress.  Mrs. Von Behren brought Tim for me to see.  He’s so strong and healthy.

Tuesday, June 10, 1958

Finished Midge Oller’s pink and red print on white background – pd. $4.00.  Linda came home about 2:30 p.m. between storms.  Jerry’s car wouldn’t start as spark plugs wet.  It was all right a little later and he left.  Got ready to attend class meeting at Dorothy Davis’ but backed out as too stormy.  Linda had a deviated septum on left side of nose and deviated turbinate on right side.

Wednesday, June 11, 1958

Linda had appointment at Dr. Weiss’ at 2 p.m.  Sent for chemise dress, Florida Fashions, to replace one Midge Oller bought (turquoise stripe).  Gus brought dollar balance due on dress Elsie bought (stripe) and $1.20 for 12 buttonholes I worked in a dress someone else made.

Thursday, June 12, 1958

Cut out Midge Oller’s dress (black & white broadcloth).  Bob here this a.m.  Linda cut out part of her yellow and blue print dress.   Linda pulled weeds in flower bed and Pat cut front yard.

Friday, June 13, 1958

Finished Midge Oller’s dress.  She picked it up at 5:30.  Couldn’t make change so she will pay tomorrow.  Woman (Mrs. Miner) brought Ray’s picture back.  Paid balance of $11.50.  Ruth Ann came in aft. and picked up M.E.  They went to drive-in.  Pat paid another $10.00.  Aunt Helen came back in aft.  They and Frances Jordan here tonight.  Linda finished cutting her dress and worked on it.  Pat cut front yard.

Saturday, June 14, 1958

Received letter from Marian Gilroy enclosing $10 for dress and jacket ($2.00 more than charged).  She liked outfit very much.  Linda went to Dr. Weiss’.  M.E. and Ruth Ann went shopping.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  Sent letter to Frank.  Midge Oller paid $4.00 for black print dress.

Sunday, June 15, 1958

Jerry, Pat, M.E., Ruth and Linda went to church today.  Aunt Helen here in aft. and Harry and Edith Willson came before she left.  M.E. and Ruth went out with Ronnie and friend (Johnson) in aft. and drive-in later.  Pat, Jerry, Linda, Bob, Peggy, and Martha went to New Salem.  Wrote letters to Marian and Alice.  Margaret Garfield phoned re sewing.  Sent babydoll p.j.’s to Melfrances Underwood (my secret pal) for her birthday.

Monday, June 16, 1958

Ruth and Judy took Ray’s picture and ordered frame – brought picture back as frame and glass ordered from Chicago.  They also left laundry which cost $2.42.  Margaret Garfield didn’t come.  Made Midge Oller’s black and white print dress sleeveless.  Margaret Garfield came this eve. with flowered skirt (belt enlarged) and black skirt to be shortened.  Linda cut grass in back.  M.E. went out with Ronnie.

Tuesday, June 17, 1958

Altered M. Garfield’s skirts this a.m.  Mr. Lewis called re Ill. Municipal Widow’s Annuity.  M. Garfield came tonight.  Took black skirt and brought white rayon linen and blouse pattern.  M.E. went out with Ron, and Linda with Jerry.

Wednesday, June 18, 1958

Warren, Ginny and Lynn [Sutton] came early this a.m.  They came over to see me later in a.m. and Warren again in aft.  Received check from I.L. of M.E. for 4 mos. (M, A, M & J).  Linda and Jerry bought groceries for me.

Thursday, June 19, 1958

Finished M. Garfield’s skirt and blouse.  Had potluck meal in our backyard.  Bob, Marge, Robbie, Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here, too.  Gave Aunt Helen shorty gown for birthday.  We had fried chicken, jello salad, potato salad, baked beans, iced tea, coffee, chocolate cake, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and potato chips.

Friday, June 20, 1958

Warren, Ginny and Lynn left at 1:45 for Rock Island.  M. Garfield didn’t come tonight.  Midge Oller picked up violet print dress (I sewed hooks and eyes on back closing) and brought aqua and violet print dacron and cotton material for dress.  Jerry here tonight.  M.E. went out with Harold Tarr.

Saturday, June 21, 1958

Cut out and worked on Midge Oller’s dress.  She came this aft. and brought friend, Mrs. Olah, who left material for a dress.  Linda had date with Jerry.  M. Garfield and husband came tonight for skirt and blouse – gave me check for $10 for blouse and 2 skirts.

Sunday, June 22, 1958

Linda, Jerry, M.E. and Pat went to church.  Mary Roberts and Virginia Schnepp came in early aft. and Roy and Marie Graves came later.  Jerry gave Linda another driving lesson.  M.E. had a date with Larry Tumulty tonight.  Worked on Midge Oller’s aqua print dress.

Monday, June 23, 1958

Finished Midge Oller’s dress except belt.  Judy made buttonholes with her buttonhole maker.  Linda transplanted zinnias in her flower bed.  I hoed some in eve.

Tuesday, June 24, 1958

Linda cut front yard.  I cut out and worked on Mrs. Olah’s dress.  Linda baked cake for Rainbow Girls’ ice cream social at Douglas Park tonight.  Received card from Warren enroute home.   Ordered cologne (Intoxication) for Margaret Baker’s birthday from Bressmer’s.  Rained, so Jerry and Linda brought cake home.  M.E. saw Richard (Ken) and went out later with Larry.

Wednesday, June 25, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Olah’s dress.  Pat hasn’t worked at cemetery since June 9th.  Linda went to town to get birthday gift for Jerry.  Lorene came out tonight – brought her pinking shears and scissors for me to use while mine are sharpened.  M.E. out for a few min. with Richard Shores.

Thursday, June 26, 1958

Rev. Laughlin called on me this morning.  Merle Perkinton came later – brought dishes left from food brought in February  Finished Mrs. Olah’s dress.  Midge Oller came this eve. – picked up both dresses and paid $8.00.  M.E. went out with R. Shores on motorcycle tonight.  Augusta Tatum and Dorothy Davis here this eve., also Jim.  Linda went with Jerry after school – his birthday.  Bruce Co. sent sewing machine man, $3.00, left buttonholer on approval.

Friday, June 27, 1958

Altered pink dress for Midge Oller.  She picked it up tonight – charged $1.50. Linda finished her dress.  Had date with Jerry.  Lorene brought 3 pairs scissors sharpened at 35 cents each.  I gave hers back.  Bought tongs, 30 cents, from her she bought from Gorham’s.  Mrs. Olah sent turquoise print for dress by Midge.  Minnie phoned – home from Florida.

Saturday, June 28, 1958

Aunt Ethel phoned this a.m. , got home last night.  Cut out Mrs. Olah’s turquoise paisley.  Linda cut backyard.  Mother D. got groceries for me.  Jerry came out after 9 p.m. (left farewell party for Sam Nelson).  We all chipped in on chicken sandwiches from the Beacon.

Sunday, June 29, 1958

Linda went to church with Jerry – Pat with Martha.  M.E. didn’t go as she was expecting to go to Litchfield with R. Shores, but he didn’t come all day.  Linda and Jerry picked up iron at Lorene’s to use while ours gets new cord.  They had supper on lake with Bob, Peggy, Pat and Martha.

Monday, June 30, 1958

Finished Mrs. Olah’s dress ($4.00) and Midge Oller’s violet belt.  Mrs. Olah paid for dress and brought tan material for another.  Midge brought aqua and violet dacron back as neck still too small.  Doc and Minnie came out with can of honey.  Jim took power mower to Mr. Jallas for repair.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here this aft.  Alden’s winter catalog came.

Tuesday, July 1, 1958

Cut out Mrs. Olah’s tan print dress.  Received 2nd check from Ill. Municipal League.  Roselawn Cemetery rep., Mr. Proctor, came this eve. to let me know marker in place – paid June payment of $5.00.  Mrs. Colburn gave us sack of green beans and Mrs. Burnett more green beans, onions and beets.  She and Gus were here this eve.

Wednesday, July 2, 1958

Finished Mrs. Olah’s tan dress.  Bob Reed’s TV Service picked up our set for repair.  Gave $1.00 for Homewood picnic a week from Sat.  Linda went shopping with Jerry tonight.  Brought groceries back and went out to his house.  M.E. went with R. Shores for Coke.  Mary Alice Beeler [neighbor] has son, Gregory, born today.

Thursday, July 3, 1958

Aunt Georgia sent us a sack of green beans by Lawrence.  Bob Reed’s TV Service brought TV set back this aft., charged $27.00.  Mrs. Oller picked up her lilac and aqua dress (I made neck larger) and lilac belt, I charged 75 cents.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting.  Aunt Ethel came out to get bag of beans.  Aunt Georgia sent them and brought 9 tile for breezeway, $1.21.

Friday, July 4, 1958

Made belt for Mrs. Olah’s dress.  Linda, Jerry, Pat, Martha, Bob and Peggy had picnic at lake this noon and went to St. Louis in eve. to ride on S.S. Admiral.  Gus here a little while in aft. and Mrs. Beeler came before she left with green beans, which I gave to Judy.  Spiegel’s winter catalog came.

Saturday, July 5, 1958

Wrote letters to Alice and Aunt Helen and subscription to TV Guide.  Jim brought mower this aft.  Walter Jallas repaired it and charged $3.60.  M.E. cut front yard and part of back yard.  Linda went to show with Jerry.  M.E. and Elizabeth Krueger went to Tolly’s for groceries and then to North Grand & Rutledge Icy Root Beer for Coke.  Received Social Security checks.

Sunday, July 6, 1958

M.E., Linda, Pat and Jerry went to West Side Church this morning.  My commode wheelchair broke while they were gone.  Phoned Mother D. to tell Jim to take it to be repaired as they are going there for dinner.  M.E. finished cutting back yard in aft.  Linda had another driving lesson with Jerry after getting groceries.

Monday, July 7, 1958

Linda went to town on 11:27 bus and bought pale blue with rosy print material for dress, pattern, blue material and buttons for creepers.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob came out.  Mrs. Oller picked up Mrs. Olah’s dress, overpaid $1.00.  M.E. went to hospital to see Marcia.  Owe Uncle Rob 40 cents for mower rope and Lorene $1.00.

Tuesday, July 8, 1958

Linda cut out her blue print dacron dress.  Phone Dirksen’s re wheelchair.  Merle Perkinton came after Linda and me to go to Havana for class meeting at Helen Sampson’s.  Had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, July 9, 1958

Linda worked on her blue dress.  Mr. Brennan, salesman for Dirksen’s, brought wheelchair catalog this a.m. and, after studying them all day, decided on the Triumph.  He came again tonight when I gave the order.  Linda went to Sears and picked up turquoise knit chemise $4.00.  She had date with Jerry.  They bought groceries.  M.E. left at 10:30 p.m. with Harold Tarr.  Mr. McCann, Bruce Co. sewing machine repairman, came out for $10.45 payment on buttonholer.

Thursday, July 10, 1958

Linda worked on her dacron dress.  I had Jim, Caryl and children here for supper tonight.  VonDebur’s unstopped sink this aft.  Elmer picked up laundry – cost $2.05.  Jim took canvas back off old wheelchair and put it on good one, then took old one home.  M.E. had date with Richard.

Friday, July 11, 1958

Cut out blue suit for Mary Alice Beeler’s baby.  Linda worked on her dress.  Linda had date with Jerry.  M.E. had one with R. Shores but his dad phoned at 6 p.m. to tell her he had to go to Chicago.

Saturday, July 12, 1958

Caryl came at 11 a.m. to get M.E. who is giving her a permanent this aft.  My secret pal had TV planter filled with plants which Mr. Scaife delivered.  Merle picked it up Tues. eve.  Jim brought Pat here this aft. and I gave him notice to move.  They came later to get his things.  Linda, Jerry and I went to Homewood Ave. block party at 5:30 p.m.  Received several birthday cards.

Sunday, July 13, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to church but M.E. wasn’t feeling well.  Had a delicious birthday dinner at Mother Durst’s.  Received dress from M.E.; strong box from Linda; hose, Mother & Dad D.; plants, secret pal; album, elec. bulbs & stationery, Lorene; pin and cologne, Mrs. Hanson.  Linda and Jerry played miniature golf in eve.  Aunt Ethel, Uncle Rob and Lorene came in late aft.  Received 16 birthday cards altogether.  Pd. Lorene $1.00 I owed her.

Monday, July 14, 1958

Finished suit for Gregory Dale List (Mary Alice Beeler’s baby) and Linda took it over this aft.  Cut out yellow jacket for Jim and Caryl’s expected.  M.E. had date with Larry Tumulty tonight.  Phoned Berdine Yocom tonight.

Tuesday, July 15, 1958

Finished first sacque and started second.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here in aft.  Received cologne, 2 dishcloths, 2 dish towels, and sponge from Margaret Baker.  Linda and Jerry bought groceries this eve.  Uncle Rob picked up winter catalog at Sears; also 4 pounds apples from Spaulding Farm.  Paid Uncle Rob 46 cents I owed him.

Wednesday, July 16, 1958

Finished second jacket.  Linda cut front and back yard.  Ethel Haenig called on me in aft.  M.E. had date with L. Tumulty.   I have kidney trouble again.  Started taking white pills at noon (4 a day).

Thursday, July 17, 1958

Cut out and worked on two more jackets.  Linda re-painted wall where freezer stood and varnished exterior front door.  She went to Rainbow Girls meeting with Dorothy.  Mr. Turner took them and brought them home.  Elsie brought dress to be altered this eve.  Linda received red and grey stripe blouse from Florida Fashions.  Linda paid $5.00 for trip to St. Louis to see operetta June 2nd.

Friday, July 18, 1958

Altered Elsie’s tan dress for $1.50.  Cut out last two sacques.  Linda cleaned her closet and gave some things to Jagows.  Phoned Dr. Shriner late afternoon as kidney trouble worse.  M.E. picked up pint of tile paste at B. Friedman’s, 30 cents.  Got medicine $1.00, 2 rolls TP, 37 cents, from Mummert’s.

Saturday, July 19, 1958

Worked on baby jackets.  Linda went to town in aft. and bought pair of red shoes $7.25, polish, 25 cents, pocket book, $1.00, candy, gum.  M.E. gave Mother D. a perm.  Linda went to show with Jerry tonight.

Sunday, July 20, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to West Side Church in a.m.  M.E. had date with Bud Beadle this afternoon and evening.  Jerry came tonight and Linda went with him to get groceries.  Bob came in a.m. to tell me about Social Security which had already been taken care of.

Monday, July 21, 1958

Gave M.E. $3.00 for blouse and skirt and $1.50 for watch repair for Linda.  Mrs. Olah brought light blue dacron print for dress.  Phoned Dr. to tell him I’m o.k.  He said next time I have kidney trouble I should go to hospital and have a urologist examine me.  M.E. had another date with Bud Beadle.

Tuesday, July 22, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Olah’s dress.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Linda went to town and back with Uncle Rob.  They brought doz. eggs and apples.  Gus gave us a quart of green beans that didn’t seal.  Mr. and Mrs. Kluckman and baby here tonight – brought green beans and cabbage.  Mrs. McGowin phoned – wants me to shorten a skirt.  Linda exchanged lavender skirt and blouse for royal blue blouse and dark plaid skirt at Betty Gay’s.

Wednesday, July 23, 1958

Just about finished Mrs. Olah’s dress.  Linda ironed.  Cousin Willis phoned in aft.  Returned from Boston Monday – Cousin Jessie has improved.  Aunt Helen back from Wisconsin and doesn’t know Aunt Ethel.  Mrs. McGowin brought skirt to be shortened this eve.  Very nice.  Jerry and Linda got groceries then went to New Berlin for Sangamon County Fair with Bob Bastas and Peggy McFann.

Thursday, July 24, 1958

Lorene phoned re combination washer/dryer at Sears.  Mr. Estill out in aft. with contract.  Finished Mrs. Olah’s blue dress – picked it up late aft. – paid $4.00.  Shortened Mrs. McGowan’s skirt – picked it up in eve. – charged $1.50.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here when she came, and Lorene and her mother came later with electric fan – paid her $4.00 for repairing.  M.E. went out with R. Shores.  Linda cut frontyard.  Jerry went to St. Louis for Army physical.

Friday, July 25, 1958

Finished 6th jacket for Jim and Caryl’s expected.  Linda cut backyard this a.m.  John, Maymie and John P. Lazar here this aft.  Brought tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions and green peppers.  Gus brought tomatoes and onions.  Linda, Jerry, Peggy and Bob played miniature golf tonight.  Jerry passed physical and in 1-A class.

Saturday, July 26, 1958

Made peach jam this a.m.  Sears delivered washer/dryer this afternoon – marvelous.  Judy came over to see it.  Linda and I had “Chicken Delight” plate dinners – M.E. didn’t want any.  She went out with Bill Beggs on motorcycle .  Jerry came out.  He and Linda stayed home all evening.

Sunday, July 27, 1958

Jerry and Linda went to West Side Church this a.m.  M.E. went out with Ed Smith tonight, and Linda, Jerry, Bob and Peggy bowled.

Monday, July 28, 1958

Mr. Koehne and helper installed turbo-matic washer/dryer today.  We washed a load but took too long to dry.  Marion Sanders brought toreador pants for me to stitch zipper – paid 50 cents.  M.E. went to Dr. Shriner after work and took cab home.  Washed another load of clothes this eve.  Received letter from Frank.  Rose hibiscus in bloom.

Tuesday, July 29, 1958

Mr. Estill here in a.m. to check washer/dryer.  Is sending serviceman tomorrow.  Washed bedspread, pillow shams and dressing table skirt in girls’ room.  Maureen and Berdine here tonight.  Brought material for Maureen’s dress.  Wrote letter to Frank.  Marian and Tom Gilroy drove down today.  Linda cleaned broom closet and canned goods closet and put in fresh shelf paper.

Wednesday, July 30, 1958

Linda cut out Maureen’s dress.  She and Jerry got groceries tonight.  M.E. went out with Harold Tarr for a little while.  I have Maureen’s dress about half done.

Thursday, July 31, 1958

Worked on Maureen’s dress.  Mr. Don Anderson brought 4 pr. slacks to be altered.  Eileen Boyle recommended me.  Dirksen’s phoned that wheelchair would not be shipped until August 18.  Marge came tonight – brought a birthday gift – nylon slip.  Dr. Morris (M.E. saw him at noon) gave her prescription and grandparents took her to drugstore to get filled.  He told her to quit going out nights and get lots of rest. 

Friday, August 1, 1958

Finished 4 pr. slacks for Don Anderson (altering).  Sears serviceman came this a.m. – washer/dryer fine now.  Mr. Anderson paid $4.00 when he picked up slacks this aft.  Linda went to Orpheum with Jerry.  Maureen and Berdine here in eve. – dress perfect.  Berdine left one to alter.  Lorene came out later – brought white grapes.  Grandpa brought 6 ears corn he raised, this a.m.  4 cent stamps starting today.

Saturday, August 2, 1958

Anderson’s Blind Co. sent man to fix traverse rod in front window - front bedroom.  Fixed Berdine’s dress in a.m.  Dr. Morris phoned – said M.E. may have hepatitis.  Linda left for St. Louis with Dorothy on bus to see operetta with Rainbow Girls.

Sunday, August 3, 1958

Linda got home from St. Louis at 2:15 a.m.  Mr. Turner brought them home.  No one went to church today.  Florence Fromm and daughter (Nancy) here in a.m.  Brought bouquet Merle Perkinton furnished class today.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here in aft.  Jerry here in eve.  He and Linda bought groceries.  Mrs. Burnett brought tomatoes and corn, and Mr. Burnett brought beets later.  Linda cut front yard.  David and Mr. Beeler started mower – gave us head of cabbage.

Monday, August 4, 1958

M.E. shampooed and set my hair.  Uncle Rob fixed board in breezeway.  Aunt Ethel fixed beets and I gave her some also.  Judy washed some things, including kitchen curtains and shower and bathroom curtains.  Public Health nurse gave Linda and me precautionary shots in case M.E. has hepatitis.  Received Social Security checks today.  Uncle Rob to deposit same in checking account.  Linda cut grass in back yard.

Tuesday, August 5, 1958

M.E. appointment 8 a.m. for additional tests.  Grandpa took her.  Linda cleaned house and got ready for S.S. class meeting.  28 attended.  Marge, Florence Fromm and Mary Alice were co-hostesses.  Carol Sutton Karnes gave birth to baby daughter, Stephenie Gay, 6 pounds, 6 oz.

Wednesday, August 6, 1958

Mother & Dad got us ½ watermelon , 40 cents, and 3 cantelopes, 14 cents.  Dr. Morris phoned 7:30 p.m. to tell M.E.that she has a mild case of hepatitis.  Mrs. Colburn and Carole here this eve.  Phoned Miss Conlon re M.E.  Mary Alice came after her chairs and tables after work.

Thursday, August 7, 1958

This a.m., Ann Colburn brought skirt to be completed and material for 3 more skirts, 3 blouses, and bolero.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob brought sack of Spaulding peaches;  Mrs. Burnett, corn and tomatoes; and Gus, tomatoes and onions.  Marcia took paint set and check to Elmer who cashed it and brought cash and set home.  Linda wore orchid formal to Rainbow Girls meeting.  Mr. Turner took them and brought them home.

Friday, August 8, 1958

Cut out and worked on Ann Colburn’s pink blouse.  Marge and Robbie came out to put on bolt lock on front breezeway door.  Berdine and Maureen came out tonight to get dresses, $6.00.

Saturday, August 9, 1958

Linda helped cut out Ann Colburn’s skirt.  Worked on it and blouse.

Sunday, August 10, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to West Side Church in a.m. and Lake Beach to swim in aft., then to Bartlett’s in eve.  I worked on Ann Colburn’s blouse and skirt.  Jim, Caryl and children here in aft. – had dinner at Grandma’s.  Gave Caryl 4 baby sacques.

Monday, August 11, 1958

Sent 2 sacques to Carol Sutton.  Georgia Search Coulter came out this eve. - brought material for three dresses.  Carole Colburn came in a.m. – brought tomatoes.  Finished Ann’s skirt and blouse.  Linda cut front yard.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here in aft.  Gave us 6 eggs.  Grandma here, too.

Tuesday, August 12, 1958

Linda helped cut out Georgia’s dress and I worked on it.  Ann got blouse and skirt – fit ok – and Ann paid $5.00 for them.  Linda cut back yard.  Mr. Beeler saw her trying to start mower and came over to start it.

Wednesday, August 13, 1958

Grandpa brought M.E. 4 oranges.  Worked on Georgia’s dress.  She came in aft. for fitting – it was all right.

Thursday, August 14, 1958

Finished Georgia’s plaid and cut out grey and black check.  Elsie came in eve. - brought tomatoes and candy for M.E.  Received letter and picture from Frank.  Linda went to Fair at 9 a.m. with Dorothy.  M.E. went to see Dr. Morris in aft. on account of sore throat.  Grandparents took her.

Friday, August 15, 1958

Worked all day on Georgia’s dress.  M.E.’s friend, Peggy, came after work.  Georgia came at 5 p.m. to pick up dress.  Paid $10.00 for it and one I’ll finish tomorrow.  Brought glass to be cut to fit Ray’s picture.  Jagows went to Effingham for 2nd week of Elmer’s vacation.

Saturday, August 16, 1958

Worked on Georgia’s dress.  Midge Oller and Mrs. Olah came in aft.  I faced armholes in Midge’s dress for $1.00 (took care of $1.00 I owed her).

Sunday, August 17, 1958

No one went to church.  Finished Georgia’s dress – she picked it up this eve. and paid $5.00 on one I haven’t started.  Jerry and Linda went to beach in afternoon and drive-in in eve.  M.E. treated us to “Chicken Delight” this noon.

Monday, August 18, 1958

Finished altering Mrs. Smith’s (Park Ave.) dress alterations today.  Gus gave M.E. carton Coke.  Phoned Myers Bros. – ordered 2 16x20 pictures for Linda to paint.  M.E. ordered pizza tonight.

Tuesday, August 19, 1958

Myers Bros. delivered paint set for Linda at noon (advanced birthday gift).  Fixed lace on Midge Oller’s peach dress in a.m. and cut out bolero and blouse from Ann Colburn’s brown duster.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here in aft.  Mrs. Smith came for altered blue dress – paid $5.00.  Received check from I.L.M.F. and Uncle Rob will deposit it in checking account.

Wednesday, August 20, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Colburn’s brown bolero and blouse.  M.E. went to clinic for blood tests. Linda and Dorothy went to high school in aft. to register, then to a show.  Linda went to drive-in with Jerry, Bob and Peggy.

Thursday, August 21, 1958

Ann Colburn paid $5.00 for blouse and bolero this a.m.  Bob here around noon.  M.E. had appointment with Dr. Morris at 2 p.m. – can go to work Monday.  Midge Oller picked up peach dress – paid $1.00.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting tonight with Sally and Dorothy.  Jagows came home this eve.

Friday, August 22, 1958

Linda and I cut out Ann Colburn’s orchid blouse and I practically made it by eve.

Saturday, August 23, 1958

A year ago we left for Norine’s.  Worked on orchid rayon blouse.  Mother and Dad D. got quart of ice cream, 59 cents.  Uncle Rob and Aunt Ethel here for a few min. in aft. – brought groceries, $3.38.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight – Lincoln Theater.

Sunday, August 24, 1958

Mother D. and Jerry here in aft.  Jerry, Linda, Bob and Peggy played miniature golf tonight.  I wrote a letter to Frank and included it with one from M.E.  Mother D. brought doz. eggs @ 40 cents.

Monday, August 25, 1958

Finished orchid blouse and grey striped skirt for Ann Colburn.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob here this aft.  M.E. went back to work today.

Tuesday, August 26, 1958

Ann Colburn came in a.m. to pick up orchid blouse and stripe skirt – paid $4.00 plus $1.00 for findings.  Lorene came out this eve. – brought check for wheelchair from WJS.  Gave her a card to mail for Mother D.’s birthday.  M.E. brought dress for me to alter and material for dress for Peggy.   Linda cut front yard and part of back.

Wednesday, August 27, 1958

Linda cut out Peggy O’Neal’s print dress and I worked on it.  She came this eve. to bring findings for dress and paid $1.00 for altering lavender dress.  M.E. cut grass in back yard.  Linda and Jerry got groceries.  Sent Mother D. a box of candy for birthday tomorrow.  Cousin Willis went to St. John’s Hospital for check-up.

Thursday, August 28, 1958

Worked on Peggy O’Neal’s dress.  Yocoms here tonight.  They furnished practically all of the picnic supper.  We ate in backyard.  I furnished potato chips, sweet pickles, coffee and iced tea.  Berdine brought hamburgers, tomatoes, onions, baked beans, and apple pie.  Bob here in a.m.  Cut down broken limb on maple tree in front yard.  M.E. went to Dr. Morris today.

Friday, August 29, 1958

Finished Peggy O’Neal’s dress.  Gus and Judy saw it this aft.  Peggy picked it up tonight.  Paid $6.50.

Saturday, August 30, 1958

Linda helped cut out Ann Colburn’s red skirt.  Kathy VonBehren brought tomatoes in a.m. and Grandma D. concord grapes in aft.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.

Sunday, August 31, 1958

Made Ann Colburn’s red wool skirt today.  Linda went out to Bartlett’s in aft., to a show and Peggy’s in eve.  Mother and Dad got groceries this a.m.  Mrs. Colburn and Carole are moving to Moline tomorrow.

Monday, September 1, 1958

Labor Day.  Ann Colburn gave me a check for $7.20 for making 2 skirts ($6.00) and findings ($1.20).  She and Carole left around noon for Moline – their new home.  Jim took girls and me to cemetery to see marker then we got groceries for wiener roast in our back yard tonight.  Linda went out with Jerry tonight to play canasta.

Tuesday, September 2, 1958

Uncle Rob brought Aunt Ethel out in aft. and Linda went to town with him to get a slip, bra, socks and panties.  I ordered material for dress and skirt for her and a bra for self from Spiegel’s.  Worked on Georgia’s dress.  Received card from her and letter from Frank.  Elsie Hangsleben here this eve. – left jacket for me to alter.

Wednesday, September 3, 1958

Worked on Georgia’s wine stripe dress.  Ruth Ann and Eileen here this a.m.  Aunt Georgia sent doz. roasting ears, tomatoes and a banana melon.  Ruth came back in aft. to board here – paid $10.  Margaret Garfield brought drapes to make this a.m. for Presbyterian Home.  Jim came this a.m. and took tool shed and empty cans & bottles.

Thursday, September 4, 1958

Finished Georgia’s dress.  Aunt Ethel stayed all day as commode wheelchair hasn’t come.  Linda started to school today and first day at Franklin Life for Ruth.  M.E. babysat for Caryl and Jim tonight.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting with Dorothy and Sally.

Friday, September 5, 1958

Aunt Ethel stayed with me again today.  Cut out drapes and worked on them.  Sent dress to Georgia by Uncle Rob.  Judy came over after school and Linda pinned hem on Ann Colburn’s dress.  Uncle Rob brought Bess out.  Ed Cantrall came (gave me bouquet of peach and red carnations), and Aunt Helen, her nurse, and Mr. Diller here in aft.  Ed stayed til 7:30 p.m.  M.E. got a perm. after work.  Ruth met her and they got something to eat and went to a show.

Saturday, September 6, 1958

Finished hem in Ann Colburn’s dress and worked on drapes.  M.E. and Ruth went to town in aft.  Judy and Mark came to show me cake made for little Connie, 2 yrs. old (Bo Peep).  Ruth gave me $20 for board til September 24th.

Sunday, September 7, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to West Side and M.E. and Ruth to Southern Baptist this a.m., and Ruth went alone tonight.  Mrs. Colburn came after dress – I charged $2.50.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight at his house.  Worked on drapes for Presb. Home.

Monday, September 8, 1958

Russell Ayers operated on for hemorrhoids this a.m.  Finished and pressed drapes.  Phoned Margaret Garfield.  M.E. went to a wiener roast tonight.  Lorene and Mrs. Hanson here tonight.  Brought peaches and material for apron.  Jim and Caryl have 7 lb. 11 oz. baby boy, born 2:30 a.m., named Daniel Lee.  Received letter from Carol & Bruce Karnes.

Tuesday, September 9, 1958

Finished Elsie’s jacket today.  Gilroys left today.  Wilma McDonald here in aft. – picked up coffee urn as class wiener roast is at her home tonight.  Margaret Garfield picked up drapes – will pay later.  Linda went to Dr. Stone for physical for swimming.  Aunt Helen home from hospital.

Wednesday, September 10, 1958

Aunt Ethel helped cut out Linda’s blue tweed dress.  Gus came over in aft. – picked up Elsie’s brown jacket and paid $2.50.  M.E. picked up Linda’s green tweed skirt material and my bra at Spiegel’s and findings for Linda’s dress.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  M.E. and Ruth walked to store – bought ice cream, breakfast rolls, doughnuts, cookies, orange juice, candy, and “Fritos”.  Dirksen’s phoned – wheelchair postponed til October 2nd.

Thursday, September 11, 1958

Worked on Linda’s dress.  Mr. Powell picked up sofa in a.m. & back this aft.  Looks and feels much better.  Received letter from Polly Carswell.

Friday, September 12, 1958

Worked on Linda’s dress – all finished except collar and buttons.  Bess Kenney came in with Uncle Rob this eve.  M.E. and Ruth stayed downtown for supper and shopping.  Doc came out for a little while in eve. – brought sack of tomatoes.

Saturday, September 13, 1958

Linda went to town at noon with Trippels to practice with Rainbow Girls for meeting tonight.  She is Junior Recorder.  M.E. gave me perm. in neck hair.  Received letter from Frank.  Linda went to meeting tonight with Trippels.  They brought her home, too.  M.E. went with H. Tarr at 11 p.m. to get a Coke.  Put zipper in Carole Colburn’s black slimjims.

Sunday, September 14, 1958

Jerry took Linda to West Side Church and Ruth and M.E. went to South Grand Baptist.  He gave Linda a driving lesson in aft. and they played miniature golf with Bob and Peggy tonight.  Ruth went to church tonight and Wayne Johnson brought her home – seemed very nice.  Ruth helped me cut out her dress this aft.  M.E. and I fixed 2 ½ quarts grape juice with grapes from Jagows.  Finished zipper in Carole Colburn’s slim jims (charged $1.00 plus 30 cents for zipper – will pay later).

Monday, September 15, 1958

Sent Carol Karnes a letter.  Worked on Ruth’s dress.  Midge Oller brought dress for me to make and skirt which has to have new zipper.  Ruth gave me $10, week’s board til October 1st.  Aunt Ethel and I fixed 2 quarts grape juice (Michigan concord) and 3 jars jelly.

Tuesday, September 16, 1958

Worked on Ruth’s dress.  Ordered shower gift for Kay Bartlett from Bressmer’s for Linda to give (pair of striped percale pillowslips).

Wednesday, September 17, 1958

Finished Ruth’s dress for which she paid $4.00.  Sewed buttons on Linda’s blue tweed and cut out Midge Oller’s brown print.  Mrs. Hart came this aft. when Uncle Rob came for Aunt Ethel.  Mr. Hart stayed in car.  Linda went to bridal shower for Kay Bartlett.  Jerry took her and brought her home.  Ruth went to church and Wayne brought her home.  Sent letter to Georgia Coulter.

Thursday, September 18, 1958

Worked on Midge Oller’s brown print dress.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting.  Ruth had date with Wayne Johnson.

Friday, September 19, 1958

Finished Midge Oller’s dress - paid $4.00 tonight.  Ruth went home this eve. with her minister.  Wayne Johnson brought Ruth’s scatter pin.  M.E. got her hair shampooed  and set ($2.00) downtown this eve.  Mother & Dad got groceries for me today.  Received card from Georgia Coulter acknowledging receipt of dress.

Saturday, September 20, 1958

Gave Linda a “Tip Toni”.  Fixed zipper in blue skirt and altered peach dress for Midge Oller.  She picked them up and paid for same – left material for a pink dress.  Mrs. Colburn here in Spfld – sold house to Bentler’s – 3 children (2 boys & 1 girl).  Dorothy Turner here in aft. to practice typing.  Gus came over in eve.  Brought drapery sample.  Linda went to show with Jerry.  Judy got Ray’s picture reframed at McDonald Art Co. for $5.67.  Mr. Tom Brennan of Dirksen’s phoned – wheelchair shipped week of September 15th.

Sunday, September 21, 1958

Linda went to church with Jerry.  Helen and Edward Judd called on me in aft.  Ruth came back while they were here.  Linda went out to Bartletts, Ruth to church and M.E. to drive-in with Dick Beeler in eve.  Ruby sent chicken and pork chops and George sent canned corn and green beans.

Monday, September 22, 1958

Worked on Midge Oller’s pink dress.  Mrs. Klaxen came in with Uncle Rob in a.m.  Mrs. Colburn sold her house for $18,500.  M.E. cut front and back yard.

Tuesday, September 23, 1958

Cut out aqua and violet print blouse for Linda.  I picked flower seeds this eve.  Judy borrowed our mower.

Wednesday, September 24, 1958

Finished Linda’s blouse.  Midge Oller brought brown dress back and another zipper; also zipper for pink dress.  Judy came in for a few min. in eve. and I asked her opinion re brown dress of M. Oller’s.  Gus and Russ went to Chicago in a.m.  Linda got school insurance, $1.50.

Thursday, September 25, 1958

Wheelchair finally delivered, but too long to go thru into bedroom.  Got invalid ring from Mummert’s, $7.73.  Midge Oller picked up dresses, paid $4.00 for pink and $1.00 for brown dress (zipper replaced).  Wrote George letter thanking him for vegetables.  Ruth had date with Wayne.  Dirksen’s man came re wheelchair.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller and nurse here in eve.

Friday, September 26, 1958

Cut out Linda’s green tweed skirt.  Dirksen’s sent rental wheelchair in lieu of exchange of new one.  My old wheelchair broke – left wheel came off.  Jagows came to my rescue and put me into new one with “lift”.  Uncle Rob took broken axle to Sears to order replacement.  M.E. went over to Margaret Troy’s in eve.  Jerry, Mrs. Bartlett, Pat and Bob drove to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for weekend [to visit the Chiltons].

Saturday, September 27, 1958

Worked a little on Linda’s green tweed skirt.  Phoned Buzz re webbing on rental wheelchair and he exploded in a rage – said to get Uncle Rob or Doc to do it.  Lorene came out with plants from her mother, pint blueberries and old nylon hose.  Linda went bowling in eve. with Peggy and Kay.  Peggy had Jerry’s car.

Sunday, September 28, 1958

M.E. and Ruth went to So. Grand church in a.m.  Linda went out to Bartlett’s in aft. and came home at 7:50 p.m.  Peggy McFann picked her up and brought her home in Jerry’s car.  They washed and waxed it.  M.E. had date in eve. with Ed Smith.  Jim, Caryl and family here in aft.  Danny is a darling.  Ruth went to church in eve.  Evelyn and Bill Wells here tonight.

Monday, September 29, 1958

Worked on Linda’s green tweed skirt.  Spiegel’s Christmas catalog came today.  M.E. went out to Jim’s after work.  Jerry phoned Linda tonight.  He, Mrs. Bartlett, Pat and Bob got home from Milwaukee late last night.

Tuesday, September 30, 1958

Mr. Brennan (Dirksen’s) here at 9 a.m. re returning wheelchair.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob came before he left.  Mrs. Rathsack brought pattern and black wool material for dress today.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  Uncle Rob picked up Linda’s birthday gifts from Alden’s.  Gus and Russ came home today.  Ruth Ann gave me $20 for board – pays up to October 15th.

Wednesday, October 1, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Rathsack’s dress.  Judy and Mark here in a.m.  He brought 2 cinnamon rolls later.  M.E. picked up birthday blouse at Spiegel’s for L.R.  Gus here in aft.  Lorene and Katie came in eve.  Linda went bowling with Kay Bartlett and Peggy McFann tonight.  I put the finishing touches on L.R.’s skirt tonight.  Received letter from Aunt Geo.

Thursday, October 2, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Rathsack’s dress.  Judy came over for a few min. in a.m. to show suit she’d made from Gus’ coat and skirt of her sister-in-law.  Linda went to Rainbow mtg with Dorothy T.  Mrs. Rathsack came at 4 p.m. for fitting.  Brought doz. assorted doughnuts, 6l cents.  Mrs. Olah brought brown print for dress.

Friday, October 3, 1958

Alan Sutton, his girlfriend and son, sister and nephew called on me this a.m.  Aunt Helen, Mr. Diller and nurse came in aft.  Aunt Helen gave me a check for $25 for my birthday, L.R.’s and M.E.’s.  Harry Clements came for Ruth at 5:15 p.m.  Jerry here tonight – we played Canasta and then he and Linda went to McDonald’s for hamburgers, french fries and Cokes.

Saturday, October 4, 1958

Mother and Dad got groceries for us.  M.E. had appointment at beauty shop at 11 a.m.  Linda helped me bake and ice her birthday cake.  Dorothy T. here in aft.  Mrs. Rathsack came for black dress – paid $5.00.  Linda received: $2.50 from grandparents; blouse, bermudas, M.E.; sweater and skirt, Aunt Helen; sweater, Dorothy; jumper, dress, gown, slim jims, blouse from me; earrings, Jerry.  He took her out to dinner and show tonight.  Also candy, Gus.

Sunday, October 5, 1958

Linda went to church with Jerry in a.m. and for a ride in aft.  I cut out Mrs. Olah’s brown print dress with Linda’s help.  Ruth came back with a 1950 Dodge and some canned green beans, corn and limas.  She went to church in eve.  Linda went to Bartletts in eve.

Monday, October 6, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Olah’s dress.   Ordered car coat from Spiegel’s for Linda.  M.E. and Ruth went to show tonight.  Mrs. Olah and Midge Oller came in eve.  Latter brought material and pattern for jacket.

Tuesday, October 7, 1958

Finished Mrs. Olah’s dress.  She paid $4.00.  Her sister and Midge Oller came too (after supper).  Mrs. O. brought material and pattern for jumper and Midge red flannel and skirt pattern.  I cut skirt out after they left.  Ruth and M.E. went to Baptist church.

Wednesday, October 8, 1958

Worked on red skirt and cut out brown corduroy jumper.  Elsie came about noon with skirt and suit to be altered.  Gus here in aft.  Linda picked up coat at Spiegel’s – very nice.  She had date with Jerry and Ruth went to church.  Ruth’s chest of drawers came from Sears in aft.  M.E. talked with Dick Beeler in backyard tonight, then R. Shores came and later H. Tarr.  They got Cokes.

Thursday, October 9, 1958

Finished Midge Oller’s red skirt.  She picked it up this eve. – paid $3.00.  Worked on Jane Olah’s brown corduroy jumper tonight.  Ruth had a date with Wayne tonight.

Friday, October 10, 1958

Worked on Jane’s jumper.  Ruth came home at 10 a.m. – sick at stomach.  Linda left at 9 a.m. to meet Dorothy downtown to take driver’s test.  Gave Linda’s turquoise car coat to Carol Sue this morning.  Linda stayed all night at Turner’s.  M.E. had blind date with Claypool, Elizabeth Krueger and her date - 9 p.m. - 1:45 a.m.  Linda passed driver’s test.

Saturday, October 11, 1958

Ruth picked up Linda at Turner’s and brought her home at 9:30 a.m., and then drove down to Franklin.  Finished Jane Olah’s jumper.  Dick Claypool here in aft. to make date with M.E. for tonight.  Linda went to show with Jerry.  Worked on Elsie’s suit tonight (altering).

Sunday, October 12, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to church in a.m.  Ruth went to church from Franklin and here afterwards.  Jane Olah came for jumper – paid $4.00.  M.E. went with Marcia to get food for wiener roast for Ill. Bell picnic at Washington Park tomorrow night.  Ruth went to church tonight.  Uncle Rob brought sack of apples from WJS. 

Monday, October 13, 1958

Altered Elsie’s silk suit and red check skirt.  Gus picked them up late aft. - paid $4.00.  Cut out Midge Oller’s red dress tonight.  M.E. went to wiener roast at Washington Park.  Ruth took her and brought her home.  Stayed at Aunt Ethel’s between trips.  Mr. Brennan here in a.m.  Told me not to worry re wheelchair exchange.

Tuesday, October 14, 1958

Worked on Midge’s red dress.  Aunt Ethel came in aft.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.

Wednesday, October 15, 1958

Finished Midge’s red dress at 4 p.m.  She came at 12:30 but said she’d come back Friday. Linda got blue jacket at Myers Bros. to wear to wiener roast Jerry’s taking her to tonight.  Ruth paid $20 (2 weeks) board til October 29th.

Thursday, October 16, 1958

Judy came for a few min. to get Carbon Tet for cleaning tiny grease spot on Midge Oller’s dress.  Caryl, Tommy and baby here in aft.  Sears serviceman moved washer away from wall and realigned it.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting.  Ruth took them and Mr. Turner brought them home.  M.E. went to orthodontist after work.  Midge Oller came for red dress - paid $5.00.  Jane Olah brought plaid wool for jumper.  She paid $2.00 in advance (½ pay.).

Friday, October 17, 1958

Worked on Midge Oller’s jackets.  Finished black one.  Teachers’ Institute meeting today so Linda home.  M.E. stayed all night with Donna Bee.  Ruth went home after work.  Peggy McFann here tonight.  She, Linda and I played card games.  Received letter from Helen Judd.

Saturday, October 18, 1958

Grandparents got our groceries this a.m.  Mrs. Wacaser brought two skirts for me to alter about noon.  Jerry gave Linda a driving lesson in aft.  M.E. attended Maymie Lazar’s brother’s wedding and got home 10 a.m.  Cousin Willis brought gal. cider in aft. (Uncle Rob chauffeured).  Worked on Midge Oller’s brown jacket.  M.E. had date with Terry O’Brien and Linda with Jerry.  Gus came for little while in eve.

Sunday, October 19, 1958

Linda, Jerry, Peggy and Bob drove down to Pierre Marquette State Park – left at 9:20 a.m. and got back 8:30 p.m.  M.E. shellacked Ruth’s chest of drawers and painted dinette walls.  I worked on Jane Olah’s jumper.  Ruth got back about 6 p.m. – brought 3 chickens from Clara.

Monday, October 20, 1958

Finished Jane Olah’s jumper.  Midge picked it up and paid $2.00 bal.  Also $4.00 for 2 jackets.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  M.E. went to orthodontist this eve.  Ruth took her and stayed at McKinnie’s until time to pick her up.

Tuesday, October 21, 1958

Altered Mrs. Wacaser’s 2 skirts.  Sears serviceman here again to check turbo-matic unit.  Mrs. Garfield brought 3 suits, skirt and white dress for altering.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller and nurse here later in aft.  Ruth went to Glenarm after work to see Wayne’s grandmother who died yesterday.  Mrs. Wacaser picked up 2 skirts and paid $3.

Wednesday, October 22, 1958

Made Midge Oller’s red dress ½" shorter in waist – she picked it up and paid me 40 cents.  Cut out and worked on Mrs. Sutton’s gold dress.  Linda had date with Jerry.  Ruth went to church.  M.E. cut all grass.

Thursday, October 23, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Sutton’s dress.  Marian Gilroy called on me in a.m.  She brought birthday gift for M.E. from Gus (1 lb. candy) and birthday cards and $2.00 each for both girls from Tom and her.  M.E. had date with R. Waters and Linda went to Philo meeting at YWCA with Barbara Keckler.   Harriet and Frances Jordan called on me tonight.

Friday, October 24, 1958

M.E.’s birthday.  Worked on Mrs. Sutton’s dress.  Marian and Tom went back to Chicago this a.m.  Mother D. down for a little while this p.m. – brought card and money for M.E.’s birthday.  The black slip I ordered from Myers Bros. for M.E. came about noon.  Linda went to drive-in with Jerry, Peggy and Bob.  M.E. and Ruth got groceries for birthday party tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 1958

Worked on Mrs. Sutton’s dress and red print silk.  M.E. and L.R. cleaned house.  M.E. had a birthday dinner party here tonight.  Jerry, Donna Bee and Ray McCurley were guests.  Just like a Thanksgiving dinner.  She really did a good job.  I gave her a black nylon slip; Linda, 5 pr. nylon panties; Ruth, jewelry; Grandma, $2.00; Aunt Marian and Uncle Tom, $2.00; Gussie, 1 lb. candy; p.j.’s, perfume and cake from girls in office.

Sunday, October 26, 1958

Finished Mrs. Sutton’s dresses.  Jerry and Linda attended West Side; Ruth, her church.  She went home in aft. and returned in time for eve. service.  M.E. had dinner at Troy’s in eve.  Jerry came in eve.  They helped each other with school work.

Monday, October 27, 1958

Ruth didn’t work today as she caught cold in her gums[?].  Mrs. Sutton picked up dresses – charged $7.00 for gold dress, $3.00 for print and she gave me a dollar tip, making a total of $11.00.  Peggy O’Neal and nephew Randy here tonight.  She brought 4 skirts to be altered.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Later, Kay Bartlett and Peggy McFann came and borrowed 2 Fostoria candlestick holders.  Bob phoned re Horace.

Tuesday, October 28, 1958

Altered everything for Margaret Garfield except collar and hem in lt. gray jacket.  Finally received check for $10 for draperies I made Sept. 9th.  Linda went to Bartletts tonight to celebrate Bob Bastas’ birthday.  Phoned Minnie about Doc – he’s okay and in Washington, D.C. on business.

Wednesday, October 29, 1958

Finished Margaret Garfield’s skirts and jackets.  Started Midge Oller’s 2 skirt alterations.  Aunt Helen, Lily and Mr. Diller here tonight.  M.E. went to St. John’s Hospital re nurses’ training after work.  She and Ruth went to skating rink for a few min.

Thursday, October 30, 1958

Margaret Garfield picked up suits today and paid $15.00.  Green plaid jacket left for restitching buttons and dark grey skirt still too snug over hips.  She brought 2 more suits and coat to be remodeled.  Midge Oller picked up 2 skirts - paid $2.00 for both.  M.E. had a short ride with Dick Beeler early in eve. and with H. Tarr later.  M.E. and Ruth bought candy at Tolly’s tonight for Trick or Treaters.  Gus brought material for suit.

Friday, October 31, 1958

Finished Peggy O’Neal’s yellow and gray skirts.  Mother and Dad got groceries and Dad came back to put up storm door glass panels.  Wrote letter to Frank.  Ordered red party dress for Linda from Alden’s.  Ruth went home - pd. board til November 12th.  Linda went to show with Jerry tonight.

Saturday, November 1, 1958

M.E. had appointment with Dr. Lazarus at 9 a.m.  I finished Peggy O’Neal’s skirts.  Linda went out to Bartletts this eve.  M.E. said Pat was to start work November 10th at Allis-Chalmers.

Sunday, November 2, 1958

Linda went to church with Jerry this morning.  Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob brought Otto Wenneberg and sister, Mrs. Mittendorf, for a short visit.  Worked on Margaret Garfield’s red and brown suits.  Ruth came back about 6 p.m.  Linda went out to Bartletts in aft. as no bowling alleys available.  They came back about 9 p.m.  Ruth went to church.

Monday, November 3, 1958

Worked on M. Garfield’s red suit.  Judy came in aft. – had suit and coat for Mark – darling!  Elsie came and left skirt to be altered.  Gus brought red taffeta for suit skirt lining.  M. Oller and J. Olah here this eve – the latter had material for skirt and one to be altered.  Peggy O’Neal came tonight for 4 skirts.  Paid $10.

Tuesday, November 4, 1958

Worked on M. Garfield’s red suit and gray check coat.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Ruth and M.E. went to Franklin for a revival service.  Mother and Dad got groceries today. He put up mirror (full length) in living room.

Wednesday, November 5, 1958

Finished all of M. Garfield’s clothes.  Warren Sutton here for a few minutes in aft.  Linda got red nylon party dress at Alden’s.  Ruth went to church tonight.  Phoned Lorene.  Cousin Mary in Memorial Hospital – had a stroke Sun.  Doesn’t recognize anyone.

Thursday, November 6, 1958

Warren here about noon.  Mr. Koehne checked amount of materials needed to change turbomatic to full capacity.  Linda cut out Gussie’s dress.  Mrs. Bentler and 3 children here tonight.  Left 2 boys’ coats to be altered.  All seemed very nice.   Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting.  Ruth went home tonight.  Phoned M. Garfield that her suits and coat are finished.

Friday, November 7, 1958

Finished Bentler boys’ coats.  Worked on Gussie’s dress.  She came about 12:30 p.m. for a few min.  Ruth phoned from home – asked me to advise Franklin Life that she wouldn’t work today.  Mother and Dad D. got groceries.  Linda had date with Jerry.  Received letter from Frank.

Saturday, November 8, 1958

M.E. had appointment with dentist, 9 a.m. – went to Jim’s from there.  Worked on Gussie’s dress.  Linda went to town in aft. to return red dress at Alden’s and pick up turquoise at Lorene’s for homecoming dance at SHS tonight.  Mrs. Bentler came after coats and paid $2.00.  Linda and Jerry left about 8 p.m. for dance.  M.E. came home about 11 p.m.

Sunday, November 9, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to West Side church.  Charlotte Hennessey came at noon with 10 pounds golden delicious apples.  Norma Gurske and Madeline Pettibone here in aft.  M. Garfield came later to pick up 3 suits and coat but didn’t pay.  Linda went to show with Jerry in eve.  Ruth got back at 10:30 p.m.

Monday, November 10, 1958

Finished top of Gussie’s suit and started on skirt.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Mr. White, sales manager for Dirksen’s, here in aft. re wheelchair.  Gus came over to try on jacket.

Tuesday, November 11, 1958

Armistice Day.  No school.  Finished Gussie’s suit and started altering Elsie’s brown skirt.  Linda went to spaghetti dinner at Greek Orthodox Church with Jerry, Bob and Peggy.  Ruth and M.E. went to Baptist church.   Gus paid $6.50 for suit.

Wednesday, November 12, 1958

Finished Elsie’s skirt and “bib”; also altered J. Olah’s skirt.  Lorene and Mrs. Warrington here tonight.  Brought material and pattern for blouse.  M.E. and Ruth took Mike Troy to see “Lil’ Abner” at Orpheum Theater tonight.  Jerry here.  Linda cut out Jane Olah’s gray stripe skirt.  Peggy put on formal and Linda pinned amount to be trimmed.  Bob brought her before supper.

Thursday, November 13, 1958

I finished J. Olah’s gray stripe skirt.  Gus gave us a pot of chilli left from Jerome church.  M.E. home today – tonsillitis.  Ruth and Linda went over to watch skating at Moonlight Gardens.  R. Shores came to see M.E. for 15 min.  Worked on Peggy’s dress in eve.  Phone Cousin Willis at noon – Cousin Mary not any better.

Friday, November 14, 1958

Cut out and worked on Mrs. Warrington’s blouse.  Mr. McFann (Brunk & Sapp) replaced springs in oven door and flourescent lamps, oven and unit lamps in electric range, paid $6.71.  Mother and Dad got groceries – she owes me 45 cents for her bread.  Finished hem in Peggy’s formal.  Linda went to Kay’s wedding rehearsal at Elliott Ave. Baptist Church.  Bob and Peggy came – brought material for hat for me to make.  Gus gave me $2.50 for skirt and Jerkin I fixed for Elsie.

Saturday, November 15, 1958

Peggy and Kay picked up formal and hat, also borrowed wooden dish and aluminum divided dish this morning.  M.E. went to dentist at 9 a.m.  I worked on Mrs. Warrington’s blouse.  Jerry came for Linda at 3 p.m. to attend Kay’s wedding at 4 p.m.  Elsie brought brown skirt back as too large in hips.  Jim and children here in aft. – took some empty cans.  Mrs. Oller picked up Mrs. Olah’s skirts – paid $5.

Sunday, November 16, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to church.  M.E. went to Jim’s for dinner.  Linda and I had “Chicken Delight” dinner.  Jerry came back at 3 p.m.  Ruth came home at 4 p.m.  I worked on Mrs. Warrington’s blouse.

Monday, November 17, 1958

Finished Mrs. Warrington’s blouse.  Elsie came at 1 p.m. and paid $1.00 for fixing pad in jacket.  M.E. left at 10 a.m. to see Dr. Ranker re tonsillectomy – goes to St. John’s Hospital tomorrow aft. and tonsillectomy on Wed. a.m.  M. Oller brought coat to have buttons moved and buttonholes restitched.  She paid $5.00 for J. Ollah’s gray skirt and altered rust skirt.

Tuesday, November 18, 1958

Uncle Rob brought Bess Kenney out who brought 3 dresses for me to alter.  Worked on black one, also red one.  M.E. went to St. John’s at 4 p.m. for tonsillectomy tomorrow a.m.  Elsie brought black skirt back and I made slight alteration.  Ruth had dinner downtown and show with Sylvia.  Lorene and Mrs. Warrington came out for blouse.  Fits fine. Paid $3.15.

Wednesday, November 19, 1958

Worked on Cousin Bessie’s dresses.  M.E. had tonsillectomy at 8 a.m., St. John’s, Room 611.  Sewed buttons on M. Oller’s coat.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.  Received card from Georgia Coulter asking me to make another dress.  Received dress from Montgomery Ward, $6.50 – very nice.

Thursday, November 20, 1958

Sent birthday card to WJS who will be 88 yrs. old tomorrow!  Friend of Gussie’s brought 3 lb. pecans ($3.30) but stale so returned them.  Aunt Ethel and Cousin Bess here in aft.  She took red and black dresses home but not quite through with blue one.  Paid $6.00 for all.  Mrs. Oller picked up coat and paid 50 cents for it.  M.E. came home at 2 p.m. with Uncle Rob.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting and Ruth had date with Wayne.  Peggy here tonight and paid $2.00.

Friday, November 21, 1958

Finished Cousin Bessie’s blue dress and lengthened Ruth’s orange wool skirt.  Mother and Dad got our groceries in aft.  Gus brought $3.30 refund for pecans this aft.  Linda picked up wallet-size photos at Burchett’s after school.  Ruth went home after work.  Linda went out to Bartletts to play canasta.

Saturday, November 22, 1958

Worked on dress for Karen (Christmas gift).  Linda and Jerry went to Invitational Dance at Abe Lincoln Hotel tonight.  Mr. Garfield brought material for 4 pr. drapes and check for $15.00 (for Mrs. Garfield’s clothes altered).  Lorene came later with 2 skirts to be altered.

Sunday, November 23, 1958

Linda went to West Side Church with Jerry in a.m.  M.E. went up to Grandparents and Linda went for a ride with Jerry in aft.  Cousin Willis and Fred called while I was cutting out drapes this aft.  Jerry and Linda got delicious rolls at Johnson’s (12 for $1.75).  M.E. paid $1.00 and I pd. 75 cents.  Had some with coffee.

Monday, November 24, 1958

Worked on and finished Lorene’s brown skirt.  Aunt Ethel here in aft.  Uncle Rob took M.E. to Dr. Ranker and she’s to stay home rest of week.  Lorene sent Singer rep. out with new machine – sews like a dream.  Worked on drapes tonight.  Lorene came for skirt - paid $2.00.  Marilyn McKee brought material for skirt.  Linda’s taffeta formal came from Paris Fashions today.

Tuesday, November 25, 1958

Worked on drapes.  Phoned M. Oller long distance re red faille material.  Called Cousin Willis to thank him for sewing machine.

Wednesday, November 26, 1958

Worked on drapes.  Bob here in aft.  Ruth went home from work.  Linda had date with Jerry, and M.E. went to Donna’s.  Mr. Brennan from Dirksen’s brought wheelchair catalog out at 9:10 a.m.

Thursday, November 27, 1958

Thanksgiving Day.  Jim came for us at noon – had a wonderful turkey dinner.  Came home a little after five.  First snow tonight.  Linda went out to Bartletts to play canasta.  Ruth got home about 10:30 p.m.  I worked on drapes.  Mrs. Garfield phoned that she’d be out tomorrow noon with more work.

Friday, November 28, 1958

Worked on drapes.  Mr. Brennan here at 9 a.m. – gave him order for another wheelchair.  Sears serviceman, Mr. Skaggs, checked washer-dryer again.  Advised against added expense changing electrical hookup.  M. Garfield here in aft.  Brought material for 1 pr. drapes, dress for altering and drapes to be made into door curtains.  M.E. did most of her Christmas shopping.  Ruth went home again, paid $30, board til December 17th.

Saturday, November 29, 1958

Finished drapes for M. Garfield’s office and her dress.  She picked them up in aft.  I worked on another pr. drapes until almost 1 a.m.  M.E. went to town in a.m. to dentist and got socks for me to give Mike, Steve and Tommy.  Linda and Jerry went to show.

Sunday, November 30, 1958

Jerry and Linda went to church at West Side then for a ride in aft.  Here for waffles for supper and sorted Jerry’s pictures in eve.  M.E. went up to Grandmother’s in aft. and a show with Ruth in eve.  Finished drapes and valance for M. Garfield.  Mr. G. picked them up 11 a.m., charged: 10 panels @ $2.00 ea.; 2 panels @ $1.00 ea.; and $2.00 for dress – total $29.00 - no charge for valance.  He said she’d pay later.

Monday, December 1, 1958

Finished M. McKee’s skirt and put zipper in slim jims.  Linda helped cut out M. Oller’s red faille dress.  Georgia Search phoned today -- returned Sat. from Arkansas.  Received Christmas package from the Ken Suttons.  Sent towels from Bressmer’s to Marge for birthday tomorrow.  Ruth and M.E. got groceries tonight.

Tuesday, December 2, 1958

Ordered Christmas gifts from Sears.  Lillian Richardson phoned re class meeting next Tues.  Gus brought 2 lbs. pecans in shells from Eisner’s @ 55 cents lb.  Marge phoned to thank me for birthday gift.  Judy here in aft. with material for Mark’s room for drapes and bedspread.

Wednesday, December 3, 1958

Worked on M. Oller’s red dress.  Ordered more Christmas gifts from Montgomery Ward and Sears.  Linda got a deep blue can can at M.W. @ $5.95.  Gus brought pictures Warren took when here in June.  Jerry here tonight.  M.E. and Ruth on double date.  Lorene brought 2 lbs. pecans @ $1.23 lb., also jersey blouse for Judy G. to go with skirt I’m to alter.

Thursday, December 4, 1958

Telephone serviceman installed extension phone in front bedroom today.  Judy and Mark had lunch with me – pizza that Bob Shores bought last night and didn’t finish.  She brought cake and ate last piece of cheesecake Jerry got last night.  Finished M. Oller’s red dress.  She picked it up tonight and paid $5.00.  Linda wore new formal to Rainbow Girls meeting and dinner.  Her first night as Junior Recorder.

Friday, December 5, 1958

Worked on Karen’s dress during day and Mr. Oller’s pea coat tonight.  M.E. and Ruth had dates with Bob Shores and Mel Hughes.  Jerry here tonight.  Mother and Dad got groceries today.

Saturday, December 6, 1958

Finished Mr. Oller’s coat this a.m. and worked on Karen’s dress in aft. and eve.  M.E. had date with Bob Shores but he failed to come.  Linda went to show with Jerry.  She and Dorothy went this morning to see Santa Claus parade.

Sunday, December 7, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to West Side in a.m.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair in aft. and went to Municipal Choir, First Presbyterian Church at 4 p.m.  Linda went with Jerry just before she left and came back at 8 p.m.  Ruth came before supper.  Peggy O’Neal brought black velvet for dress.  Melfrances Underwood and Ruby Ridgeway brought S.S. class coffee urn in aft.    Pat moved into room at 1100 block of S. 4th.  Worked on Karen’s dress.

Monday, December 8, 1958

Cut out lining for Peggy O’Neal’s dress and same came tonight for a fitting.  Her sister Rita’s son came too.  Uncle Rob came out to get bills to pay and brought groceries.  Linda got Christmas decorations from Gus.  Addressed all Christmas cards tonight.

Tuesday, December 9, 1958

Wrote letters to enclose with some out-of-town cards and mailed all of them.  Class met here tonight.  Only 28 came due to cold weather and icy streets.  Hostesses were Lillian Richardson, Mildred Adamo, Irene Stone, Kathryn Gathard and Madeline Pettibone.  My Secret Pal (Augusta Tatum) gave me a bath set; Harriet Jordan, Christmas corsage;  Wilma McDonald, a sachet and hot pot holder; and Edith Arnold, a sachet.  I gave Melfrances a slip.  M.E. and Ruth had dates with Mel and Bob.  Jerry came out.

Wednesday, December 10, 1958

Worked on Peggy’s dress.  Linda went to Sears with Jerry and got 2 mail orders for me and M.E. picked up one at Montgomery Ward.

Thursday, December 11, 1958

Worked on Peggy’s dress.  M.E. and Ruth and dates drove down to Franklin.  Aunt Georgia moved Tuesday into smaller house on farm.  Midge Oller picked up husband’s coat and paid $2.00.  Peggy McFann brought 2 skirts to be altered and 2 dresses to be mended this eve.

Friday, December 12, 1958

Worked on Peggy’s dress.  Uncle Rob brought groceries.  Cousin Bess came in for a few min.  M.E. went out to Jim’s from work to babysit so Jim and Caryl could Christmas shop.  Jerry out tonight.

Saturday, December 13, 1958

Mr. Varns brought Christmas tree I ordered yesterday from Jerome Church “Pairs & Spares” S.S. Class but wouldn’t let me pay for it.  Linda drove Jerry’s car this aft. and they went to a show in eve.  I finished Peggy O.’s dress and worked on Peggy McFann’s skirts tonight.

Sunday, December 14, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to church this morning.  Marge came out this aft. and we made 4 batches of peanut brittle (2 ea.).  Buzz brought her and Robbie came after her.  Buzz gave us 1/4 bushel apples and ½ gal. cider.  Linda went to Bartletts tonight.  Ruth went out to Virden to see Mel and family.  Marilyn picked up skirt and slim jims – paid $5.  Fixed Peggy McFann’s dresses and skirts.  Cleve Taylor died today.

Monday, December 15, 1958

Worked on Georgia Coulter’s dress.  Frank Nelson arrived at 3 a.m. and out here at 4:30 p.m.  M.E. and Ruth shopped after work.  Lorene brought sewing machine stool.  I gave her white Christmas corsage.  Cousin Willis in Memorial Hospital – he phoned me tonight.  M.E. went out at 10 p.m. with Bob Shores.  Peggy McFann and Bob Bastas came for her clothes -- paid $3.00.  Linda helped wrap gifts for Wes Cantralls and a box of peanut brittle for Elsie and took them over to Russell for mailing.  Received package from Marian and Tom Gilroy.

Tuesday, December 16, 1958

Still working on Georgia’s dress.  Received package from Wes.  Peggy O’Neal brought rust skirt back to be taken in through hips; also tried on velvet dress but too large.  She paid me $6.00 for dress and will get it later.  Skirt was paid for.  Received card from Ruth and George Johnson containing sweater bag.  M.E. and Ruth’s friends, Bob and Mel, here tonight.  Ruth and Mel brought a pizza back later.  Jerry and Linda got groceries.

Wednesday, December 17, 1958

Mr. Brennan of Dirksen’s here this a.m. to find out which wheelchair I want – to be ordered today.  Received several more Christmas cards including one from Georgia Coulter containing $5.00.  She was here in aft. for fitting.  M.E. picked up gloves at M.W. to replace wrong ones ordered for Linda.  Linda had date with Jerry.  Frank came later.  M.E. and Ruth went to town with Bob and Mel.

Thursday, December 18, 1958

Finished Georgia’s dress.  Judy borrowed an egg to use in Mark’s birthday cake – he’s 3 today.  Linda went to Rainbow Girls meeting.  M.E. went to Ill. Bell Christmas party.

Friday, December 19, 1958

Finished Judy’s (Gurske) skirt.  M.E. and Ruth Ann went out with dates.  Jerry and Linda stayed home.  M. Garfield brought check for $27.00 and $2.00 cash for drapes and her dress alterations.  Linda trimmed Christmas tree tonight.

Saturday, December 20, 1958

Dad and Mother got our groceries today.  M.E. and Ruth went hunting today with Bob and Mel.  I fixed Peggy’s skirt and black velvet dress today.  Linda trimmed little trees on each side of entrance and hung wreath.  She had date with Jerry tonight.  Bob and Mel came for M.E. and Ruth at 11 p.m.

Sunday, December 21, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to church this morning.  Ruth went home after dinner.  Lorene came out after blue skirt – paid $3.00.  Aunt Helen and Mr. Diller here later.  Jerry here tonight.  Wrapped 2 batches caramels.  Linda made several recipes of cookies and candy this afternoon.

Monday, December 22, 1958

Cut out and worked on creepers for Danny.  Georgia Coulter picked up dress and paid $6.00 this aft.  Mr. Burnett brought a hen for Christmas but we had it this eve.  M.E. went motorcycling with Bob Shores tonight.

Tuesday, December 23, 1958

Finished Danny’s creepers.  Uncle Rob, Aunt Ethel (just out of hospital) and Bess Kenney here in aft.  Mrs. Colburn and Carole came at 4:30 p.m.  Peggy McFann and Bob Bastas here after supper.  She gave me an Xmas gift.  Linda and Ruth got turkey, 12 lbs. 4 oz. @ 39 cents lb., and other stuff at Walker’s.  M.E. went to Bob’s for supper.  Mel came.

Wednesday, December 24, 1958

Linda wrapped rest of her gifts and mine except those I had for her which I wrapped.  She went out to Bartletts and M.E. went to a show with Bob.  Gus and Russ came over with their gifts and I gave them ours.  Peggy O’Neal came after her dress and skirt and brought me a card and gift.  Thomaes sent candy and Jagows cookies.  Ruth went home after work.

Thursday, December 25, 1958

Christmas Day. Mother and Dad came at 8 a.m. and we opened our gifts.  Jim, Caryl and children came at 1:30 for turkey dinner.  They left at 5 p.m.  Jerry came about 7 p.m.  Jane and Bill Scattergood and children dropped in for about a half hour (8:30-9 p.m.).

Friday, December 26, 1958

Linda and I took it easy today but M.E. had to go to work.  Marshall, Nellie Long, Marcy and her 3 children came in aft.  Jagows here in eve.  Linda and Jerry went to Shriner’s dance at St. Nick Hotel tonight.  M.E. went out with Bob for a while.  I received a dandy sewing cabinet in the mail but do not know from whom.

Saturday, December 27, 1958

Grandma paid for mincemeat and salad dressing, 87 cents.  Jim picked up trash in drum in alley.  Mr. Diller and Aunt Helen here in aft. – gave them their gifts.  Linda had date with Jerry tonight.

Sunday, December 28, 1958

Linda and Jerry went to church and picked up “Toni” perm on way home.  They went out again in aft. for another driving lesson.  M.E. gave me a perm in aft.  Ruth came home about 5 p.m. with Mel and went to a show.  Linda and Jerry came at 8:15 p.m.  Mrs. Oller brought red print for a dress this eve.  Started diet today.

Monday, December 29, 1958

Linda helped cut out Georgia’s pink dress.  Mr. Koehne put in larger elec. serv. for washer.  Gus here this morning.  They got home last night.  Ruth took Linda to Sears to exchange dress Caryl and Jim gave me and blouse they gave Linda.  They also got thyroid tablets at Watts, $1.50.

Tuesday, December 30, 1958

Made black wool skirt for Linda.  Mr. Jagow brought dress home, but 20 ½, so he’ll get larger size tomorrow.    Lorene here – brought zipper foot, pins and cookies.  M.E. out with Bob and Ruth with Mel.  Arta (from J.B.) brought material for dress.

Wednesday, December 31, 1958

Worked on Georgia Coulter’s dress.  Alice, Wes, Mike, Buzz and Robbie here in aft.  Linda and Jerry went to a show tonight with Bob and Peggy.  Pat took Jerry’s car to pick up girl at Girard – skidded, landed against a telephone pole and damaged rear of car.  M.E. and Ruth took Bob S. to Virden and got back at 9 p.m.  Gus and Russ came – brought refreshments and stayed til 11 p.m.


Ray’s Autopsy

Examination pertaining to organs themselves.  The problem was loss of lung tissue in functioning heart shows signs of failure.  Heart takes over when lungs fail.  Arteries of heart began to harden.  Hardening of large arteries in legs – later, small arteries.  First,  lungs failed and heart could not keep up.  Found gallstones .  Hardening of the arteries began to affect kidneys.  Failure of lungs is result of lung tissue broke down capillaries broke down, couldn’t hold blood caused bruised appearance on legs.  Blood would have gone into lungs.  Dr. Pearson said surprised he didn’t die a year ago.

Chronic bulbous emphysema severe.

Other significant conditions contributing to death but not related to the terminal condition  given: Coronary atheroscerosis.