Berniece Pearce Diary - 1962

Other Years:


Monday, January 1, 1962

Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Dodds, Kenny and Diane were here to watch Pasadena Rose Parade, Super Bowl & Orange Bowl games.  Linda served a nice lunch (chicken salad and ham salad sandwiches, fruit salad, potato chips, baked beans, pickles, olives, assorted crackers, ice cream & cookies, pop and coffee.)  They all left at 3:30 p.m.  M.E. went to a show with Irene in eve.

Tuesday, January 2, 1962

I worked on Fran’s blue dress. Mr. Diller brought 2 pkgs. pork chops.  Bob here during lunch hour.  I ordered towels from Westenberger’s for Robbie’s approaching wedding, January 13th.

Wednesday, January 3, 1962

Lorene informed me by phone that Cousin Willis and Mrs. Warrington left for Phoenix, Ariz. this a.m.  I phoned Katy England – she got back from Fla. last night.  Linda picked up 2 pr. shoes at Luer’s for me and brought them home on approval.  I’m keeping the red sandals and returning the black oxfords.  Received dividend from Series H Bonds today.  Received towels from Westenberger’s (Robbie’s wedding gift).  Maymie Lazar phoned that Marian Madden [Bill’s wife] died today.

Thursday, January 4, 1962

Finished Fran’s blue dress.  Olds dealer in Champaign phoned that J&L’s car will be ready after 2:30 p.m. tomorrow.  Started altering Helen McGrath’s skirt.

Friday, January 5, 1962

Marian Madden buried at 10 a.m. in Urbana.  Linda and M.E. had hair appointments tonight.  Mr. Garfield here tonight to see Jerry and me about insurance.

Saturday, January 6, 1962

Ethel Tarr brought skirt and dress to be altered.  M.E. went to wedding reception in aft.  Jerry left on bus at 8 a.m. for Champaign to get new F85 Oldsmobile and got back at 3:50 p.m. – it’s lovely.  Irene stayed here all night as weather pretty rugged.

Sunday, January 7, 1962

M.E. took Irene home this a.m.  Jerry went down to office in aft.  Frank Nelson here for supper.  I worked on Helen McGrath’s skirts.  M.E. took my wedding gift for Bob, Jr. and Anita to Bob’s today.

Monday, January 8, 1962

Finished altering H. McGrath’s skirts and she got them this eve.  M.E. had date with Martemus ? (cook from St. Nick Hotel).  Started altering Ethel Tarr’s dress and skirt.  Linda had today off.  Bob here in a.m.  I started soaking my feet on account of blisters on heels caused by new red shoes that are too short.

Tuesday, January 9, 1962

Finished Ethel Tarr’s dress and skirt alterations and Clarence picked them up this aft.  They are leaving tomorrow on a 5-week vacation in California.  Mr. Diller brought 2 pkgs. ground beef and one of liver this a.m.

Wednesday, January 10, 1962

Worked on Linda’s light blue plaid Pendleton wool skirt.  Rosemarie brought a pink formal and 2 skirts to be altered tonight.

Thursday, January 11, 1962

Mr. Diller brought 11 ˝ lb. beef roast – he cut off one end which I used for vegetable soup.  Finished Linda’s plaid Pendleton skirt.  Lorene came in aft. – gave me W.J.S. check for a hundred.  M.E. took car or rather Jerry pushed it to Gillituk’s with Linda’s car.  Jessie Maxwell [Minnie’s sister] operation today for tumor (malignant).

Friday, January 12, 1962

Altered Rosemarie’s pink formal and worked on June’s 2 skirt alterations.  Linda had the afternoon off.  She and Jerry had lunch together then they got her car license and went out to Bartletts – got home about 3:30 p.m.  Bob here, also Mr. Diller.  M.E. went to Jacksonville to bowl tonight.

Saturday, January 13, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Jerry worked until 3:30 p.m.  M. Huston got Rosemarie’s dress and June Hindman came for her black skirt at 3 p.m.  Jerry & Linda took me to Dr. Clarence Fleischli for eye exam – glasses $34.50 to be ready Friday.  The F85 Olds is wonderful!  Bob, Jr. married today.  Jerry & Linda went to a show with Bob & Peggy.  M.E. out with the girls.

Sunday, January 14, 1962

Linda and I started a 2-day diet of cottage cheese, peaches and brown bread or rye crisp -- supposed to lose 5 lbs.  M.E. had date with Frank Nelson tonight.  I altered dress M.E. gave me 2 Christmases ago (1960).  Sent get-well card to Jessie Maxwell.

Monday, January 15, 1962

Finished June Hindman’s skirt.  M.E. returned plaid dress to M-W for me.  Mr. Diller here in aft.  Sent a plant and card to Jessie Maxwell.  Wrote thank-you note to O.E.S. for remitting my 1962 dues; also letters to Georgia Coulter and Marian Gilroy.

Tuesday, January 16, 1962

Jerry went to Danville today.  Bob here in a.m. after Mr. Diller left.  Barb Perz here at 11:30 a.m. with coat, dress and 3 skirts to be shortened.

Wednesday, January 17, 1962

Jerry went to Bloomington today.  I shortened Rosemarie’s blue skirt and started the yellow one.  Baked a cherry pie.  Received letter from Gus.

Thursday, January 18, 1962

Jerry went to Belleville today.  Finished shortening Rosemarie’s skirts and one for Barb Perz.  Ordered 2 dresses from Sears.

Friday, January 19, 1962

Linda had eyes tested for contacts and picked up my new glasses.  I like them very much.  Worked on Barb Perz’s skirts.

Saturday, January 20, 1962

M.E. went to St. John’s hospital and gave a pint of blood for Jessie Maxwell this a.m.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Jerry worked all day.  I worked on Barb Perz’s coat.  M.E. went to a show with Don Argenbright and Jerry and Linda went to same one, accidentally.

Sunday, January 21, 1962

Baked an apple pie.  Linda & Jerry went bowling with the Chiltons and Nichols’ this aft.  Rosemarie Huston got her skirts late aft.  M.E. had date with Don Argenbright.

Monday, January 22, 1962

Mr. Chestnut and Lawrence worked on door between bedroom and garage this a.m. 

Tuesday, January 23, 1962

Mrs. Perz got her things this a.m.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Cut out Linda’s dark blue & black Pendleton plaid skirt and almost finished making it.  Linda got my 2 dresses at Sears, also spring & summer catalog.  M.E. left car at Gillituk’s to have heater repaired.

Wednesday, January 24, 1962

Jerry went to Edwardsville today.  Girls went to work in Linda’s car.  Not as slick today as some ice thawed.  M.E. got her car tonight.  Linda worked until 6 p.m.  I finished her skirt.

Thursday, January 25, 1962

Wrote letters to Ken, Warren, Elsie, Alice Cantrall, Alice Shafer, and Ruby Long.  Jerry went to Marion today.  M.E. went out with Irene tonight.

Friday, January 26, 1962

Baked a chocolate cake in a.m. and worked on Ethel Tarr’s tan jersey skirt.  Ruth Tackett and Lorene phoned in aft.  M.E. got her hair fixed tonight.  Jerry and Linda got groceries at National Food Store and Gundy’s.

Saturday, January 27, 1962

Jerry worked all day.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m., went back to Dr. Fleischli for contact lenses, and later to town again to get Jerry.  M.E. had date with Don Argenbright this eve.  J&L stayed home to watch “Cheaper By The Dozen”.  I worked on Ethel Tarr’s skirt.  Received letter from Elsie.

Sunday, January 28, 1962

M.E. Jerry and Linda went to church this a.m.  Linda made Baked Alaska and I baked a turkey, etc.  L&J went to Chiltons and Bartletts this eve.  M.E. went out with Irene.

Monday, January 29, 1962

Received letter from Alice.  Worked on Ethel Tarr’s tan skirt.  Jerry went to Quincy today.  Wrote a letter to Cousin Willis.  Johnny and Maymie Lazar came this aft. – brought 2 gal. distilled water.  M.E. went out with Frank Nelson tonight.  Altered stripe green paisley dress Linda gave me 2 years ago for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 30, 1962

Worked on Ethel Tarr’s skirt.  Carol Chilton phoned that bunco party called off.  Mrs. Bartlett still has the flu.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Linda worked until 6 p.m.  Linda completed one year with FBI today.

Wednesday, January 31, 1962

Lawrence brought 2 pkgs. ground beef this morning.  Worked on Ethel’s skirt.  Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Crook phoned re appointments Friday.   M.E. had date with Don A. tonight.  Jerry got vanilla ice cream and Sara Lee brownies for a “treat” tonight!!

Thursday, February 1, 1962

Finished Ethel’s skirt.  M.E. went in her car today as she has hair appointment tonight.  She went out later but I don’t know where.

Friday, February 2, 1962

Worked on income tax return today.  Mrs. Crook decided to come tomorrow about 1 p.m. and Mrs. Cooper on Sunday about 1 p.m.  M.E. had date with Don A.  Jerry and Linda got groceries tonight.  Delores Davenport left white wool dress to be shortened.

Saturday, February 3, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Jerry worked until she came home about 2 p.m.  Mrs. Crook brought coat to be altered and Marian Jameson brought her aunt’s coat for 2 buttonholes and buttons sewn.  M.E. and Don stayed here until 10:30 to watch T-V.  L&J stayed home, too.  Altered dress for D. Davenport which M.E. took to her in aft.  Dr. Shriner came out at 7 p.m. – my heels are coming along okay but circulation is poor.  I’m to apply heat to feet and legs.

Sunday, February 4, 1962

M.E., Jerry & Linda went to church.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair in aft.  Mother D. came in aft.; also Frances Jordan and Edith Arnold.  Mrs. Cooper brought material for three 2-piece dresses for me to make.  Jerry washed both their cars and M.E. washed hers.  J&L went to Bartletts in aft. and to a show in eve.  M.E. went away for a little while late aft. but was home all evening.  L&J sent birthday card to Gus.

Monday, February 5, 1962

Made buttonholes in M. Jameson’s aunt’s coat.  Shortened or rather (hemmed lining separately) adjusted hem in Valerie Crook’s coat.  Jerry, Linda, M.E. and I sent birthday cards to Pat.  M.E. mailed them tonight.  Mrs. Cooper phoned – said she decided not to have blue outfit made now and ordered findings for her other 2 outfits from Westenberger’s.  Linda broke one of her contact lenses at work.

Tuesday, February 6, 1962

Cut out Mrs. Cooper’s rose 2 pc. dress and the wool one.  Jerry worked tonight.  Carol, Bob and Bobbi Kay came tonight.  Carol tried on black velvet skirt.

Wednesday, February 7, 1962

Jerry went to Ottawa today.  Received letter from Marian.  Worked on Mrs. Cooper’s dress.  Mrs. Crook got her coat.

Thursday, February 8, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Cooper’s dress.  She came for a fitting tonight.  Lawrence brought 2 pkgs. ground beef this morning.

Friday, February 9, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Cooper’s dress.  Mr. Diller came this a.m.  Linda got her contact lens today.  She went to a shower tonight and Jerry worked.  Sent a valentine to Cousin Willis.  Wilna phoned re Warren’s check-up – in hospital for a week starting Sunday.

Saturday, February 10, 1962

Jerry went to work this a.m.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  June Hindman came at 9:30 with suit to be altered and blouse material, etc.  Worked on Aletha Cooper’s rose outfit.  Linda got home at 3:10 and Jerry at 5:30.  They went to Chiltons tonight.  M.E. stayed home.  Linda got pr. of slipper socks for me from Bressmer’s.

Sunday, February 11, 1962

Jerry and Linda had dinner at Bartletts – celebrating Kay’s birthday.  Worked on Aletha’s rose outfit – finished it.  Lorene here in aft.  Frank here for a few minutes.  Everyone home for supper and evening.  Warren entered hospital for check-up.

Monday, February 12, 1962

Lincoln’s Birthday.  M.E. didn’t have to work today.  Jerry and Linda worked.  I finished Carol Chilton’s black velvet skirt.  Linda & M.E. played bunco at the Bartlett’s this eve.  Linda won the booby prize – a printed towel.

Tuesday, February 13, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s 2 pc. wool dress.  Ruth McKinnie brought some dresses of Aunt Ethel’s to be enlarged.  Frank Nelson here tonight.  Ann VonBehren brought picture of Ayers’ new home this aft.  Jerry gave Linda a heart box of Martha Washington candy for Valentine’s Day.  I sent cards to Jim’s and Warren’s children; also Warren.  M.E. gave Frances Jordan my gift to deliver to my secret pal for Valentine’s Day (red leather billfold).

Wednesday, February 14, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s wool dress.  Merle Perkinton and her grandson brought 1 lb. box Fanny Mae candy from my secret pal this aft.  M.E. went to Marilyn Sommers’ this eve.

Thursday, February 15, 1962

Jerry went to Carbondale today.  Worked on Aletha’s blue dress and Aunt Ethel’s dress alterations.  Mrs. Duncan brought skirt and dress to be altered.  Linda and Jerry got groceries this eve.

Friday, February 16, 1962

Jerry went to Peoria.  Girls went to work in their own cars as M.E. has hair appointment after work.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Ann VonBehren brought 4 peanut butter bars for our dessert tonight and took treatment table home.  Finished altering Aunt Ethel’s grey dress.

Saturday, February 17, 1962

Mr. Von Behren and Augie got our old porch swing this morning.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Jerry worked all day.  M.E. went to a wedding in a.m. and had a date with Don this eve.  M. Jameson got her aunt’s coat tonight.  Mrs. Duncan got her dress and skirt in aft.  Bob and Peggy Bastas came tonight and went to a show with J&L.  Altered Aunt Ethel’s dress.  Mrs. Duncan left coat to be shortened.

Sunday, February 18, 1962

Jerry worked this aft.  M.E. took dresses to Aunt Ethel this aft.  She went out with Irene tonight.  I washed 2 dresses and 2 slips.  Caryl Pearce went to hospital this a.m. – miscarriage (false alarm).

Monday, February 19, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s and June’s clothes.  Aletha picked up 2 pc. dress and blouse and 2 suits late aft.  Jenny Lynde brought dress and skirt to be altered tonight.  Ruby Maddox called this aft.  Jerry went to Danville today.  Linda didn’t go to work today as she felt quite dizzy and sick at her stomach.

Tuesday, February 20, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s wool outfit.  John Glenn, astronaut, encircled world 3 times today.  Mrs. Roberts left skirt to be altered this aft.  Mr. Diller brought ground beef.  Uncle Rob phoned at 11 a.m. after taking Aunt Ethel to nursing home in Virden.  M.E. went to see Caryl at Memorial Hospital tonight.  Linda okay today and went to work.

Wednesday, February 21, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s blue outfit.  Baked a marble cake (chocolate & white).  M.E. had date with Don Halberg tonight.  Caryl came home from hospital – still hasn’t lost baby.

Thursday, February 22, 1962

Washington’s Birthday.  M.E. and Linda didn’t work today but Jerry did.  They got groceries tonight at National.  Worked on Aletha’s grey wool outfit.

Friday, February 23, 1962

4" snow.  Finished both of Aletha’s 2 pc. dresses.  Jerry went to Bloomington.  Received letter from Warren.  Mr. Diller brought robe and cap for mending & name tapes.  He brought more ground beef in a.m.

Saturday, February 24, 1962

Cut out lining for June’s jacket and cut out her blouse.  Jerry worked today. Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.   M.E. had accident at 1 a.m. this morning – skidded on snow and struck another car.  Hers is now in garage being repaired.  Linda and Jerry went bowling with the Chiltons.  Carol Jagow brought slacks her mother made for Janet Nelch.  Don Halberg came tonight to see “Stars & Stripes Forever” in color.

Sunday, February 25, 1962

Linda and Jerry went to Bartletts in aft. and a show in eve.  I worked on June’s skirt alterations and washed a dress and slip.  M.E. and I watched T-V in eve. – something is wrong with the set as picture has a “rosy” hue.  Georgia Search Coulter died this a.m.

Monday, February 26, 1962

Bruce Co. serviceman replaced high-powered picture tube and adjusted dial indicator, etc.  Uncle Rob phoned re Georgia Coulter’s death yesterday.  Linda and Mary Ellen played bunco at Annette Hardin’s tonight.  M.E. won the booby prize.

Tuesday, February 27, 1962

Worked on June’s skirt and jacket today.  Uncle Rob injured in car accident this aft. at MacArthur & South Grand Ave. – is in Memorial Hospital.  Linda went to Orpheum tonight with Dorothy.  Jerry went to Ottawa today.

Wednesday, February 28, 1962

Cut out June’s blouse and worked on it.  M.E. had date with a policeman tonight.  Uncle Rob still on critical list – broken collarbone, 5 ribs, nose, lacerated kidney & bowels involved.

Thursday, March 1, 1962

Jerry went to Edwardsville today.  Mr. Diller brought ground beef this aft.  Worked on June’s blouse.  Made pineapple upside down cake.  Marshall McKinnie arrived in town by plane at 10 a.m. on account of Uncle Rob [his father] in critical condition.  Marshall went to Virden in aft. to see Aunt Ethel.  M.E., Linda & Jerry and I sent birthday cards to her.  Town & Country Bank opened today at shopping center.

Friday, March 2, 1962

Worked on June’s blouse.  M.E. had a blind date tonight.  Jerry went to Danville today.  He and Linda went to Chiltons tonight.  She went to work at 9:15 a.m. and worked until 6 p.m.

Saturday, March 3, 1962

Linda and Jerry both worked today.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair.  She had hair appointment this aft.  L&J opened a checking account at new Town & Country Bank.  They went to a show in eve. and M.E. went out with Irene. 

Sunday, March 4, 1962

L&J went to Steinberg-Baum’s in aft.  M.E. and Joe went to a dance in eve.  He brought her a beautiful corsage.  I worked on Mrs. Roberts’ skirt.  Jerry went down to office for a few minutes this evening.

Monday, March 5, 1962

Jerry drove to Geneva today.  Girls went to work in Linda’s car as M.E.’s still being repaired.  Mrs. Roberts picked up her skirt today.  Aletha got her dresses today.  Marshall McKinnie here tonight.  I worked on Aunt Ethel’s dress and gave it to Marshall.

Tuesday, March 6, 1962

Ordered pie plates and exerciser from Sears for Linda.  Jerry went to a meeting in Decatur.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Jerry worked tonight.

Wednesday, March 7, 1962

Worked on June’s blouse.  M.E. brought used car on approval and took it back tonight.  Jerry worked tonight.   Linda got groceries at National.  Emma Krieder phoned.

Thursday, March 8, 1962

Worked on June’s blouse.  Annette Hardin, 2 sons and her mother here this eve. – brought 8 skirts and pair of slacks to be altered.  Jerry worked tonight.

Friday, March 9, 1962

Finished June’s suit and blouse.  Mrs. Greening brought skirt to be shortened.  Mr. Huston installed new “roto-tenna” this aft.  Aletha brought wool suit back to have wrinkle removed from skirt.  Phoned Ruth McKinnie about Uncle Rob but talked to Irene Burnett [her roommate] – Uncle Rob has improved considerably.  Frank Nelson here tonight.  M.E. went out with Irene.  I started shortening Mrs. Duncan’s coat.

Saturday, March 10, 1962

June came for suit and blouse.  I altered Valerie Crook’s jacket and started shortening Mrs. Greening’s dress.  Jerry worked all day.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Finished Mrs. Duncan’s coat which she got this aft.  M.E. , Linda and Jerry stayed home tonight.  M.E. ordered a pizza from “Saputo Twins Corner.”

Sunday, March 11, 1962

Jerry worked a little while at office.  He and Linda went to Steinberg-Baum’s in aft. and got needle for her record player, among other things.  I worked on Mrs. Greening’s dress and Annette’s grey skirt.  Everyone home again this eve.  Thunderstorm and a little hail and wind this aft.

Monday, March 12, 1962

Linda home today  to use up overtime hours.  I baked 2 upside down cakes for bunco party here tonight.  Finished Mrs. Greening’s dress and Annette’s skirt.  Mrs. Greening got her dress in aft. and Annette took her skirt home after bunco party.  I certainly had a good time.  Linda won 2nd prize (tablecloth) and bunco prize (2 pr. glove stretchers).  Jerry worked tonight.

Tuesday, March 13, 1962

Worked on income tax return, baked a cake and ironed a dress.  Mrs. Crook got her jacket this aft.  Mr. Diller brought a pkg. of round steak, one of loin, and an arm roast.  Frances Jordan phoned as she wanted to tell girls at class meeting tonight that she had talked to me.  Delores Davenport brought 2 pr. slacks to be altered.  Worked on Annette’s blue plaid skirt tonight.

Wednesday, March 14, 1962

Lorene out this aft. to show jackets she made for grandsons.  Mrs. Duncan got her blouse and husband’s slacks I altered.  Ann VonBehren here at noon to borrow 50 cents for Timmy to give Mark Hulen at his 4th birthday party this aft.

Thursday, March 15, 1962

Altered Delores’ slacks.  Jerry went to Belleville today.  Ann came this a.m. to return the 50 cents she borrowed yesterday.

Friday, March 16, 1962

M.E. took Delores her slacks this a.m.  Removed wrinkle from Aletha’s skirt which she got late aft.  Naomi Laughlin called early aft.  Worked on Annette’s plaid skirt.  Shortened June’s green jacket.  M.E. got her car this eve.  She went out in eve.

Saturday, March 17, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  She took Jerry to office in Olds and went back for him late aft.  June got jacket at 10 a.m.  M.E. in town all a.m. paying bills, etc. – had hair appointment at 2 p.m.  Linda and Jerry went to T.N.T. Sunday School class potluck as Barb Howard’s guests.  M.E. had dinner with Irene at Fleetwood Restaurant.  I finished Annette’s plaid skirt. 

Sunday, March 18, 1962

Jerry worked from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.  M.E. went out with Joe Willis at 1 p.m. ; saw “Jimmy Dean-Patsy Cline Show” in eve.  J&L took Carol Chilton’s card tables and chairs back this aft.  Linda also gave Bobbi Kay a dress for her birthday.  L&J were here for supper and watched T-V.  Altered dress I’m giving Aunt Ethel.

Monday, March 19, 1962

Jerry went to Peoria.  Mr. Diller brought pkg. round steak and a jacket – wants pocket enlarged.  Ann paid our water bill.  Cut out Aletha’s wool dress.   L&J went over to Blanche Martin’s – bought desk & chair, $25.00, and 2 green living room swivel chairs, $15 ea.  Quite good bargains!

Tuesday, March 20, 1962

Worked on Mr. Diller’s suit coat which he got this aft.  Mrs. Lundgren brought material for dress, overblouse and jacket.  Bob here before she came – has a 1962 Chevrolet stationwagon!! Worked on Aletha’s dress in aft. & eve.  Phoned Ethel Tarr – she got back from California last Friday.  Ruth McKinnie phoned – Uncle Rob a little better.

Wednesday, March 21, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s grey dress.  Jerry & Linda got groceries this eve.  Mrs. Duncan came at 10:30 a.m. – left dress and skirt for altering.

Thursday, March 22, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s grey wool dress.  She came at 5:30 p.m. for fitting.  Irene Burnett came at 2 p.m. to get dress and robe I gave Aunt Ethel.  Jerry went to Danville today.  M.E. and Linda went to Sears this eve.  M.E. got a baby gift for a friend and Linda got material for a coat and dress.  Jerry worked tonight.  M.E. went over to shopping center later.

Friday, March 23, 1962

Finished Aletha’s grey dress which she got late aft.  Jerry and Linda got desk from Blanche Martin.  It certainly is nice.  I worked on Annette’s plaid pleated skirt tonight.  Jerry and Linda went to Chiltons’ tonight.

Saturday, March 24, 1962

Jerry went to work this morning.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m. and M.E. at 10:30 for perm.  Linda went to Dr. Fleischli at 4 p.m.  He said she was doing fine with contacts.  Carol, Bob and Bobbi Kay here for supper tonight.  She took Annette’s skirts home.  M.E. had date with Joe Willis.  June Hindman here in a.m. – left material for jacket and dress.

Sunday, March 25, 1962

M.E. shampooed and set my hair this a.m. She went away in early aft. and didn’t get back until bedtime.  I worked on Annette’s skirts.  Jerry went to Thrifty’s and got 2 boxes of candy and a chocolate rabbit.  I gave him money to get floor lamp from Blanche Martin ($8.00).

Monday, March 26, 1962

Finished Annette’s skirts.  Started altering Mrs. Duncan’s dress and skirt.  Ann over in aft.  I gave her some beef patties and she gave us 4 sweet rolls.  M.E. and L.R. went to bunco party at Chiltons’.  Man from Stern’s came to see davenport.

Tuesday, March 27, 1962

Finished altering Mrs. Duncan’s dress and skirt.  Cut out June’s dress and jacket.  Linda went to Dorothy’s jewelry party.  Jerry worked, so Linda picked him up after the party and they got home a little after 10 p.m.  M.E. went out in eve. 

Wednesday, March 28, 1962

Mrs. Duncan got her dress and skirt this a.m.  V. Crook brought material for blouse and coat to be altered.  Lawrence DeFraties and Joe Chestnut fixed garage door this aft.  Ethel Tarr came for skirt in aft.  M.E. took Larry Lester to Indianapolis where he’ll get a ride back to camp.  I worked on June’s outfit.

Thursday, March 29, 1962

Worked on June’s outfit and V. Crook’s coat alterations.  M.E. went to Delores’.  Jerry and Linda got groceries.  M. Huston came at 7:30 p.m. with suit and slacks to be altered.  Judy and children went down to her folks this aft.

Friday, March 30, 1962

Worked on June’s outfit and V. Crook’s coat.  Bob here in aft.  Mr. Diller came for a few minutes while Bob was here – came back later with a package of beef patties, loin steak and pot roast.  M.E. went to Jim’s from work to babysit.

Saturday, March 31, 1962

June came this a.m. for fitting.  Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  I worked on June’s dress.  Jerry went to Pontiac.  I baked an oatmeal cake.  M.E., Linda and Jerry stayed home tonight.

Sunday, April 1, 1962

Linda baked a cheesecake.  I worked on June’s dress.  Jerry worked this aft.  He and Linda stayed home tonight.  Linda cut out her rose linen coat tonight.

Monday, April 2, 1962

Mrs. Greening brought a dress and skirt to be altered this aft.  Barbara Howard brought some dresses to be altered this eve.  Her husband came, too.  Worked on June’s outfit.

Tuesday, April 3, 1962

Finished V. Crook’s coat alterations and worked on Linda’s rose coat.  Finished June’s outfit.  Sent income tax return in today.  Mr. Diller here – gave him a piece of Linda’s cheesecake.

Wednesday, April 4, 1962

Cut out “trial” blouse for V. Crook and worked on Linda’s coat.  Cousin Willis and Lorene out in aft. – brought sack of red delicious apples.  Mr. Diller brought a package of T-bone steaks.  Received letter from Warren.  Jerry went to Danville today.

Thursday, April 5, 1962

V. Crook got her coat this aft. and tried on “trial” blouse.  Bob here in aft.  I worked on Linda’s coat.  Jerry and Linda went to Steinberg-Baum’s tonight.  Linda got slacks and blouse there.  Jerry got two pair of shoes at Sears.

Friday, April 6, 1962

Jerry went to Marion.  Cut out V. Crook’s blouse.  June got her dress this aft.  Worked on Linda’s coat and Annette’s slacks.  M.E. got her fair fixed tonight, came home for a few minutes, and then went out again.

Saturday, April 7, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Jerry worked.  M.E. had contact lenses cleaned at Dr. Irvine’s, got car seat cover mended, and left at 12:30 p.m. for Ohio – took Ruth Bowser to get her son – Irene went also.  Jerry and Linda went out to Bartletts in eve.  I worked on Annette’s skirts and slacks.

Sunday, April 8, 1962

Finished Annette’s lilac skirt and started altering M. Huston’s blue suit.  M.E. got home from Ohio at 5:40 a.m.  She washed her car in aft. and went to show in eve. with Irene.  Linda cut out her coat lining and dress.

Monday, April 9, 1962

Worked on Virginia Crook’s blouse and Linda’s coat lining.  Bob here in a.m.  V. Crook here in aft. for fitting.  M.E. and L.R. went to Kay Nichols’ to play bunco.  M.E. won second prize (a mirror) and the bunco prize (hose).  Annette sent check for altering.

Tuesday, April 10, 1962

Bob here in a.m.   Sent for wheelchair catalog from M-W and Sears.  V. Crook here in aft. for fitting.  Worked on M. Huston’s suit and on Linda’s coat a little.

Wednesday, April 11, 1962

Finished altering M. Huston’s suit and worked on Linda’s coat.  Jerry went to Vandalia and Alton.  M.E. rode to work in Linda’s car.  Bob here in aft.  I ordered dress for L.R. from M-W.

Thursday, April 12, 1962

Jerry went to Alton.  Finished Linda’s coat.  M. Huston came for her suit and left coat to be shortened.  Mr. Diller left package of round steak and boiling beef.  Frances Jordan came before M. Huston left.

Friday, April 13, 1962

Finished V. Crook’s blouse.  Tax assessor here at suppertime.  M.E. went out with Irene.  J&L went to bank, etc., tonight.

Saturday, April 14, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Replaced zipper in skirt and hemmed pink dress for Mrs. Greening.  Started shortening M. Huston’s coat. L&J went to a show in St. Louis tonight.  M.E. went out with Irene.  Linda got dress from M-W today (white nylon jersey with jacket).

Sunday, April 15, 1962

M.E. got home at 1:30 a.m. and J&L at 1:45.  They went to Joyce’s for dinner. M.E. and I went “dutch” on Chicken Delight.  I shortened M. Huston’s new spring coat.  M.E. went out in aft. and got home at 4:30 p.m.  L&J got home at 8 p.m.   Tank Jones here for a little while after they got home.

Monday, April 16, 1962

Jerry went to Ottawa.  I wrote letter to Marian Gilroy.  Altered M. Huston’s green plaid slacks.  Jerry set out strawberry plants Don Reynolds gave him yesterday.  Linda cut out lining for pink dress.  Called detective service re car parked in front all day but it was gone when he came at 8 p.m.  Bob here in a.m.  Mrs. Greening got her pink dress and daughter’s skirt – left blue dress to be shortened.

Tuesday, April 17, 1962

Worked on Linda’s pink dress.  L&J started cleaning border in backyard tonight.  Helen McGrath phoned – wants me to make 2 dresses – bringing materials Tuesday, April 25th.  Forsythia in bloom.

Wednesday, April 18, 1962

Worked on Linda’s pink dress and shortened Mrs. Greening’s blue dress.  Ethel Tarr phoned re 3 jackets she wants me to make.  Ann VonBehren got blouse I used for sample (made in order to get what V. Crook wanted for lace) and she gave me ˝ doz. eggs in payment.  Linda came home middle of aft. after stopping at Dr. Shriner’s – has bladder infection – stay home rest of week.  Jerry went back to office.  Uncle Rob entered Rutledge Manor [nursing home] today.

Thursday, April 19, 1962

Worked on Linda’s pink dress.  V. Crook got blouse in aft.  Mrs. Greening got her blue dress earlier.  Aunt Georgia, Ruby, Eileen and youngest boy called on me this aft. – brought pictures from Aunt Ethel’s.  They helped Uncle Rob and Ruth dispose of his things as they are giving up apartment.  Cousin Willis and Lorene came before they left.  He brought a jar of honey from Spaulding Farm.

Friday, April 20, 1962

Good Friday.  Finished Linda’s pink dress.  Ordered 1 lb. Russell Stover’s assorted chocolates for secret pal and 1 lb. for us.  Jerry didn’t work today.  Mr. Diller brought a package of round steak.  M.E. worked today.

Saturday, April 21, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Jerry took her – she went to see Dr. Shriner in aft. and he said she could go back to work on Monday.  Bob Chilton got Carol’s belt this eve.  L&J went to a show in eve.  M.E. stayed home.  She painted kitchen cabinets for Grandma in a.m.  Jerry opened a checking account for me at Town & Country Bank.

Sunday, April 22, 1962

Easter Sunday.  L&J went to 10:30 a.m. church service at West Side.  She really looked nice in pink dress and coat I made.  Grandma here for dinner.  M.E. took her home and painted some more on cabinets.  Beeler’s grandchildren had Easter Egg Hunt in a.m. and p.m.  Children were quite excited about finding the eggs.  J&L went out to Bartletts in aft.  M.E. went out with Irene tonight.

Monday, April 23, 1962

Didn’t do much today as I have a head cold and don’t feel very well.  Bunco club met here tonight – M.E.’s turn to be hostess.  Linda won 2nd and bunco prizes and I won third prize.  She served brownies, vanilla ice cream, coffee and iced tea.  “Fire in Bush” in bloom.  Jerry went to Dr. Kufdakis – has to give up butter; also 30 lbs. underweight.

Tuesday, April 24, 1962

I worked on Mr. Diller’s coat which he got in aft.  When he brought it in a.m. , he brought a package of chuck roast, one of patties, and one of boiling beef.  Helen McGrath brought material for dress tonight.  Jerry went to Peoria today.  He cut backyard for first time this season.  M.E. went out with Irene.

Wednesday, April 25, 1962

Linda went out to rifle range at Camp Lincoln in a.m. with 2 other girls from work and FBI Agents.  They had lunch at “The Mill” later.  She and Jerry worked on the backyard again tonight.  She took Barbara Howard’s lilac dress today and I altered the black sheer and blue silk this aft.  Received checks and cover from Town & Country Bank but had name spelled incorrectly – will send corrected ones soon.

Thursday, April 26, 1962

Cut out Mrs. Lundgren’s jacket and started putting it together.  Bob here in aft.  Jerry came home early and raked a little in backyard.  He and Linda worked on east border after supper.

Friday, April 27, 1962

Cut out Mrs. Lundgren’s dress and overblouse and worked on it.  Mr. Diller here in aft.  Jerry came home early – cut out a few dandelions and finished raking backyard.

Saturday, April 28, 1962

M.E. and Linda had hair appointments this a.m.  Jerry dug dandelions today with trowel he purchased; also got grass catcher for mower.  Article in Register tonight re sale of Diller property to Harold Prehn for nursing home and 6 to 8-floor apartment bldg.  M.E. went out to Pawnee to a friend’s home where she baked a beautiful German chocolate cake and made a large bowl of lemon Jello salad.  I received corrected Town & Country checks.   Mrs. Hollis and Barb Howard came for Barb’s 2 dresses and left a belt to be shortened this aft. 

Sunday, April 29, 1962

Daylight Savings Time starts.  Linda and Jerry took me for a lovely ride this aft.  We stopped at the Dairy Queen before coming home.  The red bud trees and other flowering trees and shrubs in full bloom.  They are exceptionally beautiful as no rain recently.  Jerry left at 8:30 p.m. for Waukegan.  M.E. cut front yard in a.m.  Her cake is delicious.

Monday, April 30, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s jacket, dress and overblouse.  Sears service man worked on washer this aft.  Jerry got home at 8:15 p.m.  High wind at noon damaged McClernand School – 12-year-old boy killed.  Tree limbs and signs down and some broken glass.  Received letters from Marian and Gus.  Barb Howard gave Linda blue check dress to bring home for me to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 1, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s dress and overblouse; also altered Barb Howard’s dress.  Midge Oller here in aft. – brought material for a duster.  Mr. Diller brought a roast, loin steak and beef patties this aft.  Mrs. Huston brought 3 dresses to be shortened.

Wednesday, May 2, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s things.  Mrs. Duncan brought skirt to be altered this aft.  I gave 2 of Linda’s formals to Carol Jagow this aft.  Barb Howard got her dress and her mother’s belt tonight.  J&L went to Town & Country Shopping Center.  Jerry closed my checking account at Marine Bank today.  Helen McGrath brought pink material to be made like tan dress and 2 skirts to be altered.

Thursday, May 3, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s outfit and ripped Helen McGrath’s dress to use as pattern.  M.E. brought Barb McDonald’s slacks for alterations.  Wilma Hulen here in eve. for cancer contribution – Linda and I donated.  I gave Ann Linda’s two other formals – she gave us a dozen eggs.  Nichols’ here in eve – Tom attached grass catcher to mower.

Friday, May 4, 1962

Jerry went to Geneva early this morning.  I worked on H. McGrath’s yellow dress.  L&J went to FBI party at K.C. Club at Lake Springfield tonight.  Received check from W.J.S.  Maxine Kirk phoned that class meeting has been postponed to third Tuesday – dinner at Lampliter.  M.E. paid my Westenberger’s bill, $2.29, today.

Saturday, May 5, 1962

Linda took Jerry to work then she went to hair appointment at 10 a.m.  He worked until mid-afternoon.  Mrs. Lundgren came at 2 p.m. for fitting.  M.E. cut front yard again.  L&J and Bob & Peggy went to St. Louis tonight.  M.E. had date with Don Argenbright tonight.  Cousin Willis brought 2 bunches of asparagus this aft.

Sunday, May 6, 1962

M.E. got home at 2:30 a.m. and L&J at 2:45 a.m.  Jerry finished cutting backyard in aft. and Linda helped him rake it.

Monday, May 7, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s outfit.  M.E. and Linda played bunco tonight at Carol Chilton’s although Mary Thompson was hostess.  Linda won second prize.

Tuesday, May 8, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s outfit.  Mr. Diller brought a package of round steak and one of patties at 11 a.m.  Jerry went to Edwardsville today.  He took Linda to work and got back in time to bring her home.

Wednesday, May 9, 1962

Finished Mrs. Lundgren’s things.  Jerry went to Geneva.  Linda went to work with M.E.  M.E. went to drive-in with Irene.  Received letter from Olwen in which she enclosed $10 money order for Linda’s belated wedding gift.

Thursday, May 10, 1962

Hemmed M. Huston’s 3 dresses.  Cousin Willis and Lorene here in a.m.  Mr. Diller stopped to get Olwen’s address and have me address envelope.  L&J bought new bicycle-built-for-two and rode it home after work.  Received card from V. Crook in Italy.

Friday, May 11, 1962

Montgomery Ward charged $1.00 for delivering wheelchair this a.m. – looks like it will “fill the bill.”  Mrs. Lundgren got her outfit today.  Altered Mrs. Duncan’s skirt.  I owe Florence Rister 40 cents for a dozen eggs.

Saturday, May 12, 1962

Linda had hair appointment at 10 a.m.  Mrs. Huston got her dresses this eve.  J&L went bowling with Bob and Carol.  M.E. stayed home tonight.

Sunday, May 13, 1962

Mother’s Day.  A lovely day.  Mother D. came in aft.  M.E. gave me a pretty dress, and Jerry and Linda gave me 2 lb. Whitman Sampler and a box of attractive stationary, and then took me to 66 Drive-In to see Bob Hope in “Bachelor in Paradice” – very humorous!  J&L drove tandem bike to Bartletts’ in aft. and stopped by Bob & Peggy’s on the way home.

Monday, May 14, 1962

Worked on H. McGrath’s yellow dress and altered 2 skirts.  Mrs. Duncan came in a.m. – got her skirt.  Willis Myers Co. brought wheelchair in aft. – did a very good job upholstering back and arms.  Bob, Carol, Bobbi Kay, and Mrs. Bartlett here in eve.  Carol brought 2 skirts to be shortened, one for belt loops, and material for dress and blouse.

Tuesday, May 15, 1962

Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Grandma took my gas bill to pay.  Finished Helen McGrath’s dress.  Jerry took Linda and me to Lampliter Motel where my S.S. class had their monthly meeting – had a delicious chicken dinner.

Wednesday, May 16, 1962

Started altering Barb Howard’s dresses.  Wrote a letter to Pat and Lois.  Linda went to dinner at Old Luxemburg this eve. for Pat Scott, who left a skirt and dress to be shortened, which I worked on tonight.  Bob brought homegrown lettuce this eve.

Thursday, May 17, 1962

Heat record broken – 95 degrees.  Finished Pat Scott’s dress, skirt and belt.  Mr. Diller brought round steak and beef patties this morning.  Peonies in bloom.

Friday, May 18, 1962

Wrote letters to Warren and Aunt Ethel.  Uncle Rob and Ruth McKinnie here in aft.

Saturday, May 19, 1962

Shortened two skirts for Carol Chilton which J&L took to her tonight.  Mr. Diller stopped on way home from Ruby’s and I gave him a piece of lemon pie.  M.E. and Irene went to Jacksonville and Irene stayed here all night.

Sunday, May 20, 1962

M.E. & Irene went to West Side Church this morning, got lunch on way home, then went out to airport.  I worked on Barb Howard’s dress.  L&J went for a ride on their bike this aft.  Grandma Durst came down for a little while.  L&J played ball early eve. in backyard.

Monday, May 21, 1962

Altered Barb Howard’s black dress.  Linda and M.E. played bunco at Dorothy Turner’s tonight.  Jerry left for Waukegan tonight so he’ll be ready for hearing there tomorrow a.m.

Tuesday, May 22, 1962

Girls went to work in M.E.’s car.  Cut out Carol Chilton’s lavender check dress and started putting it together.  Midge Oller here in aft. for me to measure pedal-pushers so she can get material for two pair.  Jerry got back from Waukegan at 6:30 p.m.  Miss Martin and Mr. Myers here in eve. to check wheelchair.  They took it to the shop as back to be set back about 3 inches.

Wednesday, May 23, 1962

Jerry left early this morning for Wheaton.  Girls went to work in M.E.’s car.  Jerry cut grass in backyard tonight.  I worked on Carol’s dress.

Thursday, May 24, 1962

Wrote letter to Olwen.  Bob, Carol and Bobbi Kay were here tonight.  Carol’s dress and blouse fit fine – she left a dress to be taken in.  Jerry went to Decatur today.  He finished cutting backyard – borrowed hatchet and axe from Jagows and chopped down seedlings.  I cut out Carol’s blouse and worked on it and her dress.  Delores Davenport sent by M.E. a white dress to be shortened.

Friday, May 25, 1962

Katy England phoned re dress I’m to make in two weeks.  Finished Carol’s dress and worked on blouse.  Shortened dress for Delores which M.E. took to her tonight.  Mrs. Hurd brought dress to be shortened.

Saturday, May 26, 1962

Warren phoned from Elsie’s.  Linda took dictation from agent and went to office to transcribe it.  Jerry worked today, too.  June Hindman came this morning for pattern and thread.  Warren, Ginny and children here from 5-6 p.m.  Children are darling.  J&L went out to Chilton’s and took dress I made.  M.E. took me to Springfield Drive-In tonight.  Saw “Where The Boys Are” and “Home From The Hills”.

Sunday, May 27, 1962

I made a jello pie and worked on and finished altering Barb Howard’s clothes. Jerry and Linda went to Bartlett picnic at Joyce’s.  Warren, Ginny & children came again at noon and left at 1 p.m. on way home.  M.E. went away in eve. but L&J stayed home.  Otto and Elsie Hangslegen came back from Florida.

Monday, May 28, 1962

Cut out H. McGrath’s pink dress and altered V. Crook’s dress which she got tonight.  Jerry went to Joliet.  M.E. cut front yard tonight.  Wrote note and enclosed recipe for “5 Cup Salad” to Virginia.  Linda took navy dress to Barb Howard when she went to work with M.E.  Jerry got home at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, May 29, 1962

Worked on Helen McGrath’s dress.  Bob here in a.m.  Mr. Diller brought package of beef patties and one of liver this aft.  Sent check for real estate and personal taxes.  Jerry went to Peoria today.  M.E. had a date tonight.  Peggy and Bob Bastas came about 9 p.m.

Wednesday, May 30, 1962

Memorial Day.  Linda, Jerry, M.E. and I got wreaths for Dad Durst’s and Ray’s graves which we took out this a.m.  We stopped at Don’s Drive-In and got sandwiches, milk shakes, etc.  I got a chocolate soda.  M.E. gave me a Toni perm. in aft.  Jerry and Linda went on a picnic with Bob and Peggy at lake at 5 p.m.  I worked on Helen’s dress this eve.

Thursday, May 31, 1962

Almost finished Helen’s dress.  Otto Hangsleben had stroke at 11 a.m. – went to Memorial Hospital.

Friday, June 1, 1962

Finished Helen’s dress and shortened Mrs. Hurd’s dress. Mr. Diller brought pork roast this aft.  Cousin Willis brought 2 boxes of strawberries later – Lorene brought him.  Lois and Mrs. Boner came just before supper.  Jerry and Linda went out to Bartletts to take birthday gift to Mr. Bartlett.  Marian and Tom came down on account of Otto.  Helen got her dress tonight.

Saturday, June 2, 1962

Jerry and Linda took tandem bicycle to Cadigan’s for servicing.  M.E. brought Linda home and Jerry went to office.  Bob, Jr. and Anita came this aft.  Harry and Edith Willson came before they left.  Mrs. White brought dress to be shortened and picked it up late aft.  J&L went to show this eve.  Altered Carol Chilton’s green dress this eve.  I phoned Wilna re Otto.

Sunday, June 3, 1962

I monitored the “Open Book” radio broadcast first time this a.m. for the church.  Baked a rhubarb pie, pork roast, and made fruit jello for dinner.  Ironed two dresses in aft.  Jerry and Linda went to Goldblatt’s in aft. and Bartlett’s.  Carol, Bob and Bobbi Kay here late aft. – left 2 skirts for waist band enlargement.  M.E. went to show with Irene.  J&L home this eve.

Monday, June 4, 1962

Jerry went to Alton.  Shortened Carol Chilton’s green dress and altered 2 skirts.  Linda and M.E. went to bunco party at Bartlett’s tonight.

Tuesday, June 5, 1962

Jerry went to Edwardsville.  Mrs. Hurd got blue dress and left white eyelet dress to be shortened.  Cut out Midge Oller’s duster.  Lois here for supper.

Wednesday, June 6, 1962

Finished M. Oller’s duster.  Gus flew to St. Louis at 2 p.m. – Tom & Marian met the plane – I talked to Elsie and Gus – Otto still unconscious.  Madeline Pettibone and her mother here tonight – left dress to be altered.  Linda brought dress and shorts from Sue Schoth at the FBI – new zippers to be put in.  Jerry went to Alton today.  Mrs. Hurd got white eyelet dress.  Cut out Kay Sutphin’s dress.  Cousin Willis trimmed birch and gum trees in aft.

Thursday, June 7, 1962

Jerry went to Alton.  Mrs. Weiss came this aft. – left dress to be altered.  Worked on Kay’s black dress.  M. Jameson left dress and skirt to be altered.  Sent check to “Better Homes & Gardens” – magazine subscription for Lorene’s birthday next month.  Jerry and Linda went to funeral home – his uncle died from fall in bathroom.

Friday, June 8, 1962

Jerry went to Rock Island.  Worked on Kay’s dress and Valerie Crook’s dress alterations.  Mr. Diller brought a beef roast.  Frank Nelson here tonight.  Jerry was down at the office. 

Saturday, June 9, 1962

Linda ironed and cleaned the house.  Jerry worked until 11:30 p.m.  M.E. went to dentist and had hair appointment.  I ironed 4 dresses.  Valerie got her dress and left another to have zipper replaced.  M.E. had date with Ed Smith.  I altered dress for Mrs. Pettibone.  Ethel Burnett phoned at 9 p.m. to tell me Otto died at 11 a.m. today.

Sunday, June 10, 1962

Jerry worked until 5:30 p.m.  M.E. went to St. Louis.  Linda ironed and cut front and back yards and alley.  I replaced zipper in Valerie’s dress.  Madeline got her mother’s dress this aft.  I started alterations on Aunt Ethel’s dresses.  I phoned Scaife’s and ordered flowers for Hangsleben funeral from Doc & Minnie, Bob & Marge, and me.

Monday, June 11, 1962

Finished Aunt Ethel’s dresses.  Velma Jordan here tonight.  Valerie Crook got her dress and left another one to be shortened.  I altered M. Jameson’s dresses and skirt which she got this eve.  Kay Sutphin came for fitting.  Linda got her hair fixed after work.  M.E. picked her up and they stopped at Smith Funeral Home to see Otto on way home.  Katy England left material for 2 dresses and 3 shirts of her husband’s – collars to be turned.

Tuesday, June 12, 1962

Finished Kay’s dress which she got this eve.  Put zippers in Sue Schoth’s shorts and dress and started altering Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Mr. Diller got his case and umbrella this aft.  Linda and Jerry rode tandem bike home after work.  He worked again tonight.  McKinnies here tonight. 

Wednesday, June 13, 1962

Jerry went to Decatur.  I finished altering Mrs. Weiss’ dress which she got this a.m.  Midge Oller got her duster in aft. and left material for pedal pushers.  I shortened Valerie Crook’s dress and started altering D. Davenport’s skirts.  Jerry and Linda worked an hour overtime.  They went to the shopping center this eve.

Thursday, June 14, 1962

Finished altering Delores’ dress and skirts.  Uncle Rob and Marshall brought Aunt Ethel in this aft. to say goodbye.  Cut out Katy England’s linen dress but couldn’t go ahead as rayon lining unsuitable.  Linda worked 2 hrs. overtime.  Jerry went to Alton.

Friday, June 15, 1962

Shortened skirt for Mrs. Crook.  She got it this eve.  Gus here for a little while early evening.  Linda worked 2 hrs. overtime.  I purchased a “500 Stout Needle” Singer Sewing Machine today.  Grandma D. here this aft.  Marshall, Aunt Ethel and Uncle Rob left by plane at 9:30 for Arlington, Wash.  Jerry went to Alton today.

Saturday, June 16, 1962

Bob out in a.m.  Jerry worked today.  Linda painted picnic table.  M.E. fixed my hair.   I went to Homewood block party tonight – cost $1.00 and pan of sweet potatoes – had all the fried chicken I could eat and all the “trimmins’”.  Linda and Jerry had dinner at The Georgian with Carol and Bob in honor of their 10th wedding anniversary – Kay, Tom, and another couple made up the party.  M.E. had a date with Ed Smith. 

Sunday, June 17, 1962

Father’s Day.  J&L got Mr. Bartlett a pair of houseslippers for Father’s Day and a nightgown for Grandma Dodds – took them out to the lake this aft. as all the B’s had a picnic there.  Shortened V. Crook’s tan skirt.  Frank Nelson came this eve.  He, M.E., Linda and Jerry played badminton tonight.

Monday, June 18, 1962

Jerry went to Alton.  Worked on Katy’s dress and Ethel Tarr’s blue jacket.  Linda and M.E. played bunco tonight.  Singer service man elevated sewing machine today.

Tuesday, June 19, 1962

Jerry didn’t go out of town today.  I shortened 3 dresses for V. Crook.  Mr. Diller brought 6 ˝ lb. arm roast, 3 lb. chuck roast, and 3 lbs. round steak this a.m.  Ann borrowed brown thread and looked at my new machine.  Ordered a dictionary from Sears for Jerry’s birthday.  Linda cut front yard.  Jerry washed the car.  Bob and Peggy came and they all went to “Stop & Sock ‘em”.

Wednesday, June 20, 1962

Finished V. Crook’s dress and skirt hems, which she got this aft.  Katy England came for fitting in a.m.  Bob here a few min. in aft.  Worked on Ethel’s jacket this eve.  Linda cut backyard.  M.E. not home for supper – went to a picnic.

Thursday, June 21, 1962

Jerry went to Champaign.  Cut out Ethel’s tan jacket and worked on it.  Mr. Meyers and his assistant got wheelchair in aft. to lower footrests and put tan composition material on same.

Friday, June 22, 1962

Finished Ethel Tarr’s jackets.  Cousin Willis and Lorene here in aft.  Received card from Doc & Minnie from Florida.  M.E. didn’t come home for supper – she had an appointment after work.  Linda and Jerry went shopping tonight.  Linda picked up dictionary at Sears tonight for Jerry’s birthday.

Saturday, June 23, 1962

Ethel Tarr came for her jackets this aft.  Jerry worked until 4 p.m.  L&J went to Chilton’s this eve.  M.E. had a date.

Sunday, June 24, 1962

M.E. spent day at Mrs. Lester’s.  Linda, Jerry and I had dinner at Mother D.’s.  Later, after bringing me home, they went out to Quality Furniture Co. and bought a sofa.  Augie VonBehren’s sister bought our old one ($10).  He and brother-in-law came for it late in eve.

Monday, June 25, 1962

Worked on Katy’s dress.  New sofa came in aft.  It’s beautiful.  Jerry went to Marion today.  Linda had hair fixed after work.

Tuesday, June 26, 1962

Jerry went to Edwardsville today.  I finished Katy’s dress.  Lorene brought robe for Cousin Willis this aft. which I started altering; also a dress she thought I could wear, would be part of my birthday gift.  Meyers Upholstery Co. brought wheelchair but forgot to put covering on footrest so took it back.  Jerry’s birthday – 26 years old.  Linda gave him an attache case, I gave him a dictionary, and M.E. gave him a shirt. 

Wednesday, June 27, 1962

Jerry went to Belleville.  Katy got her dress this a.m.  Meyers Upholstering Co. brought wheelchair back – okay now.  Singer Sewing Co. manager, Mr. Cameron, brought buttonhole maker and extra set of templates this aft.  Cut out M. Oller’s pedal pushers.  Pleasant Nursery men trimmed and sprayed shrubs and trees today.  Jerry left for Waukegan this evening.  Frank Nelson here this eve.  He and Linda went to Gillituk’s and had a lock installed in her car.

Thursday, June 28, 1962

Finished Midge’s pedal pushers which she got late aft.  Katy came at 3 p.m. – left findings for wool dress.  Jerry got back from Waukegan at 8:45 p.m.  Doc brought can of honey and 3 mangos (delicious).  He paid his part on flowers for Otto.  Finished altering Cousin Willis’ robe.  Received “Made Especially For You” labels from Miles Kimball.  Linda cut front yard tonight.  She got fall-winter catalog from Sears.

Friday, June 29, 1962

Bob here about noon.  Faced 2 skirts and one dress for Mrs. Lynes on Reed Ave.  Lorene got Cousin Willis’ robe in aft.  Jerry went to Fairfield today.  Started changing collars on Herb England’s shirts tonight.  Linda cut backyard tonight.  Alden’s fall-winter catalog came in mail.

Saturday, June 30, 1962

Jerry went to work this morning.  T-V repairman from Bruce’s replaced 3 weak tubes.  Finished Herb England’s shirts.  Betty Patton brought 2 skirts and pr. shorts to be altered.  J&L went to a show tonight.  August VonBehren’s sister paid $10 for sofa tonight.  M.E. washed windows today.

Sunday, July 1, 1962

L&J went to Walt Matthiesen’s at 4 p.m.  Mother D. here in aft.  Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett, Carol, Bob and Bobbi Kay here in eve.  Worked on Betty’s skirts and shortened 2 full skirts for M.E.

Monday, July 2, 1962

Finished altering Betty Patton’s 2 skirts and pr. shorts.  Ordered kitchen curtains from Alden’s.  M.E. picked up Linda at Myers Bros. and they went to bunco party at Bartlett’s.  Received letters from Gus and Aunt Ethel.

Tuesday, July 3, 1962

Altered dress M.E. gave me for Mother’s Day, Linda’s duster, and started shortening Ethel Tarr’s 2 skirts.  Jerry informed me tonight that in a year or so they expect to build and that I’d have to start making other arrangements.  Mother D. here in eve.  R. Patton got Betty’s shorts and 2 skirts this eve.

Wednesday, July 4, 1962

Jerry worked today.  M.E. went on picnic.  I worked on Ethel’s skirts.  Jerry, Linda and I went to his uncle’s farm to see fireworks display.  We stopped at “Steak ‘n Shake” for hamburgers, french fries and cokes later.

Thursday, July 5, 1962

Linda home today due to overtime hours accumulated.  I altered dress Lorene gave me.  Jerry went to Wheaton.  Spiegel’s Fall-Winter catalog came.

Friday, July 6, 1962

Worked on Ethel’s clothes.  Frances Jordan here in eve.  Mr. Diller brought meat this a.m.  He told me not to worry.  Jerry went to Fairfield today.  I shortened M.E.’s white dress she purchased in California.

Saturday, July 7, 1962

M.E. got new kitchen and dinette curtains at Alden’s today, $6.93; also, M-W fall and winter catalog.  Mrs. Weiss brought 3 dresses to be altered in aft.  Jerry worked today.  He and Linda went to a show with the Chiltons this eve.  M.E. went to Jacksonville with Irene and Joyce.  I worked on Ethel’s things and shortened M.E.’s new pink eyelet dress.

Sunday, July 8, 1962

Ironed new curtains.  They are very pretty.  M.E. cut front yard.  Mother D. here in aft.  Linda washed kitchen cabinets, stove, refrigerator, etc. and hung new curtains.  Jerry painted two yard chairs.  I worked on Ethel’s clothes.

Monday, July 9, 1962

Jerry went to Ottawa.  Dinette curtains too short so added an extension under valance.  Emma Krieder and Cousin Willis here in aft.  Linda and Jerry not here for supper.  Linda went to a shower and Jerry worked.  M.E. cut backyard and fixed my hair, then went to see Larry Lester’s mother.  Jim phoned – Caryl gave birth to a 6 lb. 14 oz. boy at 11:15 a.m. [David].

Tuesday, July 10, 1962

Jerry went to Joliet.  Baked and iced a devil’s food cake for S.S. potluck in our backyard tonight.  Frances and Madeline assisted – Marge on vacation in New York.  Wrapped handbag for secret pal’s birthday (Ethel Haenig) and casserole for her wedding anniversary.  19 attended class meeting, including M.E. and L.R.  A lovely evening.  Naomi advised Jane McCammack is on vacation and Don Ray overlooked sending script for Sunday radio program.

Wednesday, July 11, 1962

Jerry went to Waukegan.  I worked on Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Cousin Willis and Lorene came in aft. with advanced birthday gifts.  I opened his card which contained $54.00 ($1.00 for each year)–quite wonderful!    Jerry didn’t come home – went on to Rockford.  I wrote a letter to Ethel Tarr.

Thursday, July 12, 1962

Jerry in Rockford.  Worked on Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Linda ironed this eve.  Marge and Bob came back from their eastern trip this eve.

Friday, July 13, 1962

Finished altering Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Received for birthday: $2.00, Mother D.; $54.00, Cousin Willis; buttonhole maker and cake, Jerry and Linda; nylon gown, M.E.; planter, Margaret Baker; hand lotion, Mrs. Hanson; 2 boxes Metracal and head scarf, Lorene.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.   Doc  here in eve. – brought tins for candy, etc.  Worked on Barbara Howard’s dress alterations tonight.  Received script for church program for Sunday radio.  Ordered a dozen Curity gauze diapers from Bressmer’s for David Brian Pearce.

Saturday, July 14, 1962

Linda bought groceries and bunco prizes this a.m.  Jerry worked this aft.  I worked on Barb Howard’s dress.  Mr. Weiss got his wife’s dress and left a white one to be let out.  Jerry and Linda went to a show tonight.  He bought a big electric fan in aft.

Sunday, July 15, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Bob came for a little while late aft.  J&L went out to Bartlett’s this eve. to get chairs and tables for bunco party tomorrow eve.  Monitored church radio program this morning.  M.E. went to Jim’s in aft.  David Brian is a darling, she reported.

Monday, July 16, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Linda entertained the bunco club tonight.  Wilma Hulen filled in so we could have 10 players (3 couldn’t come).  Mr. Diller brought meat in a.m.

Tuesday, July 17, 1962

Altered Mrs. Weiss’ dress and made belt.  Bob here around noon.  Aletha Cooper brought material for a dress.  M.E. went shopping at Goldblatt’s for clothes to take on vacation.  Jerry went to Danville.

Wednesday, July 18, 1962

Mrs. Weiss came for fitting at 11 a.m. – left dress to be altered.  Cut out Katy’s wool check dress and worked on Mrs. Weiss’ green one.  Mrs. Gillespie brought a beautiful bouquet of glads from her husband’s funeral.  Shortened a dress for M.E. tonight.  Jerry cut front yard.  Received letter from Ethel Tarr enclosing check for alterations.

Thursday, July 19, 1962

Jerry went to Kewanee this a.m.  Wrote letters to Lois, Gus and Aunt Ethel.  Mr. Diller brought T-bone steak and a roast this afternoon.  Worked on Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Ann came in a.m. to show pattern and scrap of material of dress she made Fran.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair.  Jerry cut backyard.

Friday, July 20, 1962

Finished Mrs. Weiss’ dress.  Doc out in a.m. with Dad’s, Mother’s and Reuben’s birth and death dates.  M.E. left at midnight for 2 weeks vacation at Daytona Beach.  Linda gave Carol Jagow her peacock blue dress with fur neckband and yellow dot dress to Kathy VonBehren.  Christmas cards came from Chilton Co.

Saturday, July 21, 1962

Ruth McKinnie phoned this morning to tell me Aunt Ethel passed away at 6 a.m.  Jerry worked today.  Linda took him so she could have the Olds.  Gillituk got her car this aft. to repair.  She and Jerry went to a show tonight.  I cut out Aletha’s white dress and altered Barb Howard’s jacket.

Sunday, July 22, 1962

Linda and Jerry went to a wedding in aft. and after they came home, Jim & family came except Karen.  David is a living doll!  L&J went out with Bob and Peggy.  Carol, Bob and Bobbi Kay came but didn’t stay long as a storm came up.  I phoned Wes, Warren and Ruth Johnson re Aunt Ethel’s death.

Monday, July 23, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s dress.  She came for a fitting at 5 p.m.   Linda got her hair fixed after work – came home at 7:30 p.m.  Jerry went to Ottawa.  Phoned Olwen this a.m.  Received a letter from her in aft.  Linda took Barbara’s jacket to her this a.m.

Tuesday, July 24, 1962

Mr. Weiss got his wife’s dresses this a.m.  Cousins Willis, Charles & Kathleen here in aft.  Brought apples from Spaulding Farm.  Linda went to a shower tonight.  I ordered flowers from Scaife’s for Aunt Ethel’s funeral.  Worked on Aletha’s dress.  Marshall, Curtis and Uncle Rob arrived in Springfield at 5:30 p.m. by plane.

Wednesday, July 25, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s dress.  Marshall came out in aft. and Mr. Diller a little later.  Barbara paid for her jacket today. Phoned Singer re broken spring.  Gave Judy some apples.

Thursday, July 26, 1962

Went to Aunt Ethel’s funeral at 11 a.m. – Smith’s [funeral home] sent 2 men in a Mercury to get me at 10:15.  Jerry & Linda went in their car.  Jerry had whole day off but Linda went back to work at 1 p.m.  Ruth Johnson, Helen & Jim, Crystal and Marian Grothman came after lunch at Ruth McKinnie’s; Mr. Diller came later.  Curtis and Uncle Rob here tonight.  Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett came a little later but left before they did.

Friday, July 27, 1962

Worked on Katy’s dress and finished Aletha’s which she got this eve.  J&L went out to Bob & Peggy’s for a cook-out.  Lorene and Cousin Willis brought 1 doz. ears of corn and a small squash from Jeffries this aft.  Ordered seven outfits from M-W for Linda.

Saturday, July 28, 1962

Jerry and Linda got groceries this aft.  Linda exchanged orchid blouse at Bressmer’s and 22" zipper for 24" (Katy’s dress); also got hooks & eyes and elastic.  Katy came for fitting – left shirt to have collar turned and wants belt made for blue linen dress long enough to make a bow.  J&L went to a show in eve.

Sunday, July 29, 1962

Monitored church program on radio this a.m.  Grandma Durst here in afternoon.  Worked on Katy’s dress and shortened gold print dress of Linda’s.

Monday, July 30, 1962

Worked on Katy’s dress, blue linen belt, and husband’s shirt.  Doc out this a.m. – gave me their part on flowers for Aunt Ethel.  L&J not home for supper as she had hair appointment and went to bunco party later.  Kathy VonBehren brought over a cucumber.  Jerry worked today.

Tuesday, July 31, 1962

Worked on Katy’s checked wool dress.  She came for a fitting.  Jerry worked a little this a.m. but home rest of day.  He cut backyard then went to Steinberg-Baum with Linda.  Uncle Rob and Hulda McKinnie here tonight.  Katy took belt and husband’s shirt this morning.  Linda got 3 outfits from M-W – very good bargains – black lace dress, beige linen suit with red blouse, and blue plaid dress and jacket.

Wednesday, August 1, 1962

Worked on Katy’s dress during the day and Linda’s gold print in evening.  Jerry home all day; he cut front yard and washed both cars.  Linda had me order necklace and earrings from M-W to go with beige linen suit.

Thursday, August 2, 1962

Sally Ward Cleaners picked up L&J’s electric blanket and mine today.  Jerry home during day.  Worked on Katy’s dress.  Linda and Jerry went shopping and then out to Carol and Bob’s building site and to Bartletts.  Nancy Scaife brought dress to be sewn at neck.

Friday, August 3, 1962

Bob phoned at 7 a.m. – Doc had a cerebral hemorrhage at home at 3 a.m. – went to St. John’s Hospital -- Dr. gives him only 24 hrs.  L&J went to see him this eve. then out to Bartlett’s.   Worked on Katy’s dress.  Ruth McKinnie and Uncle Rob here in eve.  He paid for phone calls that he made on my phone.  Jerry worked until 1 p.m.

Saturday, August 4, 1962

Emma Kreider brought material for blouse and lining for Mexican shopping bag.  J&L put my mattress and springs in backyard for airing.  Bob phoned in eve. to let me know that Doc passed away at 7:05 p.m.  Oh, such a loss.  J&L went out to Chilton’s in eve.  I hemmed lining of Linda’s blue faille coat tonight.

Sunday, August 5, 1962

Phoned Minnie and the McLeod’s in a.m. – talked to Trace as Ruth was out riding.  J&L went to Bartlett’s for dinner.  M.E. got home at 12:45 p.m. from her trip.  She brought each of us a gift and said she and Larry are getting married.  She went up to Grandma’s as Jim & family were there and she gave them their gifts.

Monday, August 6, 1962

Lorene out in aft.  I put eyelets in belt for her.  Baked an apple pie.  Mr. Diller brought a beef roast, 2 small pork roasts, and a pkg of beef patties.  Wes, Alice and Jane came about 4:30 p.m.  Bisch [Funeral Home] sent 2 men for me this eve. at 7 p.m. and took me to the funeral home.  Wes, Alice and Jane stayed here tonight.

Tuesday, August 7, 1962

Two Bisch attendants came for me at 2:30 p.m. to take me to funeral.  Judy sent over coffee cake for our breakfast and slaw and salad for our supper.  She’s a wonderful neighbor.  Mike [Cantrall] here for supper, too.  Bob, Marge, Bob Jr. and Anita came after supper.

Wednesday, August 8, 1962

Wes Cantralls left about 7:40 a.m.  Murray and Leora Johnson and Bess Kenney here in a.m.  Bob came before they left and stayed until 4:30 p.m.  I finished shortening Linda’s faille coat and shortened her pink organdy dress; also her red can-can and altered gold print dress.

Thursday, August 9, 1962

Olwen and Warren Sperry came at 11 a.m.  Mr. Diller came about 1 p.m. and we all had a nice visit.  Sperrys went to see Minnie at 4:30.  Mr. Diller went home, came back at 6:00 and they all went to dinner at The Cliffs.  Frank Nelson here in eve.  He has a 1960 Falcon car.  Frances Jordan came about the same time.

Friday, August 10, 1962

Finished Katy’s dress. Linda worked until 12:15, had hair appointment, and Jerry brought her home at 2:30 p.m.  They then left at 3 p.m. for 2 weeks’ vacation in New York City, Niagara Falls, etc.

Saturday, August 11, 1962

Alan, Carol and Stephenie here this a.m. – Stephenie certainly is a darling.  Bob here later this aft.  Katy got her dress in p.m.  I altered Mr. Anderson’s slacks and Nancy Scaife’s dress.  M.E. stayed home tonight and did a lot of ironing.

Sunday, August 12, 1962

Monitored the church broadcast at 10 a.m.  Replaced zipper in Sue’s shorts and started lining Emma Kreider’s shopping bag.  M.E. ironed in aft. and went to see Mrs. Lester in evening.

Monday, August 13, 1962

Cut out Emma Kreider’s blouse and started putting it together.  Received letter from Alice.  M.E. played bunco at Chilton’s tonight.  She won first prize (duster) and the bunco prize (wall plaques).

Tuesday, August 14, 1962

Carol, Stephenie, Alan and Charles here for lunch.  I asked Carol to get some groceries for me but she wouldn’t let me pay for them.  Alan and Charles went away in aft. and came back at 5 p.m.  Mr. Diller got to see Carol and Stephie in aft.  Sue got shorts and left a coat and several dresses to be altered.

Wednesday, August 15, 1962

Worked on Emma’s blouse and finished her bag.  Ann VonBehren brought some tomatoes.  Received another letter from Alice as she omitted onions in recipe for crab meat casserole.  Talked to Carol [Sutton] Karnes on phone this eve. – gave her recipe for Coke salad.  M.E. went to Mrs. Lester’s.  M.E. and I received postcards from Jerry and Linda.

Thursday, August 16, 1962

Emma Kreider here in a.m. to try on blouse; she took bag home.  I worked on blouse in aft.  Augie VonBehren got 4 cans of Metracal at Gundy’s for me this a.m.  M.E. went to State Fair this eve. with a girlfriend.  I gave her 50 cents to get some black walnut taffy.

Friday, August 17, 1962

Finished Emma’s blouse which she picked up this afternoon.  I started shortening Sue Schoth’s pink print formal.  M.E. went to Fair tonight with Mrs. Lester.  Jerry phoned from New York City re wiring $100 to them which they’ll repay when they return from vacation -- Lorene arranged with Illinois National Bank and I sent a check to her to cover it.  Ann gave M.E. and I cake for supper.

Saturday, August 18, 1962

Bob here in a.m.  Mr. Diller brought some meat.  I finished Sue’s formal and dresses.  M.E. had cracked contact lens replaced or rather ordered it done – will get it Wednesday; also had car repaired at Firestone.  She cut front yard today.

Sunday, August 19, 1962

M.E. cut backyard.  Warren, Ginny & children came around noon and stayed about an hour.  M.E. went to Mrs. Lester’s at 3 p.m. and got home at 1:30 a.m.

Monday, August 20, 1962

Altered Sue’s green dress.  Cut out Cousin Willis’ robe.  Bob here in aft.  Jerry phoned – wanted $50 wired to him.  Lorene wasn’t home so phoned Cousin Willis as I thought she’d be there.  He phoned Illinois National Bank and I’m to send him a check for $103.06 ($100 plus fee) as I was afraid $50 wouldn’t be enough.   (They are in Buffalo, N.Y.)

Tuesday, August 21, 1962

Lorene and Cousin Willis out in a.m.  I gave him check to cover money wired to J&L.  He brought a dozen boxes of Metracal wafers!  He’s so generous.  Ann, Augie and Timmy over early this morning.  They cut down all seedlings in backyard.  It looks so nice now.  Bob out in aft.   M.E. got groceries and mailed letter to Larry.

Wednesday, August 22, 1962

Phoned Minnie in a.m. and invited her to dinner tonight.  M.E. picked up her and her dog.  We had roast beef, potatoes, roasting ears, tossed salad and cherry pudding.  M.E. took them back at 8:30.  Jerry and Linda got home from their trip at midnight. 

Thursday, August 23, 1962

Worked on Cousin Willis’ robe.  L&J gave me a package of new reducing cookies, 2 packages of Metracal wafers, and a darling china toothpick holder from Canada with plastic toothpicks.  They gave M.E. a glass from United Nations Bldg.  Also, they told me they’re expecting an heir in March.  Oh Happy Day!  Jerry got a rubber garden hose from Steinberg-Baum and gave the pin oak tree a good soaking. 

Friday, August 24, 1962

Worked on Cousin Willis’ robe.  Jerry repaid money sent to them while on vacation and put it in bank for me.  They went to Dr. Shriner in aft. and he confirmed Linda’s suspicions and referred her to Dr. Bergmann.  I phoned Grandma, Lorene, Carole and Julie [?] to tell them the good news.  J&L went to the Esquire in eve.  Mr. Diller here for the evening and M.E. went out at 9:30 with Irene.

Saturday, August 25, 1962

Worked on Cousin Willis’ robe.  Jerry took Linda to Springfield Tech. Labs for blood test and urinalysis this morning.  She phoned Dr. Bergmann and made appointment for Wednesday afternoon.  Mrs. Huston brought green dress to be shortened late aft.  Frank Nelson here a little later.  J&L went to dinner at The Georgian to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett’s 30th wedding anniversary.  M.E. phoned Larry “long distance”.  Hemmed Mrs. Huston’s dress.

Sunday, August 26, 1962

Worked on Cousin Willis’ robe.  Rosemarie got her mother’s dress this aft.  Beelers borrowed our picnic table as having annual family reunion.  Joyce, Don and baby here in aft.

Monday, August 27, 1962

Worked on Cousin Willis’ robe.  Linda had hair appointment after work and Jerry took her to Annette Hardin’s for bunco later.  M.E. didn’t go as she went to Havana with Harold and another couple in latter’s car.

Tuesday, August 28, 1962

Baked a cake and made spaghetti for supper – had Mother D. as she was 84 today.  Linda, Jerry and I gave her a wool slip and a cotton one.  M.E. went to Lester’s as Larry’s brother just got back from overseas and Mrs. Lester wanted her to meet him.  L&J got projector from his Uncle Carroll and showed wedding pictures and those taken in Canada and New York.  Mr. Diller got my colonial floor lamp and returned it later in day.  Joe Chestnut didn’t fix it and I burnt out another bulb thinking it was okay.

Wednesday, August 29, 1962

Worked on Cousin Willis’ robe.  Mr. Diller got my electric hair dryer and lamp connection and took them to B&M Electric Co. for repair.  I ordered maternity clothes for Linda and 5 dresses for self from M-W from sale catalog.  Baked an 8 ˝ lb. beef roast for outdoor dinner tonight – Esther, Clifford, Linda and Nancy Search were here.  She brought 2 salads and ice cream.  I furnished the rest.  A wonderful evening.  Jerry went to Marion today.

Thursday, August 30, 1962

Finished Cousin Willis’ robe and shortened and reinforced buttons and added snap on Katy’s cotton print dress.  M.E. started to North Carolina and backed out halfway between here and Decatur – decided to follow Larry’s letter that too short a time for such a long trip in view of the fact he’ll be home next month on 30-day leave.

Friday, August 31, 1962

Katy got her dress this a.m.  Worked on Mrs. Weiss’ dress altering.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Linda got order from M-W.  They sent everything – Linda’s maternity clothes are fine and I just love my five dresses – mint green, turquoise check, turquoise and lilac print, rose & grey print with eyelet trim, and rose & grey paisley with black buttons; last two mentioned have zipper fronts.  Phoned Wes re cookout Sunday but they can’t come.

Saturday, September 1, 1962

Jerry worked today.  They got groceries before going to fish fry at the Bartlett’s this eve.  M.E. left at 1:30 p.m. and didn’t get home until midnight.  Bob & Marge came out in eve. and watched colored movie.  Wes phoned this morning – revised plans and are coming tomorrow.

Sunday, September 2, 1962

Monitored church broadcast even though script wasn’t sent.  M.E. cut front and back yards.  I made potato salad and baked beans.  Bob, Marge, Anita and Minnie came at 4 p.m.  Wes and Alice came at 5:30, just after Robbie arrived.  Had wonderful steaks and all the trimmin’s.  A beautiful evening.  Watched “Bonanza” and L&J’s colored movies.  I certainly enjoyed every moment!

Monday, September 3, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Weiss’ black dress and green cumberbund.  M.E. went to Mrs. Lester’s for aft. and eve.  Bob and Peggy Bastas here in eve. to show slides of their trip to Las Vegas and play canasta.  L&J showed motion pictures of their Eastern trip.

Tuesday, September 4, 1962

Finished Mrs. Weiss’ dress alterations.  Pat and Lois got in town about 9 p.m. and came over here.  L&J got doughnuts at “Sunrise” which they served.  M.E. phoned Larry long distance tonight.

Wednesday, September 5, 1962

Heat on first time this season.  Finished Mrs. Weiss’ cumberbund.  Ann VonBehren brought a green pepper this a.m.  Cousin Willis and Lorene came for his robe this aft.  I gave her some tomatoes and above-mentioned pepper.  Jerry went to Rock Island today.

Thursday, September 6, 1962

Altered Sue Schoth’s coat today.  I gave some of Linda’s things to Ann in a.m.  L&J home tonight.  M.E. went out for a while.

Friday, September 7, 1962

Jerry went to Ottawa.  Mr. Diller brought round steak, beef patties and pork shoulder in a.m.  Katy came a little later with skirt to be altered and tie belt to be fixed.  Linda took Sue Schoth’s coat this morning.  I baked an apple pie, meat loaf and made salad, etc. for tonight.  Pat & Lois will be here.

Saturday, September 8, 1962

Jerry worked today.  Linda got groceries after taking him to work in her car.  His was being repaired and he came home in it.  M.E. went out in eve. but L&J stayed home as it was raining and disagreeable and “Miss America” contest on tonight – girl from Ohio chosen.  Fixed Katy’s belt.

Sunday, September 9, 1962

Worked on Katy’s skirt.   Grandma came down for a few minutes around noon. Baked a fresh peach cobbler in aft. for tonight.  Jerry charcoaled wieners.  Pat and Lois were invited but she had to sing at church.  Bob and Peggy had to go to his hometown and didn’t get here until it rained and put out fire, but Linda served peach cobbler with ice cream about 9 p.m.  Mr. Bartlett gave us 2 squirrels.

Monday, September 10, 1962

Altered Katy’s skirt.  M.E. had bunco party here this evening.  Linda got hair fixed after work.

Tuesday, September 11, 1962

Shortened skirt for L.R.  Lorene and Cousin Willis here.  Lorene left dress and apron for friend of Judy Gurske for me to finish.  He gave me a sack of apples.  Linda told them at office about forthcoming event.

Wednesday, September 12, 1962

Ordered material for maternity outfits for Linda from Spiegel’s and M-W.  Altered new dress I got from M-W.  Worked on little dress and apron today.  M.E. met Minnie after work – she had M.E.’s new coat.  M.E. took Minnie home and Minnie gave M.E. a sack of tomatoes.

Thursday, September 13, 1962

Katy here in a.m. to get her skirt and belt – left a dress and belt to be altered.  Mr. Diller brought fresh ham slices and round steak.  Cousin Willis and Charles here in aft. – brought ˝ gal. frozen cider.  I fixed Katy’s dress and belt and worked on Judy’s baby dress and apron.  Sharon Land here this eve. with coat and 3 dresses to be altered.

Friday, September 14, 1962

Baked apple crisp this a.m.  Katy got her belt and dress.  Started altering Sharon’s black dress.  Linda got material for maternity clothes from Spiegel’s and M-W.  Bob here in aft.  M.E. had hair appointment after work.  J&L took chairs and card tables back to Bartlett’s this eve.  They brought a dozen decorated doughnuts home and we had some with coffee.

Saturday, September 15, 1962

M.E. left at 6:30 a.m. with Joyce [?] for Chicago.  Linda took Jerry to work, had baby bed outfit put in “layaway” at “Kiddie Haven”, and got our week’s groceries this a.m.  J&L went to show tonight with Kay and Tom.  Mr. Diller came in eve.  I worked on Sharon’s black dress.

Sunday, September 16, 1962

J&L cleaned garage some more.  All of Jim’s children except Doug and David here in aft.  I baked a cake in a.m.  Jerry broiled wieners in backyard for supper; also fixed “S’mores” (Girl Scout recipe).  M.E. phoned Larry and they have decided to get married while he’s on “leave”.

Monday, September 17, 1962

Bob here in a.m.   Sent a belated birthday card to Lois.  I think her birthday is 9/16.  Altered Sharon’s lilac jersey.  M. Perkinton and Leah Jacobs here this eve.  Latter brought glads and material for 2 dresses.  M. Jameson came later re suit.  Linda got hair fixed so she and Jerry ate downtown.  M.E. phoned Larry – they’ve decided to postpone marriage for 2 years.

Tuesday, September 18, 1962

Altered Sharon’s grey dress.  Jerry went to Joliet.  Received letter from Lois.  M.E. phoned Larry tonight.

Wednesday, September 19, 1962

Worked on Sharon’s coat alterations.  Linda had to go back to work for an hour this evening.  Salvation Army picked up my old wheelchair and newspapers.

Thursday, September 20, 1962

Jerry went to Aurora.  Finished Sharon Lund’s things and she got them after work.  Linda brought Joyce German home after work (in Mary Ellen’s car) with raincoat and 6 skirts to be shortened.  Jerry came just before they got home, so Linda took Sharon and Joyce home in F-85.  M. Jameson stopped for a minute to ask about lining for outfit she wants me to make.

Friday, September 21, 1962

Cut out Leah Jacobs’ stripe dress, worked on it, and shortened Joyce German’s black check skirt.  M.E. paid Willis-Meyers $5.00 for me for repairing new brown wheelchair.  She got her hair fixed this eve.  J&L went to Chiltons’ tonight.  Katy brought sweater for buttons to be sewn on and suit coat (facing around neck).

Saturday, September 22, 1962

Jerry worked today.  Linda got groceries in a.m.  M.E. went to town in a.m.  I started hemming Joyce German’s coat.  L&J went to a show in eve.  M.E. went to Mrs. Lester’s.  New series of motion pictures started tonight on T-V with “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.  Cousin Willis, Mrs. Warrington and her sister-in-law came in p.m.  He brought Jonathan apples, honey and cider.  I gave Judy Jagow some apples and honey he brought some time ago.

Sunday, September 23, 1962

L&J went to church in a.m.  Laughlins back from Italy and Ernie gave the sermon.  I monitored the church program in a.m.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair.  She went to Gundy’s for a few groceries later.  Larry was supposed to come tonight but had to postpone trip home until Monday.  L&J went to Steinberg-Baum late aft.  I worked on  Joyce German’s coat.

Monday, September 24, 1962

Linda took Joyce German’s coat and skirt to work.  I worked on Leah’s green stripe dress.  Bob here around noon until 2 p.m.  Lorene came as he left to bring material for little dress and neck facing and Cousin Willis sent wine flannel left from robe.

Tuesday, September 25, 1962

Jerry went to Wheaton today.  I got Leah’s dress ready for fitting and she came with Merle Perkinton tonight.  M.E. met Larry in Bloomington at 10:15 p.m.  Linda cut out blue corduroy maternity outfit and blouse tonight.

Wednesday, September 26, 1962

Worked on Leah’s dress and re-hemmed Joyce German’s check skirt which wasn’t even, due to incorrect posture when marked.  Lorene came out in aft. for baby dress and pinafore.  Cousin Willis came, also.  M.E. not home for supper – date with Larry.  Linda baked Toll House cookies and made tuna salad for their lunches.  Frank Nelson here for a little while in eve.  L&J got material and skirt they ordered from Shannon, Ireland, today.

Thursday, September 27, 1962

Worked on Leah’s dress and Linda’s maternity outfit.  M.E. & Larry took me to 66 Drive-In to see John Wayne in “Hatari” and “The Nun and the Sergeant”.  He got me a box of popcorn and a Coke.  Very nice person.

Friday, September 28, 1962

Finished Leah’s dress and worked on Linda’s maternity outfit.  Bob here a little while – got 2 clumps of “myrtle” for Mary Taylor from my yard.  M.E. had supper at Lester’s.  I made chilli.  Bob, Carol and Bobbi Kay came this evening.

Saturday, September 29, 1962

M.E. had the Lesters here for dinner tonight; also Mrs. Lester’s friend Tony.  Had turkey and all the “trimmin’s”.  Jerry worked today.

Sunday, September 30, 1962

Monitored church program.  L&J went to Bartlett’s for dinner to celebrate Donna Kay’s first birthday (9/29).  M.E. at Lester’s all day and eve.  I cut out Marian Jameson’s dress and jacket.

Monday, October 1, 1962

Put facing on Katy’s coat and sewed buttons on sweater which she will get tomorrow.  Chiltons here in eve.

Tuesday, October 2, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s jacket.  Katy got her things and left another sweater to have buttonholes reinforced and buttons sewn on.  L&J went shopping in evening.

Wednesday, October 3, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s dress.  She came for fitting tonight.  Larry gave M.E. a beautiful engagement ring tonight!!!

Thursday, October 4, 1962

Fixed Katy’s sweater which she picked up this a.m.  M.E. not working today or tomorrow as Larry leaving Saturday for 2 years in Japan.  Mother D. here for supper to help celebrate Linda’s birthday.  She gave her $3.00; Jerry, nightgown, maternity outfit and extra top; I gave her a maternity outfit and winter hat; M.E., a maternity outfit; Mr. and Mrs. B., a maternity top and one from Grandma Dodds.  We had spaghetti, salad, cake from B&Z Bakery that I ordered, and ice cream. 

Friday, October 5, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s outfit.  She came this eve. to bring zipper, buttons, etc.; also material for belt for another dress.  Frank Nelson here.  M.E. and Larry came a little later as he wanted to tell us goodbye.  Received check from Sears for $1.19 for wheelchair axle that M.E. returned for me on Monday.

Saturday, October 6, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s suit.  Linda and Jerry took me to Dr. Fry at 3 p.m. – he filled a tooth and cleaned them for $8.00.  They went to a show tonight.  Larry left about 5 a.m. on bus for San Francisco.  Bob out in aft.

Sunday, October 7, 1962

I monitored church program in a.m.  Linda took me for a ride in aft. and we stopped at Dairy Queen on MacArthur Blvd.  Linda got a hot fudge sundae and I got a banana split.  Jerry proof-read in aft. and eve. at home.  Jane Cantrall and girlfriend here in eve.  Valerie Crook brought jumper and jacket to be altered.

Monday, October 8, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s suit.  Linda and M.E. went to bunco party tonight.  M.E. won door prize.  I ordered a coat from Alden’s for Jerry for Linda to give him on their wedding anniversary.  Jerry left at 11 a.m. for Milwaukee, Wis.  He phoned at 10:30 p.m. but Linda not home from bunco party yet.  Linda received belated birthday card and note from Gus.

Tuesday, October 9, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s suit; in fact, I finished it this eve. and she came for it.  Linda made brownies tonight.  M. Jameson left a skirt to be altered.  Barb Howard brought coat to be relined, jacket to be remodeled on account of moth hole, and her mother’s dress to be shortened.

Wednesday, October 10, 1962

Cut out Leah’s print rayon dress.  Linda took hour comp time and stopped at “Suburban Maternity Shop” and got slacks, skirt and weskit in black wool.  Jerry phoned again tonight and of course Linda was here to receive call.

Thursday, October 11, 1962

Finished Leah’s dress which she got this eve. Linda got Jerry’s coat from Alden’s today.  M.E. cut front yard tonight.  Mr. Diller here in aft. – brought pkg of round steak.

Friday, October12, 1962

Hemmed 3 skirts for Joyce German.  Bob here in aft.  Jerry got home from Milwaukee at 8 p.m.  Linda got brown corduroy slacks, skirt, tangerine skirt and print blouse from Bressmer’s.  I ordered bathroom rug and seat cover from Sears.

Saturday, October 13, 1962

Altered Joyce German’s skirt.  Cousin Willis and Mrs. Warrington’s sister here in aft. – brought gal. cider and ˝ bushel apples.  Mrs. Greening brought dress and skirt to be shortened.  Jerry worked today.  M.E. received long distance call from Larry from San Francisco tonight.  Chiltons here – brought an apple pie and Linda served it with ice cream and coffee.

Sunday, October 14, 1962

Monitored church program in a.m.  Worked on Linda’s blue corduroy maternity outfit and Mrs. Hollis’ green print dress.  M.E. cut backyard.  Jerry and Linda went out to Chiltons’ late aft.

Monday, October 15, 1962

Altered Valerie Crook’s jumper and jacket.  Mrs. Duncan brought a dress to be altered in a.m.  Linda took Joyce German’s skirts and Mrs. Hollis’ dress to work.  Bob here in a.m.  Kay Sutphin brought material for dress tonight.  Linda had hair appointment after work. Ann V. came for two 1-cent stamps this a.m.  Irene and Rita Hinds came to get M.E. to go out but Larry phoned – call lasted from 9:45-10:25 p.m.  Frank Nelson here, too.

Tuesday, October 16, 1962

Shortened Mrs. Greening’s dress and skirt and worked on Linda’s blue corduroy sleeveless jacket.  Jerry went to Decatur this aft. and got home at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, October 17, 1962

Altered Mrs. Duncan’s dress and worked on Linda’s cord. outfit.  M.E. got Minnie and her dog after work and brought them here for supper.  I gave her a copy of grave lot record; also mailed one to Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Thursday, October 18, 1962

Finished Linda’s cord. outfit.  Aunt Georgia, Eileen and her neighbor called on me this aft.

Friday, October 19, 1962

Worked on M. Jameson’s skirt and cut out Kay’s wool dress.  Bob and Mr. Diller here in aft.  Linda picked up bathroom rug and seat cover at Sears, $11.50.  She also got a “welcome” mat for front door and a “fatigue mat” for floor in front of kitchen sink.    L&J went to drive-in tonight.   M.E. went out in evening, too.

Saturday, October 20, 1962

Altered Barb Howard’s jacket and worked on M. Jameson’s skirt.  Jerry worked today.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair after going to Dr. Shriner in early a.m. for a test.  She went to Lester’s in eve.  J&L went over to Uncle Tom’s Store where everything was being sold at half price.  They got a baby scales, bottle outfit, clock, games, bib, push broom and several other things.  We sat up and watched the late show.

Sunday, October 21, 1962

A girl friend came for M.E. and they went away in a.m.  I monitored church program and worked on Kay’s dress.  L&J went out for a little while in aft. and brought a pizza home for supper.  M.E. got home just before they did.

Monday, October 22, 1962

Worked on Kay’s dress.  Ann came over – I gave her a sweater and a girl statue that Linda discarded and some sausage.  Mr. Diller brought liver, pork shoulder, round steak, and patties.  Aletha came at 5:15 and left material for a dress, and a skirt and dress to be altered.  M.E. only one here for supper.  She picked up Linda at Myers Bros. after her hair appointment and went to bunco party.  President Kennedy talked at 6 p.m. re Cuban blockade.

Tuesday, October 23, 1962

I worked on Kay’s dress.  Mr. Diller here in a.m.  Cousin Bess and Annie came in aft.  Today is Jerry and Linda’s 2nd wedding anniversary.  He gave her a Sunbeam waffle maker/grill and she gave him a short suburban coat.  They went to the Holiday Inn for dinner.  Kay Sutphin came for a fitting tonight.  Mrs. Lester phoned M.E.  that she thinks Bill [?] was sent to Cuba on account of trouble there.  Jerry went to Fairfield today.

Wednesday, October 24, 1962

Worked on Kay’s dress.  Jerry went to Belleville today.  Bob here in aft. – brought bunch of endive.  Baked a cake for M.E.’s birthday.  I gave her a blouse and Linda & Jerry a suit.  She went to Mrs. Lester’s in eve.  M. Jameson came in eve. to try on skirt.

Thursday, October 25, 1962

Bob here in a.m. Ruby Maddox came in aft.   Finished Kay’s dress which she got tonight – left a dress and 2 skirts to be shortened.  Ginger [from FBI office] came, too, and left 9 skirts and a dress to be shortened.   Roland’s sent shirts for Jim’s boys but 2 have to be exchanged.  Jerry went to Geneva.

Friday, October 26, 1962

Finished altering M. Jameson’s skirt.  Wrote letter to Carol Karnes.  Roland’s sent 2 shirts to replace 2 that were incorrect size.  Jerry got their ironing from Julie tonight.

Saturday, October 27, 1962

Mrs. Weiss got her dress and cumberbund this a.m.  Jerry worked until 5:30 p.m.  M.E. went to lab for blood test, etc., this a.m.  Linda got groceries at Gundy’s.  Frank Nelson came this eve. – brought part of a loaf of nut bread and Linda made coffee.  We watched movies on T-V.  Shortened Kay’s coat.

Sunday, October 28, 1962

Monitored church program.  Baked pineapple upside down cake, made fruit cocktail/jello salad, and relined Barb Howard’s coat.  Jerry worked a little while in late aft.  He and Linda went to Chilton’s in eve.  I gave her $1.20 to pay for 4 doz. eggs we got last week.  M.E. went to Lesters’ in aft.  Carol C. sent sweater of Bobbi Kay’s to be mended.

Monday, October 29, 1962

Linda took Barbara’s coat to work.  Shortened Kay’s plaid dress.  Mrs. Hurd brought 2 knitted skirts to be shortened.  Linda had hair appointment after work so she and Jerry ate dinner downtown.  M. Jameson got skirt and left 2 suits to be mended.  Wrote letter to Gilroys.  Mr. Diller brought patties, rib roast and spareribs this a.m.

Tuesday, October 30, 1962

Shortened Kay’s brown skirt.  She came this eve. to get coat, dress & skirt – left material for black wool dress.  Started shortening 2 skirts for Ginger.  Cousin Willis and Lorene here in aft.  Quite a few children came for “treats” tonight.  Linda went to Gundy’s to replenish the supply.  Ordered new curtains for M.E.’s room from M-W.

Wednesday, October 31, 1962

Shortened dress and finished shortening 9 skirts for Ginger.  Jerry went to Alton.  Linda went to Dr. Bergmann at 1:30.  Several more children came for “treats” tonight.  Mary Ellen Jennings came this aft. after work with form for me to sign for absentee ballot.

Thursday, November 1, 1962

Finished shortening last 3 skirts for Ginger Lucasey.  M.E. picked up curtains at M-W and went to Baker’s Hardware Co. to get 4 boxes of hooks @ 15 cents a box  for hanging same.  Elmer Jagow came in aft. – paid $5.00 for discarded storm door.  Received check for $50 from Cousin Willis.  Jerry & Linda got groceries tonight.

Friday, November 2, 1962

Cut out Aletha’s green tweed dress.  Anderson’s son fixed traverse rods and hung new curtains in M.E.’s bedroom.  I received absentee ballot today and filled it out – Jerry notarized it and mailed it tonight.  He worked tonight.  Irene came for M.E.   Bob and Uncle Hughes [aka Mr. Diller]  here in aft.  Ginger and Barbara paid for their clothes alterations.

Saturday, November 3, 1962

Mrs. White came to check measurements for striped skirt in p.m.  Jerry worked in aft.  I shortened Mrs. Hurd’s rose knit skirt.  Jerry and Linda stayed home tonight.  M.E. received letter from Larry – went to Lesters’ in eve.  Finished mending M. Jameson’s 2 jackets.  Mended Bobbi Kay’s sweater tonight (no charge).

Sunday, November 4, 1962

M.E. left around noon.  I baked a pineapple upside down cake, made salad, and put a roast in the oven in a.m.  Shortened Mrs. Hurd’s blue knit skirt.  J&L went to Chilton’s for supper tonight.  M.E. got home about 6 p.m. I started altering Aletha’s dress.

Monday, November 5, 1962

Mrs. Hurd got her skirts this a.m. – still owes $1.25.  Linda got maternity top at Spiegel’s after work, had hair appointment, and M.E. took her to Evelyn Jones’ for bunco party.  Linda won second prize and M.E. the door prize.

Tuesday, November 6, 1962

Sharon Lund came in aft. with skirts and weskits to be altered.  Mr. Diller brought 2 lb. chuck steak.  Aletha came for fitting after work.  I worked on her dress; also cut out Kay Sutphin’s black dress.

Wednesday, November 7, 1962

Cut out Aletha’s skirt.  Mr. Jameson got Marian’s 2 jackets tonight.  Mr. Diller brought lining for suit coat in aft.  Jerry and Linda went to Memorial Hospital for meeting for prospective parents.

Thursday, November 8, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s skirt.  Midge Oller phoned re making a dress before Christmas.  Phoned Maymie Lazar re distilled water.  Mrs. Lundgren phoned re alterations.  Mr. Hurd brought $1.25 – bal. due on wife’s skirt alterations.  M.E. got 2 ˝ gal. distilled water from Lazar’s tonight.

Friday, November 9, 1962

Worked on Aletha’s dress.  M.E. received corsage from Larry (from Japan).  Jerry went to Alton.  Frank Nelson here tonight.  Linda popped corn and served that and “Pepsi”.  M.E. went to a show with Irene.

Saturday, November 10, 1962

Jerry worked today.  I worked on Aletha’s dress and skirt.  Mr. Diller brought pork roast, round steak and boiling beef around noon.  Aletha came around 6 p.m. to try on dress and skirt.  Jerry got ironing from Julie tonight.  Everyone home tonight.

Sunday, November 11, 1962

Veteran’s Day.  Monitored church program.  Jerry worked this aft.  Sue and Mrs. Schoth came in aft. with coats and dress to be altered.  M.E. gave me a perm from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.  She went to hospital this eve. as Cynthia Lester has pneumonia.  J&L went to Steinberg-Baum’s 5:15-6:00 p.m. – home in eve.  I worked on Aletha’s skirt and dress.

Monday, November 12, 1962

Linda home today on account of Veteran’s Day holiday.  M.E. and Jerry worked.  Linda cleaned cabinets, etc. in kitchen – put new paper on shelves.  Went for hair appointment at 5:30, then she and Jerry went shopping – home about 9:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 13, 1962

Jerry went to Quincy today.  Katy brought 3 belts to be shortened, bermuda shorts, and sweater for buttons.  Worked on Aletha’s dress.  Mrs. Lundgren came about 2 p.m. with 2 coats to be shortened and skirt for altering.

Wednesday, November 14, 1962

Jerry to Quincy today.  Finished Aletha’s dress and skirt which she got on way home from work.  Linda and Jerry went to second class for prospective parents at hospital.

Thursday, November 15, 1962

Jerry went to Alton.  Worked on Kay’s dress and altered 3 belts and pr. bermuda shorts for Katy.  Shortened Sue Schoth’s coat.

Friday, November 16, 1962

Sewed buttons on yellow sweater for Katy.  She got it this a.m.  Linda took Sue’s coat to work but brought it back as I forgot or overlooked mending lining at armhole.  I fixed it tonight.  Kay came tonight for fitting.

Saturday, November 17, 1962

Sue got her coat this a.m.  M.E. waxed all floors today.  I finished Kay’s black dress.  J&L went to Babe & Jim’s with Carol and Bob Chilton for dinner tonight.  M.E. went out with Rita Hinds.  I started altering Mrs. Schoth’s coat tonight.  Received 25 envelopes from Jane McCammack for returning radio scripts (church Sunday morning radio program).

Sunday, November 18, 1962

L&J went to Bartlett’s for dinner.  I altered Mrs. Schoth’s coat.  M.E. went over to Mrs. Lester’s in aft.  J&L here for supper.  Mother D. here in aft.  Louise Scott came while she was here with plant from Booster Sunday School class.

Monday, November 19, 1962

Linda took Mrs. Schoth’s coat to work.  I started shortening Mrs. Lundgren’s tweed coat.   I extended lining on left side of Mr. Diller’s suit coat and added an inside pocket.   Bunco club met here tonight – Linda was hostess.  She won second prize and I won the door prize.  She served gingerbread with whipped cream, iced tea and coffee.

Tuesday, November 20, 1962

Jerry went to Rock Island today.  Mr. Diller brought 1 pkg. patties and a beef roast this a.m.  I gave him his suit coat.  Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s two coats.  Merle Perkinton and her grandson brought basket of fruit from S.S. class for Thanksgiving.  Sent birthday card to Cousin Willis who will be 93 years “young” tomorrow.  Linda’s car stalled at Gundy’s on way home from work.  Jerry picked her up and had Gillituk’s pick up the Chevy.

Wednesday, November 21, 1962

Finished shortening Mrs. Lundgren’s plaid coat.  Kay got her black dress tonight.  My secret pal sent a lovely floral table arrangement from Lindley’s.  L&J stopped at Gundy’s after work and got rest of Thanksgiving dinner, including an 18-pound turket @ 33 cents a lb.

Thursday, November 22, 1962

Thanksgiving Day.  M.E. went to Jim’s for dinner.  L&J had Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett, Kenny, Diane, Mrs. Dodds, Carol, Bob, Bobbi Kay, Joyce, Don, David, and Mother Durst for 4 o’clock dinner.  I worked on Linda’s violet flannel maternity outfit in a.m. and early p.m.

Friday, November 23, 1962

Worked on Linda’s violet outfit.  Bob, Carol and Bobbi Kay here early eve.  L&J went to Virginia with Bob as he wanted to bring back truck for moving into new house tomorrow.  M.E. went out with Rita.  Mrs. Lundgren got her 2 coats this a.m.

Saturday, November 24, 1962

Jerry went to Alton.  Bob here around noon – took L.R. to FBI at 12:30 p.m. and Jerry got back at 12:45 p.m.  M.E. gave Mrs. Lester a permanent.  L&J went to Steinberg-Baum’s and then to the Roxy Theater.  I worked on Linda’s violet jacket.  Mother D. here in aft.  Mrs. Greening brought her daughter’s dress to be shortened.

Sunday, November 25, 1962

Monitored church program and worked on Linda’s violet outfit.  She cut out blouse late aft.  I started altering Sharon Lund’s skirts late aft. & eve.  Jerry worked on notes at home late aft.  They came home from Bartlett’s at 8:50 and then we had supper.  Mr. Bartlett gave Jerry 2 rabbits and Buffalo fish.

Monday, November 26, 1962

Worked on Linda’s lilac print maternity top.  Mr. Diller brought patties, soup meat and steak this morning.  Augie and Ann removed leaves from gutters across the front of our house.  Jerry went to Geneva.  Linda went to work on bus and he brought her home.

Tuesday, November 27, 1962

Finished Linda’s violet maternity outfit.  Ann and Augie cleaned gutters across back of house and started raking leaves in front yard.  M.E. brought Minnie home from work for supper (fried rabbit) and J&L took her home.  Ordered 2 bras from Sears.  Also ordered house slippers for L&J to give Grandma D. for Xmas and a dress for me to give her from Penney’s – Velma Jordan will bring them at first opportunity.

Wednesday, November 28, 1962

Jerry went to Wheaton.  Linda went to Dr. Bergmann at 1:45 p.m.  Worked on Sharon Lund’s alterations.  Baked a pumpkin pie.  Augie raked front yard but hasn’t disposed of leaves.  M.E. went away with Rita Hinds and L&J went to third meeting for prospective parents.  Carole Fletcher Butler brought 2 skirts for alterations.

Thursday, November 29, 1962

Worked on Sharon’s skirts.  Jerry ran out of gas so an agent brought Linda home.  M.E. went down and gave Jerry’s car a push.  M. Jameson brought dress back to be let out and coat for hooks and eyes.  Sent coupon to “Sara Lee Bakery” for 50 cents.

Friday, November 30, 1962

Worked on Sharon’s skirts and shortened dress for Greening girl.  Linda and Jerry home for lunch as she had afternoon free.  He took her to dentist and hospital for x-ray - made reservation for room.  Velma Jordan brought house slippers & dress for Mother D. that I ordered.

Saturday, December 1, 1962

Worked on Sharon’s skirts.  L&J went to St. Louis for the day.  M.E. cleaned the house and washed her car.  Mrs. Greening got her daughter’s dress tonight.  Mr. Cleeton estimated $1.50 for 5'x18' extension to driveway.  J&L got home about 9:45 after stopping at Bartlett’s.  They arrived there about 8 p.m.

Sunday, December 2, 1962

Monitored church radio program.  M.E. shampooed and set my hair and washed all the windows.  I worked on Sharon’s skirts.  Kay, Tom and Donna here for supper.

Monday, December 3, 1962

Worked on Sharon’s skirts.  Jerry went to Belleville.  Mr. Diller brought meat today.  Bob here in aft.  Linda and M.E. went to Kay’s bunco party at her mother’s.

Tuesday, December 4, 1962

Jerry went to Waukegan.  Mr. Welton installed garbage disposal this a.m.  Bob widened driveway after he left.  Mr. Diller here before going to Waverly and on way back.  L&J went shopping this a.m.  Pat and Lois came after they left and stayed until they got back.

Wednesday, December 5, 1962

Bob out this a.m.  I altered Carole Fletcher Butler’s 2 skirts and worked on Sharon’s.  Ordered 2 bras for Linda and house slippers for M.E. for Christmas.  Jerry went to Decatur. He and Linda went to 4th and last meeting for prospective parents at Memorial Hospital tonight.

Thursday, December 6, 1962

Finished last of Sharon’s things and pressed them.  Worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s skirt and Mrs. Schoth’s tan dress.  Jerry took their electric blanket back to Capitol City Paper Co. and they gave him a new one.  Bob here in aft.; also Mr. Diller.  Carole Butler got her skirts tonight.  Jerry went to Army Reserve meeting for first time.  Frances Jordan here – gave her gift to deliver to my secret pal for Christmas.

Friday, December 7, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Schoth’s tan dress and coat.  Bob out in aft. and drove over driveway for first time since widened.  Jerry went to Alton.  Cousin Willis and Lorene here in aft.  He gave me a check for $1,000 for my Christmas gift.  He’s been so good to me for 39 years (since I was 16 when I started working for CWLP).  M.E. went out with Irene.  L&J went to Chilton’s after getting Christmas tree.

Saturday, December 8, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Schoth’s tan coat and sewed 2 hooks and eyes on M. Jameson’s coat.  Her husband got it this eve.  J&L went to smorgasbord dinner at West Side tonight as Barb Howard’s guests.  Jerry got house slippers and my bras – they are too large, so reordered correct size and a pair of p.j.’s for M.E. from Sears.

Sunday, December 9, 1962

Worked on Mrs. Schoth’s coat. Monitored church program.  Jerry had to be on Army maneuvers today – got back at 4 p.m.

Monday, December 10, 1962

Jerry went to Peoria.  Finished Mrs. Schoth’s coat and dress and worked on Mrs. Lundgren’s skirt.  Bob here in aft.  I gave him $50 for material for driveway.  Aunt Hazel [Pearce] called in eve. – Aunt Della passed away at 3 p.m. [in Martinsville, Ind.].   I ordered flowers from Scaife’s for Mother D. and self to send.  Jerry left tonight for Waukegan.

Tuesday, December 11, 1962

Linda took Mrs. Schoth’s coat and dress to work.  Ordered 5 lbs. Russell Stover’s candy from Bressmer’s and a bedjacket for L.R. from M-W.  Finished Mrs. Lundgren’s skirt.  Jerry got back from Waukegan at 8:30 p.m.  I didn’t go to class meeting tonight as too cold (7 degrees).

Wednesday, December 12, 1962

Aunt Della buried today.  Cut out Midge Oller’s black dress.  Mrs. Lundgren came for skirt around noon.  Addressed Christmas cards tonight.

Thursday, December 13, 1962

Bob removed forms from driveway and took them home.  Mother D. brought $5.50 for flowers for Della’s funeral.  Frances Jordan brought gift from secret pal, Eileen Boyle – pr. white gloves and neck mirror.  Mrs. Bartlett and Evelyn came tonight to make caramels and toffee.  Jerry went down to the office to work.  Midge brought zipper for dress at 6 p.m.

Friday, December 14, 1962

Finished Midge Oller’s dress which she got after work.  Cut out Mrs. White’s skirt.  Katy brought husband’s sweater for zipper to be resewn.  Frank Nelson here in eve.  Toilet ran over – phoned Tom Duffy.

Saturday, December 15, 1962

Jerry worked today.  Tom Duffy unstopped sewer – charged $12.50.  M.E. did her Christmas shopping.  I worked on Mrs. White’s skirt.  Mrs. Duncan brought dress to be shortened.   L&J went to Walt Matthiesen’s Christmas party.  M.E. went out with Rita.

Sunday, December 16, 1962

Monitored church program.  Linda and I made 5 batches of peanut brittle.  Jerry helped stretch it.  Bartletts borrowed the F-85 to drive to Greenfield and came in when they got back in the eve.  L&J decorated the trees at entrance and one in living room.  I got package ready for Rock Island (large box of peanut brittle for Wes and a pretty apron for Alice which Linda got at Westenberger’s).

Monday, December 17, 1962

Worked on Mrs. White’s skirt.  She came this eve. for fitting.  M.E. and Linda went to potluck bunco party at Carol Chilton’s tonight.  Started shortening Mrs. Schoth’s orange coat.

Tuesday, December 18, 1962

Finished Mrs. White’s skirt and Mrs. Schoth’s coat.  Jerry went to Danville. Linda took the afternoon off to attend a meeting at Memorial Hospital.  Her car stalled this a.m. and she took the bus.  Gillituk picked it up and fixed it.  Jerry brought her home.

Wednesday, December 19, 1962

Linda took Mrs. Schoth’s dress to work.  I shortened Mrs. Duncan’s dress, also ripped off pockets.  She got it this aft.  Started putting zipper in Herb England’s sweater.  Jerry received electric razor he sent to be repaired.

Thursday, December 20, 1962

Finished zipper in Herb England’s sweater and started Karen’s skirt.  Linda got a blouse to go with it.  Mrs. White got her skirt tonight; also Sharon Lund came for hers.  Linda went to Barb Howard’s Christmas party tonight.  Jerry went to Edwardsville today.

Friday, December 21, 1962

Jerry went to Quincy.  I finished Karen’s skirt and crop top.  Linda bought a darling blouse for me to go with it.  Wrapped all the caramels we made Wednesday night.  Bob here in aft.  I loaned him 2 strings of Christmas tree lights.  Man from Child Welfare here re Mrs. Lester taking care of children in daytime.  Ruby Maddux sent loaf of cranberry bread and artificial poinsettia from “Circle 10" by her son.  Katy got her husband’s sweater in aft.

Saturday, December 22, 1962

Ironed 5 dresses and made 2 loaves of date nut bread, a batch of caramels, and a quart of cranberry sauce.  Bob brought 5 light bulbs for tree and I loaned him another string of lights.  Jerry and Linda got groceries and 2 packages at Sears – returned 2 bras for cash refund.  Jerry gave Linda a card table and 4 chairs.

Sunday, December 23, 1962

Monitored church program.  J&L went to church in a.m.  Pressed Karen’s outfit.  Wrapped caramels and several packages in aft. and eve.  Jerry went out to his folks to get package from Joyce.  Jerry and Linda took packages to Lorene and left date nut bread for Cousin Willis.  She gave us a basket of fruit that Norma Gurske gave her.

Monday, December 24, 1962

Made a recipe of divinity.  Linda didn’t work today – made several kinds of cookies.  Lois and her brother-in-law got our maple chair to make room for one Linda got Jerry.  Hughes Diller brought package of patties and chuck steak and part of a fruitcake.  I gave him a box of peanut brittle and caramels.  Carol Sue Jagow brought a plate of Christmas delicacies and I gave them a box of caramels.  Jerry, Linda and I went to Chiltons’ tonight.

Tuesday, December 25, 1962

1" snow.  Had our gift exchange.  Mother D. didn’t feel like coming.  Pat & Lois came later.  We left at 2 p.m. for Evelyn and Carroll Jones’ for dinner – came home about 9:30 p.m.  Had a delicious dinner and a very good time.

Wednesday, December 26, 1962

Cut out and worked on Linda’s tan maternity top.  Mr. Diller here in aft.  Frances and Harriet Jordan came as he was leaving.  Mr. McFann [Peggy’s father] died yesterday.

Thursday, December 27, 1962

Finished Linda’s maternity top.  Pat Grant brought clothes to be altered this aft.  Lorene came while she was here – brought cookies from her sister-in-law.  L&J went to Bisch Funeral Home to see Mr. McFann.  Bob here a little while early aft. – brought extra light bulbs for tree – I paid him $2.95 additional for cement for driveway.

Friday, December 28, 1962

Worked on Pat Grant’s blue wool brocade dress.  Wrote letters to Jane Dixon, Helen Leatham, Alice Jean, Alice, and Women’s Dept. Circle 10.  M.E. brought Minnie home for supper – we had macaroni and cheese, etc.

Saturday, December 29, 1962

Altered Pat Grant’s dark grey skirt.  Mrs. Greening brought 3 skirts which I worked on this eve.  Jerry worked this aft.  Pat Grant got her dress this aft.  Don and Joyce Reynolds here this eve.

Sunday, December 30, 1962

Monitored church radio program.  Finished Mrs. Greening’s daughter’s skirts.  Jerry checked notes at home in aft.  M.E. gone in eve. but L&J home.

Monday, December 31, 1962

Mrs. Greening got her daughter’s skirts late aft.  Bob here in aft.  M.E. went over to Lester’s in eve. and came home about 11 p.m.  L&J went to a show and Babe & Jim’s and got home at 12:30 a.m.  I worked on Pat Grant’s skirts.